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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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So many children these days seem to be incapable of empathy for their victims. Maybe having their hair chopped and possibly being humiliated and made fun of will help them understand the hurt they caused a very small child, all for kicks.

Bountiful, Utah

Question? Not saying these two girls shouldn't have been punished, but where was the parent of this little 3-year old child? How is it that these girls were able to befriend this 3-year old, leave to go purchase sissors and return and cut her hair? My word someone could have kidnapped this little one because obviously no one was keeping any eye on her whatsoever!

GQ Monkee
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Something is wrong here, and it is not the judge's ruling. Had my daughter done such a thing, she would have SHOWN UP to court with a bad hair cut...and then done the community service. This judge's actions will have little effect on the offender because her own mother is so intent on proving that the judge was mean and not on rehabilitating her own child.

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

It would have served the teenage bully right if she had been given a boot-camp haircut.

All she lost was a ponytail.

Her mother is a whiner.

Moses Lake, WA

Rifleman I was ready to disagree with your view until I read your 12:16 post. I gained a little respect for you., I do believe the judge did us all a favor with that punishment. Mom of the offender needs to be writing apologies and thank you notes rather than embarrassing her self with a complaint against the judge who is having to do her job. A little dissapline will do the girl some good... on second thought, watching how mom reacts is giving us some insight in to the girls behavior.


Well, yeah, this is "eye for an eye." Where did the judge get such terrible morals?

Bluffdale, UT

Rarely does a judge have such a great opportunity to teach justice. Good Job! Seriously cutting off her hair involves zero physical abuse, in some countries she would have been caned. The mom should quit being a cry baby be a mom and maybe her kid wouldn't have to be raised by the judicial system.

San Diego, CA

What's she complaining about? She had a choice. She didn't have to cut the hair and her daughter could have done the full 276 hours.

Charter Fan
Midvale, UT

I think the judge was more than fair. I don't know why the mom is so upset, it's hair! It grows back quickly.

Meridian, ID

Ms. Bruno instead of worrying about the judge maybe you should be accountable and focus on making your daughter a better citizen. I say good for the judge obviously the parents cannot discipline their child so the judge needed to make a lasting impression on this youth.I have no sympathy for your daughter, you reap what you sow.

Salt Lake City, UT

Choosing to use such a sensationalist title for this story puts DesNews on another new low. The judge did not "ORDER" the mother to cut off the girl's ponytail. He gave her a choice as an option to other fines and/or community service hours. It was perfectly reasonable due to all of the circumstances.

Colchester, CT

What surprises me is that the 13 year old and her friend were determined to do the deed...even asking McDonld's employees for scissors...They were not thinking, "If we had scissors, I would cut that girl's hair." They were thinking..."We NEED to get some scissors NOW." Huge difference...
Could be a determining factor of a future criminal case for this young juvie...intent. There is no doubt this one has full intent on doing what she did. Pre-meditated...methodically executed plans...hmmm, I see behavioral patterns arising.
I picture this Bruno character sitting in a court room in a decade or so with her daughter in chains being tried for something much MUCH worse...I'm sure it'll be everybody else's fault then too.

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

I don't feel the least bit sad for the girl who the judge had her hair cut. THis mother wants to create more drama by attacking the judge. Get over it Mom. Take care of your daughter so that she doesn't do it again. Drop the drama and using the media- makes you look worse.

Tooele, UT

Really, an Eye for an Eye is not a good way to teach a child right from wrong....With parenting skills like that, No wonder the girl is in trouble with the law and this wasn't her first time... And to the person who said judges can not do this and should be in hot water, read the statue, it does give judges in Utah the discretion to sentence kids outside of the norm... Maybe if more judges would take the Eye for an Eye approach criminals would be deterred....

Santa Monica, CA

I knew a dad who had a son who was beginning to bite other children. The son seemed to have no idea that his biting hurt the other children and there seemed to be nothing the dad could do about it. Finally after the kid drew blood with one of his young victims, the Dad took the little guy out back and bit him, quite sharply, on the arm, not letting loose till he himself drew blood. The kid screamed and cried but he got the message and didn't bite another child that school year. During the kids 7th grade year, after he punched a smaller kid in the face, the dad asked if the smaller child had been bloodied. The kid admitted yes and the dad took the kid out back and punched him three times in the face before drawing blood. The kid had to visit the hospital, but he got the message. He didn't beat up on any more 7th graders. Now the kid is married and having a bit of a problem with pushing his wife around. It's going to be interesting to see how the dad handles this one.

Prescott, AZ

I can't help but wonder where the 3-year-old's mother was the entire time this was happening, and why she wasn't charged with neglect for leaving her child unattended for so long. And to everyone who is outraged about this: it's just hair, it WILL grow back! The punishment fit the crime. With the teen's mother's attitude, it is questionable as to whether she will learn anything from the experience.

Ogden, UT

Teens are all into their "looks". I think having her hair cut probably hurt her more than more hours of community service. And I don't think it should have been a choice. Sometimes I wonder if the service shouldn't be to the victim's family though...taking their garbage to the curb, or sorting for re-cycling, washing their car, raking up leaves, having to do something "nice" for the little girl by way of apology. At first it would be resented but maybe in the end she would get to know the family a little and sincerely feel sorry for what she did. And shame on the mother who is whining to the public. The girl already had been in trouble. It seems the mother should have been glad to have a punishment that might actually make the daughter regret what she had done.

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