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Published: Tuesday, June 26 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Independent Thinker
West Jordan, UT

When WJ taxpayers subsidize these soccer fields to the tune of $600,000 annually, I guess we get this kind of recognition. This is one of the largest special-interest subsidies that benefit a relatively few number of residents.

On top of that, most of the fields are in poor condition, prompting requests for an additional huge chunk of scarce tax revenues to be expended for repairs.

Let's be real
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow nice job. Now, where does it say in government documents that the Cities are in charge of our entertainment? Nice recognition, but at what price? That does not make me want to move to a city that wins a top spot in the best soccer city to live in. It normally takes a lot more than that. Little things like what is my city doing with my money, how much are they spending on nonsense items are all good questions I ask. Oh, I guess I just answered my own question.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Independent Thinker

Nice rant, but you need to give it elsewhere. I don't see you getting up in arms about city/county/state golf courses. Those things cost on the order of $600k per MONTH.

And where did you get that $600k/year figure anyway?

Could it be that you are only supportive of taxpayer expenses that favor your personal choice of hobbies?

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