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Published: Thursday, June 28 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

In America, government is not intended to be a care giver to the people. They are meant to preserve our rights and freedoms to chose. As long as people don't grow up and learn to care for themselves and their own, government encroachment will continue to increase in our lives and take away our choices. What normal kid wants to live with their parents their entire life? For those who don't agree, take an extended trip to another country and send us a post card telling us how wonderful life is for you. Oh, and make sure you send a return address.

Centerville, UT

So this is a huge new tax increase by the man who promised taxes on families making less that $200,000 would NEVER pay more in taxes. (I never believed that, by the way.) To those in favor of this law, where do you think the money is coming from to pay for this?

The Supreme Court has awoken a sleeping giant (the Tea Party) and filled it with terrible resolve. If you know anyone who is still watching ESPN or The Bachelorette, go wake them up and get them moving. It's time for a new midnight ride to wake the people.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Today, Obama lost all credibility.

He lied to us. He told us that he would not impose any new taxes on anyone making less that $250,000 a year.

That was a lie.

The Supreme Court caught him in that lie. They told us that Obama's health care package was a TAX. Obama lied. He was caught in that lie. The highest court in the country exposed him for what he is - a liar.

Utah's Governor has every right to speak out against Obama. Obama has caused this State great misery. He has shut down our oil fields. He has idled thousands of willing workers. He has kept the treasury from receiving millions in revenue - so that America would suffer from the lack of self-produced oil.

Obama, today, was exposed for what he is. If anyone can't see it, they are blind. Obama has been blaming Bush for everything that has happened in America for the last 11-1/2 years. Today, John Roberts shoved everything in Obama's face and reminded us that OUR choice for President has nearly ruined America.

Our Governor is right. Obama must go.

Mcallen, TX

Yes, we Americans voted in these corrupt leaders.

Our first big mistake, was allowing government to force our children out of their homes to be raised, educated, and brainwashed, with their liberal philosophy. Any time government controls education, it controls its people. It worked for Adolf, and Stalin.

Cedar Hills, UT

Justice Roberts turned his back on the constitution he was supposed to uphold today and mark my words - his legacy will forever be linked to opening the gate wide for socialism in America. Yes that is his shameful legacy. This ridiculous tax interpretation of Roberts was shot down by every single justice - only Roberts "used" this piece of creative interpretation to slide this law to passage. The other liberal justices used the commerce clause as their reasoning. Roberts will forever be demonized throughout the ages especially as the HUGE tax burden continues to hit Americans year after year - both conservative and LIBERAL!!

Fort Worth, TX

I am not in favor of forcing people to get health insurance if they don't want to get it. I do however think a law needs to be in place to guarantee that no one can be turned down for insurance for any preexisting conditions and limit the premium price paid to one that is affordable to all. If a person then elects to not purchase insurance they shouldn't be allowed to receive treatment if they aren't able to pay for it. This I feel is fair for all involved.

Although this is (sort of) of topic I would like to mention it. In Texas we have a law that you can forgo purchasing car insurance if you put up a bond with the state. This acknowledges a freedom to choose and yet demands a level of accountability.

South Jordan, Utah

whether utahs vote for or against President Obama is immaterial (as the lawyers say). Under the electoral college system,. Utah,s electoral votes have not mattered in any presidential election during my life, 63 years and its not going to matter this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

The governor says repeal Obamacare by repealing Obama. By default, that means "vote for Romney", but is Romney much different? Yesterday, Romney said he would keep pieces of the legislation like protection for pre-existing conditions and allowing children to remain on a parent's policy until age 26.

Romney is out of step with the Republican Party which has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act in total. No worries there. Mitt has plenty of time to flip his position, again.

If Mitt doesn't flip, then he would repeal the piece that pays for the Affordable Care Act. He offers NO solution for paying for healthcare. That is very much in line with the Republican Party, such as when they passed unfunded Medicare Part D. It is an unfortunate strategy (for America)... pass unfunded legislation, then blame the Democrats for the deficit.

one old man
Ogden, UT

What too many people forget -- or choose to ignore -- is the fact that we have all been paying a hidden tax for years.

A tax imposed on the rest of us by those who do not have -- or can't afford -- health insurance.

The other tax we have been paying goes directly to health insurance companies. What is it? 30% of our premiums go for "administrative" costs? Why is it that "administration" of insurance companies is so costly while for Medicare it's something like 12%?

Profit is a dirty word for some people. Gouging is even dirtier. But isn't gouging what is actually happening?

All the ACA does is move the hidden tax from the shadows and take it into the sunlight. But some of our politicians are like vampires. They shun the light.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT


Unfortunately, there is much truth to what you say--both democrats and republicans have gone way too far with government programs. We would all be far better off if neither the state nor the fed had ever gotten involved in health care. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Certainly, health insurance makes sense for the unusual and the unexpected, as typified by our home insurance, car insurance, etc. But now we simply equate health CARE with health INSURANCE. Hangnail? File an insurance claim. Nagging headache? File an insurance claim. Ugly pimple? File an insurance claim.

If we have expenses to pay, what is the most efficient way to pay them? Running them through employers, insurance companies, the IRS, the U.S. congress, the federal bureaucracy, a thousand paper-pushers? Of course not--the least expensive way is to pay them ourselves--get the service, pay the bill--done. BUT, you say, health care is SO EXPENSIVE! You are right--it is terribly expensive, MOSTLY because, for 35 years, nobody cared what it cost because SOMEONE ELSE was paying the bill.

That is why we are in the mess we are in.

USS Enterprise, UT

ok, let me get this right. Liberals are happy because there is now a new government program that will either tax the poor for non-compliance with the will of the government or will raise the cost of insurance so that the poor and middleclass will have a harder time paying for insurance.

Don't you liberals claim to care for the poor? Why would you tax them and make health insurance more expensive?

Reading the comments so far, you can see the divide that Obama is fostering in the US. You have those who want to choose for themselves what they do with their lives, and those who would turn big decisions over to the government. The scarry thing is that as conservatives wake up and start voicing their opinions, the liberals become more enraged. The enraged liberals have a history of turning violent, and with today's communications could cause havoc throughout the US all so that they can "protest" conservatives who dare to stand up to them.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

@ one old man

"Why is it that "administration" of insurance companies is so costly while for Medicare it's something like 12%?"

I will tell you why. It is because the whole federal government bureaucracy is so far-flung, complicated and unaccounted for, that you can pick and choose your numbers when you are analyzing a certain government program, and come up with whatever number you choose. As a former CPA, I can tell you that ANYTHING that is paid for with our income tax has a huge amount of cost associated with it before it even gets into the government coffers and is earmarked for any government program.

Consider this: you go to Home Depot and purchase a $50 item as part of your home maintenance, and you pay for it. Think how efficient that is! Now think about what the cost would be if that transaction, the accounting for it, and the payment for it included the entire U.S. federal bureaucracy (Medicare Claim?) The IRS, the law-making, the highly-paid bureaucrats, the myriad of paper-shufflers, the fraudulent cases, the audits, etc., etc., etc. I can assure you, IT IS NOT EFFICENT!

Layton, UT

So this is how liberty dies; with the masses demanding the state to wait on them hand and foot and the state cleverly pretending to conform with their wishes while assuming more control. The Supreme Court overstepped their bounds by doctering it before they upheld it. I find it most disheartening that the American public now consider socialism simply the polite and politically correct thing to do. Going from what I have been hearing on the streets and the predominant gist of the comments here, everyone thinks they will never have to pay another doctor bill again and are expecting free plastic surgery as well. I have one question for you guys; what are you going to do when the state decides something in regards to your healthcare that you vehemently don't want such as denial of care for a chronic condition? I know many of you believe that this will never happen here, but I guarantee you it will. Rest in peace US constitution, you were wonderful while you were here.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

...and replace it with?

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