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Published: Sunday, June 24 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Fort Collins, CO

Isn't there any editing at the Deseret News? "There is a bunch of interesting tidbits"?? That sentence would get a big red mark in 6th grade; it should not make it into an essay published by a newspaper. It is hard to take a review seriously if the author hasn't mastered basic grammar.

Kent Larsen
New York, New York

I haven't read this book yet, but from the description on Princeton University Press' website and other reviews, it really seems like Morgenegg has completely missed what this book is about?

As I understand it, the point behind a "biography" of a book is to look at the influence that it has had during its "life." Wouldn't you want to say as much in your review?

Huntington Beach, CA

@KinCO - With respect to your criticism of the phrase "there is a bunch of interesting tidbits": For the record, the usage of "is" is in fact correct because the collective noun "bunch" is singular ("there is a bunch" as opposed to "there are bunches"). In modern usage, either verb form ("is" or "are") is considered acceptable. Your conclusion that the reviewer has not mastered basic grammar is unsupported.

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