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Published: Monday, July 2 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Smithfield, UT

I cannot believe that there isn't 100% (zero tolerance) this year on fireworks (except in stadium or city shows) and target shooting. It can be done on a daily basis just like the Forest Service declares "red days" in forest areas (no camp fires or any other possible fire starting activities). It is not taking away our rights for a short period of time not to be able to do either of these activities. Why should someone with $25 of fireworks or someone with a gun and a package of shells have the "right" to possibly destroy property? It's a no brainer, and not a right of freedom! There are many who have no "thinking" process when it comes to doing something they "want" to do! Usually it is on someone else's property and not their's.

Salt Lake City, UT

there is a development in West Valley that is going to let the tenents light off fireworks on the basketball court which is about 12 feet from dry cottonwood trees that provide shade over the court. The manager there told them they have to have water/or fire extinguaser available. Sorry but even with the precautions it still makes me worry about the trees being hit.

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