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Published: Friday, June 29 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

If Chris Hill cancels the annual football rivalry game then Tom Holmoe should respond by cancelling every other sport where BYU plays Utah - basketball, baseball, womens gymnastics - everything! BYU and Utah had a partnership that dates back almost a century and if Utah is going to place so little value on that relationship then both schools should just go their separate ways.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Cowards of the County

In football, Sagarin #39 Utah is replacing

#34 BYU(10-3)
#209 Northern Colorado(0-11)

In basketball, RPI #274 Utah is replacing

#70 Weber State(23-5) and #143 Utah State(17-14)
#288 Texas State(13-17) and #314 Sacramento State(10-18)

Could it be any more blatantly obvious?

The Utes aren't trying to improve their SOS or their RPI, the Utes are simply too lily-livered to face their in-state rivals on the playing field/court anymore!

Their drum-and-chicken-feather logo is becoming more and more appropriate. Despite all of the arrogant hot-air blowing from the hill the last couple of years, the truth is, the Utes are nothing but a bunch of chickens.

Deny, deflect, or spin away kids, but that's the truth.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"In football, Sagarin #39 Utah is replacing #34 BYU(10-3) with #209 Northern Colorado (0-11)"

Not much "Truth", or logic, coming from the "Machine", as usual. The errors are so obvious, it's almost painful!

Utah is playing BYU and N. Colo in the SAME YEAR, so no "replacing" there. If anything, BYU (Sagarin #34) is being replaced in the future by Michigan (#11). But while still on your high-horse TM, please entertain us by giving us your fanciful explanation as to why last season brave BYU came to schedule then-#211 Idaho State (1-10). I'm sure it had nothing to do with the suspicion they'd get curb-stomped at home by the Utes so they needed to serve up November patsies to appease the masses.

It's funny you're quoting Sagarin as rating BYU #34 last year, the lowest D-1 school w/ double-digit wins. Kinda' puts the lie to that phony "Top 25" argument, doesn't it?

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


The logic is there, we simply don't have the designated cupcakes that Utah will be playing instead of BYU,


GUARANTEED, the first season that the Utes don't schedule BYU, the Utes will schedule a couple of cupcakes that aren't even ranked in the Top 120. Spin it anyway that helps you sleep at night, but the Utes won't be scheduling those cupcakes to "improve" Utah's SOS.

The Utes are simply running away from their instate rivals because they're afraid of losing to them.

Painful as it may be for Utah fans to swallow, that's the truth.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"please entertain us by giving us your fanciful explanation as to why last season brave BYU came to schedule then-#211 Idaho State (1-10)"

No fanciful explanation needed.

BYU only had a couple of months to put together a 12-game 2011 schedule after going independent in August 2010. The WAC was gracious enough to help with BYU's scheduling crunch and BYU scheduled a fairly local team to fill the final slot.

BYU's scheduling of Notre Dame, Texas, Georgia Tech, TCU (in 2011), and Boise State for future years is proof positive that BYU is shying away from anybody, especially the arrogant kids on the hill.

That's a far cry from what Utah's doing, which is filling 3 slots several years in advance.

BYU is ready to schedule the Utes home-to-home for as long as the Utes want to keep the rivalry alive. But don't give us any of your 2-for-1 nonsense, Utah simply isn't a big enough name to warrant that kind of "respect".

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"It's funny you're quoting Sagarin as rating BYU #34 last year"

What's "funny" about making an apples-to-apples comparison of ratings'

BYU #25 Coaches/ #26 AP / #34 Sagarin
Utah unranked / unranked / #39 Sagarin

Pick your poll, the all agree that despite Utah's big September win, EVERYBODY thought that overall, BYU was still the better team in 2011.

You do prove your ignorance or your gift for hyperbole, however, in accusing BYU of intentionally scheduling a bunch of patsies to appease the masses. Try using a little truth in your arguments. Everyone knows that's not even remotely close to accurate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

JohnInSLC said:

BYU(10-3), #34 in Sagarin, was "the lowest D-1 school w/ double-digit wins".

Actually, you're not even close:

#47 Northern Illinois(11-3), #67 Arkansas State(10-3), and #68 Ohio(10-4), all D-1 schools, were ranked below BYU.

But, I digress.

Which is more phony, being the lowest ranked double-digit win team, or being the highest ranked team that LOST to a double-digit LOSS team?

Teams that lose to 10-loss teams, at home, with a conference division title on the line, have no business even being in the Top 40, let alone pretending that they're better than a Top 25 team.

Kinda' puts the lie to that phony "we're one of the big boys" now argument, doesn't it?

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

Requisition a new mascot for the Utes - the red-tailed chicken.

Herriman, UT


Herriman, UT

Havent you coug fans had enough "beat downs" from the U yet? If I were a why fan, id be glad for a break.

Its funny, coach Donko a few years ago said he wouldnt mind if the rivalry took a break. Now he sheds crocodile tears during zoo nations self promoting "media day"

The truth is b whyne u fans are in a miserable position. 2 for 1's from any respectable college football program, all in september. A few scattered october meetings with ND will be cancelled when ND joins a conference, which will happen.

Gilbert, AZ

ConferenceofChampions bottom-dwellers


The Utes are simply proving what cowards they are. Associating with an elite program like USC, doesn't make you an elite program, any more than being an extra in a movie makes you a star.

Despite your arrogance, the truth is Utah isn't a program that any D-1 program would even consider scheduling a 2 for 1 with. You're just jealous that BYU doesn't have to rely on the coattails of other programs to attract the attention of the national media.

BYU's deal with Notre Dame is for 6 games over the next 8 years, hardly what anybody except a jealous Utah fan would call "scattered".

Just curious. Why do Utah fans resort to childish name calling when it finally dawns on them that they have no cogent arguments to offer in rebuttal?

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT



Truth Machine,
Utah replaces BYU with Michigan. That's Michigan.

Should Utah play BYU? Yes. Do they need BYU? No.

Chris Hill is sticking it to the by. Because he can. We don't need you.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

"#47 Northern Illinois(11-3), #67 Arkansas State(10-3), and #68 Ohio(10-4), all D-1 schools, were ranked below BYU."

Got me there, but you just proved the truth of the old adage: Birds of a feather . . .

And if I'm wrong, then there's sure a lot of whining coming from Cougarville. It's a bit pathetic for fans of the "proud" "storied" "national brand" "indepentdent" program (with their very own HD truck and a TV channel nobody watches) to be complaining that the mean old Utes from that little school on the Hill--who have beat them like a rented mule in the last decade--now have bigger fish to fry. Face it, the cougs are so '80's.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"#47 Northern Illinois(11-3), #67 Arkansas State(10-3), and #68 Ohio(10-4), all D-1 schools, were ranked below BYU"

My bad, but they all are kind of bottom-tier programs. Thanks for proving the adage: 'Birds of a feather . . .'

And if you think I'm wrong about the Y, and it really is a "proud" "independent" "national brand" "storied" program, then it's a bit pathetic that its desperate fans are whining about the mean old Utes. Aren't you glad that the little school up on the Hill--that has beaten the cougs like a rented mule this past decade--is moving on to find bigger fish to fry?

Springville, UT

(chickens clucking)

And the chest thumping continues from the Ute fans that think a 4-5 conference showing is far superior than anything BYU can muster.

From a program that claims to be part of the 'Conference of Champions (chickens)' known for its Olympic accomplishments I find it quite amusing that Utah has had one Olympic athlete while BYU has had 7 in the current Olympic trials from what I've read recently.

And lest we forget, the lowly Deseret Duel award that BYU has won 4 out of 5 times indicating an overall superiority over the Utes in a composite sports competition.

I would like to see the rivalry continue but if it goes away it is because of arrogance, selfishness and a lack of respect of tradition.

College sports is tradition but if this rivalry goes away it won't be life ending. BYU will continue to move into new opportunities and establish new rivalries.

And the Utes... They might have some moments in football and gymnastics but not nearly as many to fit their over inflated view of themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Holy War is a quaint local rivalry, but a dim blip on the national radar. Sometimes you have to leave the past behind to reach your goals. Lebron had to leave Cleveland. The Utes need to leave the Cougs.

Holladay, UT

@ SoonerUte,

I love that comparison. It's funny that byu claims that it doesn't need a conference and that independence is the best way to go and they don't need to associate themselves with anybody, yet when the Utes want to drop them they whine like a little girl.

Iowa City, IA

There is no reason this should even be a discussion. This rivalry is one of the best in college football. It's embarassing and sheds no good light on the u's athletics. Maybe USC should stop playing Notre Dame too.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

I'm so glad Utah is discarding BYu. Hey, the potential injuries that may occur to the Utes are NOT worth it. That Uale hit on Devonte Christopher last year could have killed him, a blatant cheap shot, sadly. If that hit happened in the NFL.......minimum 3 game suspension and a $50k fine at least. There is no upside for Utah playing BYU anymore. The U is in the big time now and BYu is where they deserve to be..........in serious trouble. Gooooooooo Utes!

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