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Published: Thursday, June 28 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

How lazy, all states can opt out of Obamacare, all they have to do is design their own plan that covers at least as many people and is no more expensive than Obamacare. If Obamacare is so awful it shouldn't be hard to do better so why not have a go at it Governor? You do want healthcare reform of some kind right? You don't want us to just stick with the old unsustainable status quo... right?

So far only Vermont has gone this route, they passed single payer.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Our Realtor-in-Chief hasn't got a clue. The ACA automatically makes life easier for everyone. It's about time the freeriders paid their fair share.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

We needed to repeal the governor who took a $80,000 "contribution" in return for a multi-billion dollar contract to redo I-15. Add the $13 million to satisfy the contractor who won the first, honest bid. But many in this state find it easier to vote for a crook than for someone from the opposite party. My fellow native Chicagoans suffer from the same disease.

Mesa, AZ

But when the government goes bankrupt we will be singing a different tune. How many Trillions of dollars is the national debt now?

Mcallen, TX

Benefits for Obama healthcare:

* increased motivation for students entering medical school.

* more people paying their own medical coverage will save me money.

* provide more employment

* ensures lower taxes

* like Canada and Europe,we'll have better medical care

* better care for the elderly

* people who has received free medical care, will now pay.

Thank You Obama. For caring of people, over your own political ambitions.

Ali'ikai 'A'amakualenalena
Provo, UT

@BYUalum South Jordan, UT

It's interesting how diametrically opposed we both are in how we see this issue? How do you reconcile this considering how you think? You obviously would disagree with me (probably on most thing, I surmise), but how would you propose to go forward knowing that? Do you try to compromise, or do you just want to stand your ground? As it stands now, there is obviously no middle ground. Do you like it that way?

Salsa Libre
Provo, UT

Texas Republicans want to eliminate any cirriculum to develop critical thinking skills in students. They want to keep young children from questioning their parents' viewsd and values (i.e. they don't want these young people growing up to think for themselves and find extreme conservative thinking to be both irrational and illogical). Of course it's best to fault progressive thinking since it runs counter to the "accepted" ideas of a conservative community, but they don't want anyone saying that they may be wrong.

According the them, if you grow up in a community where the accepted wisdom is that the earth is flat, all living people are descended from a piece of anatomy (Adam's rib) from which a woman was created, that certain Americans are not truly Americans, and a free and unencumbered market will vindicate Capitalism and everyone can be happy and rich, then it's important to keep ideas to the contrary out of the discussion.

Certainly, all recorded knowledge needs to be cleansed of radical ideas and "facts" need to be changed to support the given order. Only when all our children think alike and act alike, will these conservative elements feel safe.

Cedar Hills, UT

Yes Obama has to go.. no question. The man is a cancer to democracy and freedom. However - today the Supreme Court ruled a victory for Obama - like it or not. It seems to me that America is really starting to distant itself from the constitution and adopting the European model of socialism and big government. If you want to blame someone for today's ruling blame George W Bush - he was the one that elected a moderate Judge Roberts to the high court. If Romney does win and he does get the chance to appoint supreme court justices he simply must appoint conservatives - not moderates. Moderates morf into liberals as we saw today. Roberts "created" a way to pass this law by seeing it as a tax - something OBama said it wasn't. Roberts obviously wanted to make his mark and legislate from the bench and so he did. In any event - America hangs in the balance. 4 more years of OBama will turn America into Greece and then everyone - liberals and conservatives and everyone in between - will feel the pain of crushing taxes and 15-20% unemployment.

South Jordan, Utah

Some posts have asked where the Republicans were when the bill was passed, well there were ideas put forth but the Demos had no intention of listening, they had control and they were going to take advantage of it. It is a progressive law and what are progressives but bigger government supporters. Frankly I am sick and tired of the government mandating what I can and can't do. There are better alternatives to Obamacare like tort reform and allowing insurance across state lines etc but no one is interested in those because it takes away from the loot the attorney's get from trying cases for malpractice. Bottom line this is not an issue that is because the Democrats thought of it first, it is an issue of freedom of choice. If we are mandated to have health insurance then we have no choice and for the baffoons that don't have it now, do you think they will have it the future or just pay the penalty and have the government (you and me) take care of them anyways. You that support Obamacare are seriously misguided in your belief that this will solve anything.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

Few people realize it, but we really have two choices here--continue "forward" over the cliff and become the next Greece, or go "backward" about 40 years when everyone took personal responsibility for their own care, held providers accountable for the costs and essentially everyone could afford good health care.

I comes down to principles--it always has and always will. As Neal A. Maxwell said, "The living of ONE principle of the gospel is better that a THOUSAND governmental programs, which programs are, so often, like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic."

South Jordan, UT

Repeal Matheson as well. He voted for Obamacare in all the subcommittees he was on. He only voted against it when it came to the house floor. I think his total voting record for Obamacare was 29 for and 1 against.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Lane Meyer -- that "tax" is exactly what happens to you, if you decline Medicare and want it later (when you get sick). Why should you get a free ride on my considerable taxpayer dime, when you wouldn't take responsibility for yourself?

Mad Hatter -- a Senate "super-majority" is 61, not 60. It takes 61 votes to block the opposite party's fillibuster.

Bruce T. Forbes
Kearns, UT

Is it time to impeach the Supreme Court?

Conner Johnson

Want to replace the current Utah Governer? Repeal and Replace Gary Herbert!

Kearns, UT

if you choose to buy a house and pay interest on your mortgage, you pay lower taxes than a person of equal income who chooses not to buy a home. if you have children you pay lower taxes than an income equal who chooses not to have children. if you save for retirement you get tax breaks. if you buy energy-star compliant appliances, or own a farm, or any of a number of other desirable activities you can get a tax break. here's the new deal: IF YOU BUY HEALTH INSURANCE YOU WILL PAY LOWER TAXES THAN A PERSON OF EQUAL INCOME WHO CHOOSES NOT TO. The cost of health care and health insurance is too high. it is economically crushing middle-income families. it's about time someone did something. if the new law is imperfect, fix it. but for heaven's sake please acknowledge that something needed to be done. Republicans didn't do it.

American Fork, UT

I didn't want to repeal obamacare. And this isn't changing any minds in utah anyway.

Cedar Hills, UT


The GOP has proposed several times a 10 step health care reform plan Joe. Some of the reform items include Tort Reform and Purchasing Insurance Across State Lines. Tort reform alone will lower cost in a BIG way by ridding ourselves of all the frivolous law suits. Allowing you to purchase insurance anywhere in America is just old fashion competition and capitalism which would also lower costs by introducing competition. Obamacare is 2700 pages of tax tax and more tax coupled with regulations and mandates and all of this is going to be a run-a-way train that hits small business owners head on in 2014. Business owners just had their bottom line reduced in a BIG way which always translates to layoffs , plant closures etc... The scary thing about all of this is that the true cost of OBamacare is still growing - doubling in size from 3 years ago already. Greece is the poster child of what socialized entitlements do to a country. It would be wonderful to give every one free healthcare but it would also be great to give each one of your kids a brand new SUV ! Can't aford it!!

Provo, UT


The SCOTUS was appointed and confirmed according to the Constitution. They followed the processes outlined by the Constitution. They ruled according to the Constitution.

Anyone who disagrees with this ruling is NOT a supporter of the Constitution of this country!

You have the Constitutional right to such an opinion, but don't lie and claim to be patriotic when you do not support the Constitution.

Herriman, UT

I think Chief Justice Roberts got it right. We might not like the laws and taxes, but it is within the right of government to enforce this. While Pres Obama might try to say this isn't a tax, it is, and we all know it. It just so happens that many people think it is a smart tax that makes the health care system work better. Feel free to argue against that, but don't argue about legality.

You are not being taxed for doing nothing, think of it as everyone is being taxed for health care, and if you get coverage, then you get a tax credit (if not, no tax credit for you, because we know at some point you will get sick or injured and we the people will foot the bill). It isn't perfect, but I have lost all faith that the GOP can get anything better in place. Romney should move forward in his campaign, not backwards...if he dwells on this, he is going to lose big in November. Show vision, not criticism,

Springville, UT

Just a minor correction: the SCOTUS did not rule a victory for Obama - they ruled that the ACA was not unconstitutional and could go forward as law.

Agree 100% with your comments. If you have time, read the court's opinions and tell me if Ginsburg's disprespectful and arrogant language toward the the non-liberal Justices and their opinions, and the latitude she takes in interpreting the Constitution doesn't scare you at all.

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