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Published: Thursday, June 28 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

By all means, vote for Romney. Never mind the fact that he is the original architect of Obamneycare.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Let the sour grapes be mashed!

non believer

Governor Herbert is also under the belief that Healthcare is a Privledge and not a Right! The Uninsured Emergency Room visits cost us more than requiring all American's to pay for healthcare individually. We are already picking up the tab without Uninsured chipping in for anything. At least this way, people will be paying into the system that are not contributing now!

Far East USA, SC

I am not thrilled with Obamacare, but history has shown us that the only time the GOP mentions the need to fix healthcare is when the dems propose something.

They had many years of complete control and the only thing they did was to push medicare part D.

We have a problem with health care costs. They are skyrocketing.

What is the GOP's specific plan?

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Salt Lake City, UT

As somebody who can't afford a $14,000 bill when I go to the emergency room for four hours because I have been denied health insurance due to preexisting conditions, I'd like to know exactly what Romney means by "replace." If Republicans wanted something different in the health care bill, why didn't they put something forth when the health bill was written?? Or was having Obama fail more important at that time, so they could pander to their health insurance special interests?

I'm really not getting it. The GOP wants to repeal the health care law, so we can keep the status quo of countless uninsured Americans? If they don't like the health care bill when it was written, why didn't they put forth other ideas? Or is the GOP doubling down on the politics of stupid and special interests?

I think I'll take the latter.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

This is precisely why I'm an embarrassed Utahn. I don't think Mr. Herbert has that "patriotic gene"! Oh well, it's a great day anyway!

South Jordan, UT

Wow, my esteem of our governor just when down about 6 notches. With his remark on communism he confirmed to me that he has been hanging out with the tea party fools for too long.

In our society we see Social Security, minimum wage, medicare and medicaid, public schools, public roads, regulated utilities such as natural gas and electricity to every home even in rural locations .. as all fine and American. In fact these things are part of what make America great! But oh mention medical coverage and insurance for all and now we are in the realm of 'communism?!'

Herbert, Utah is not a tea party state, even though they are all you are hearing and mingling with. We want compromise and balance between support for good regulated capitalism and valued and important socialistic programs... just like we have lived with for 200 years. If other countries can figure this universal health care the USA can as well! We MAY have to ask our MDs to somehow live on $400,000 per year as opposed to $950,000 per year salaries however!


Who is it that Gov. Herbert thinks should not have healthcare? I hope it's not me or one of my friends or family.


Oh, you get it technos. You hit it right on the head when you asked if it was more important for Obama to fail than to provide healthcare for our citizens. Politics have never been pretty, but they are now downright ugly. We need to dump Herbert and his ilk.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yeah, and Utahns have total control over the election. Brilliant.

Heber City, UT

The rationale behind the Supreme Courts justification makes me think of unlearned men who don't have a clue as to what is going on.

Yes, we all need health care, but when I am told that I must have health care and if I do not have it I will be penalized and that penalty money will buy that health care. Personally, I think anyone who can afford it is nuts for not having it, but the fact that the Democrats have rammed this down our throats is what is appalling. They have literally become big brother and will determine what is good for us. Soon they will decide which doctor I can go to, they will decide what size house I should have and they will decide what type of car I can buy.

The founders of this country are turning over in their graves right now. They are crying because our elected representatives have strayed from the constitution and what is was intended to do.

It is time we have a constitutional amendment limiting the Supreme Court to 20 years and they are then retired. This lunacy must stop.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Cougar Blue:

You seem to understand more about what the constitution prohibits than about what it permits.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Do people really think, considering the recent Supreme Court ruling, that removing Barack Obama will result in the elimination of his signiature issue? Even if conservative Republicans hold both the House and Senate, and if Romney is president, Republicans will only get legislation passed if they have a super-majority (60 votes) in the Senate! How do you think conservatives have been so successful in making Obama's first term in office so difficult?

Granted, the Affordable Care Act legislation upheld by the Supreme Court requires some major changes, however, Republicans have absolutely no intention of drafting any comparable reform package. Since most conservatives in places of power have good healthcare already, there is no incentive on their part to change things. However, as the Republican Party becomes more irrelevant in the future, their abundant money will not be sufficient to buy the game.

People will come to see the need for universal healthcare in this country as both a vital and important benefit to the nation as a whole. Employers will appreciate a healthy workforce and productivity (including the economy) should grow proportionately because healthcare is no longer the spectre that stands over the regular American's life.

Salt Lake City, UT

What an odd comment Governor Herbert injected about communism. The constitutional Affordable Care Act is not communism (nor is it socialism). When our elected leaders are ignorant on the basic forms of government, it tells me that we need to pour more money into education. Perhaps then we can salvage the next generation of Utah leaders.

Kearns, UT

I too agree that we ALL need healthcare, but when a government TAXES the people for not taking an action, then we are in trouble. Never before in history has the government been able to levy a tax against the citizens for not doing something they are told to do by the government.

Taxes are levied for products and services purchased, not for products and/or services NOT purchased.

So now our government has shown that it has the ability to tax us if we don't do what they say. Does this mean that they can tax us if we don't buy American cars?

This is a whole new era in government control.

Yes everyone needs healthcare, but not at the cost of government control over the rights of freedom.

South Jordan, UT

Hey CougarBLue in Heber ... think this through ... a young man who has NO insurance .. who doesn't want something 'rammed down his throat' goes up the canyon to rock climb ... he falls and is badly injured ... he is taken to emergency care and treated, he spends 6 months in critical care, he is a parapalegic and will never walk again .... now, guess who pays for that now?! YOU DO ! ... and I DO! through medicaid which he surely will be one soon since in can't work, etc... and since he had no insurance. SO the point is CougarBlue .... We DO end up paying for the 'nuts' that you mention ... why not make it a FAIR situation where the responsible ones are not just paying for everything through higher taxes and higher premiums? Make the foolish young rock climber pay something into the system to help cover his risk.

And the founding fathers boo-hooo is just silliness. Live in this century.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Herbert is a buffon and people of this state eat his babble up. He's one of the politicans that told us it would surely be struck down by the courts. Wrong!! These same politicans also tell us that the only way to over turn it is throught this Fall's election. The only way that happens is if they control all three braches of goverment with enough knuckleheads to stop any filibusters. That is unlikely. The law stands now and it will stand next year as well. Why can't they go back to their more concrete ideals like Intelligent Design or a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

South Jordan, UT
If you didn't have fire in the belly for Mitt Romney and to also get a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate in November, this is the chance you have as individuals to save this country.

Please, be rational. All I hear is repub blowing off steam like the Gov. Let me spell it out for you...We will not be able to repeal Obamacare in the next two years.

Even if Mitt is elected, even if the house and senate are run by republicans - the senate repub will not be 60 and the demos will filibuster any bill that takes any part of Obamacare away.

Be serious and speak to us as intelligent beings, Gov. We really do understand how our government works (or doesn't work.)

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Never before in history has the government been able to levy a tax against the citizens for not doing something they are told to do by the government.


Think of it like a tax (fee) for not wearing your seatbelt. Yes, we have to pay if we do not do what they say, don't we?

Draper, UT

I have never read so many comments in the Desert News that supported my way of thinking. Obamacare is the law of the land OBEY IT. Romney won't do a thing but inflame the far right. The big boys in the insurance companies will shut Romney up and tell him how they are going to make money off of Obamacare. But Romney will do what he is good at, complaining about Obama and never offering a viable solution. And flip flopping his jaws.

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