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Published: Friday, June 22 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like he had an excellent plan to achieve what he wants in life. Assess, set goals, stay focused, work hard. He will achieve a lot if he continues to follow that model. I like that he has balanced his goals with a mission. Look forward to watching him grow.

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Fantastic story. I love to see kids like this at BYU. Welcome to BYU, Kuj!

Highland, UT

I loved this story. Good Luck Kuj!

Saint George, UT

It would be sweet if he and Jabari were mission companions.

Welcome to BYU Kuj. Hopefully we will be in a conference by 2015.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

I like this kid! Good luck to you, Kuj. More importantly, continue to work hard. I and many others will be watching and rooting for you to succeed!

South Jordan, UT

Moved back to the state recently. I follow Utah football and see all their recruits. Could Des News write a story for every Utah recruit as they do for BYU? Everyone has a story


Loved reading this article. Proud of you Kuj! I'd be lying if I didn't admit that a tear or two fell from my eyes when I saw your highlight video. Most don't understand how passionate we are at Kahuku about our football. For those of you who do, you know that Football is our Mana. It is who we are as Red Raiders.

It'll be fun to watch you after your mission ripping it up on the football field wearing BYU blue! Congratulations on your accomplishments as well!

Here's to hoping Kahuku can finish this coming season the same way we ended last season! RR4L

Highland, UT


A few things about your request.

1) Not nearly as many people care about utah's recruits. It isn't even close.

2) utah hardly has any commits at this point wereas BYU has gotten quite a few, especially in the last couple of weeks.

3) We have an entire article just like this one on the kid from orange county that committed to the ute's this week. If I'm not mistaken he is the only kid that has committed to utah in the last couple of weeks and we did get an entire article about him.

Pocatello, ID

There's a cool side story to Ku-J's recruitment that I'm surprised Brandon didn't touch on since I first read about it on his old Total Blue Sports site. Talo has a current article on this side story.

When Ku-J was 11 or 12 Bronco had gone out to Hawai'i to recruit his cousin Shiloah Te'o. He was in their home when Ku-J heard that a BYU coach was there. He ran home put on his BYU hat and peered in the window while Bronco was visiting with the Te'o family. David Te'o then invited Ku-J in and Bronco introduced himself to Ku-J. He explained to Bronco how bad he wanted to play for BYU one day and Bronco told him that he would keep an eye on him over his high school days and handle his recruiting personally. So, the emotion shown by Ku-J at the time of his Bronco offer was a culmination of many factors. Ku-J worked very hard for this scholorship and comitted his time and efforts to end up at BYU.

Mcallen, TX

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!


Kid got a raw deal. Has to pay his own way his first semester and then there's no leverage when he comes back from a mission. Hope he stays healthy and motivated.

Proud Ute

Nice to hear his hard work and perserverance paid off.
Good luck to the young man.

Highland, UT


He is doing that on purpose. It is called "grey shirting" and quite a few kids do it to preserve their eligibility while getting some credits out of the way. Nothing about it is a "raw deal" as the kid is choosing to do it. If he didn't want to go on a mission, or if he wanted to delay his mission, he could go onto scholarship immediately.

Chris Degn
Seoul, Korea

Congratulations, Kuj! Persistence pays! Have a great mission. We look forward to seeing your work ethic pay off in Cougar Blue!

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Great story of a committed young man striving to make a dream come true!

Good luck, Kuj!

Springville, UT


'Your' paper for top notch Ute News is the Salt Lake Tribune. Be sure to remind your 'friends'. (wink wink)

Murray, UT

Tapusoa is a 5-foot-11, 195-pound defensive back prospect from Kahuku High School on Hawaii’s north shore. He is the nephew of former BYU players Mark Atuaia and Itula Mili and grew up admiring both athletes with the desire to emulate their exploits at BYU.

Talk about some good athletes to admire and model your game after, really like this kid he seem determined to succeed at BYU, he knows what he wants and has set goals to achieve. Best of Luck Kuj, looking forward to seeing you in Cougar blue in the near future!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Duckhunter

That was kind of harsh. I think it is a little extreme to say that NO ONE cares about Utah's recruits.

I can't speak for the DNews but I don't know why they don't write more about Utah's recruits. I don't know. If I was a DNews journalist, I would write about them both.

Highland, UT

@Cougar Claws

I didn't say "no one cares". I said "not nearly as many people care" about utah's recruits as care about BYU's recruits and that is a fact. But on top of that the point is utah's only commit of the last few weeks did get a complete write up here in the dnews just like each of BYU's commits have gotten. I'm sure when utah eventually gets more commits then they will get write ups as well. Just pointing out the utah "fan" persecution complex is not founded in reality. As usual.

Bountiful, UT

Now that BYU has offered him I'm guessing we'll see an offer come his way from the Utes any day now. My question is, do they still offer BYU recruits when they don't have sub 4.3 speed?

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