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Published: Monday, July 2 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Lake Forest, CA

What you call regencies, I call historicals. I have been reading them for over 20 years and although I agree somewhat re the "explicits" in the story I have read some of the best and if I come across something steamy, I return it. I will look for the LDS authors' books.

Provo, UT

Carla Kelly Has written 20+ Regency Romance Novels. She has 2 RITA awards. Her new book My Loving Vigil Keeping comes out on August 14 2012.

Montesano, WA

Romance Novels allowing women to hold men to a unattainable standard no real man can ever attain. Just as bad as men looking at and objectifying women.

Heather Moore
Lehi, UT

The romance novels I refer to in my article are wonderful stories about the emotional relationships between a man and a woman. Beautiful character development that does not "hold men to an unattainable standard." The characters are skillfully drawn and true to life, and yes, that means flaws and all. Regencies bring out the absurdity of society's judgement based on wealth and appearance. So the clean Regency romance might be just what breaks the old stigmas for "Dadof5sons". It's exactly what the characters are fighting against, the objectifying, the labeling, and compartmentalizing. You can ask any woman about what true romance/love is. They'll never say it's about "looks" or "wealth" or "high and mighty standards". It's about the emotional connection of feeling valued by another human being and the to be yourself and be loved "despite" all of the flaws that are part of the "natural man." There are no perfect people in any of these novels. They are about the bond of love that binds a man and woman together, which is a beautiful connection and can be God-like if treasured and cultivated.

Montesano, WA

To Heather Moor why even write a romance novel in the first place? all it is doing is giving a woman a out let to compair her husband to another man an start bringing in a wedge it to that marraige. what starts off with this leads to other Romance novels are the equivlat to Porn for a woman. A woman does not need the sight stiumlation like a man onthe the sturing of mental emotions to set the train wreck in motion. These still have married women compairing their husbands to the fictional males in your books and that I chalenge you to justify!

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