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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Greenville, OH

As a mother of two two-yr-olds, and someone who has seen the trauma bullying causes, If it had been my child, her hair probably would have been chopped off when we got to court. As soon as I found out, her hair would have been unevenly chopped at the same way she did to that poor girl. If she even was left hair. Hair grows back, but the hurt of feeling "ugly" would have taught her a lesson. But this whole story screams irresponsible parents. Both plaintiff and defendant. Its time parents start PARENTING their bullies. My child would have been handing her an apology letter to parent and child AT THE HEARING. I'd be ashamed of such mean acts committed by my children. I raise them better than that. Do unto others as you have them do to you. Apparently this child wanted a hair cut.

Aus./, TX

Rifleman, There is a difference between cutting the hair of 13 yr. old girl who took advatage of a 3 yr girl with a pair of sissors and a girl working a fulltime job and a part time job to support her sibilings. That judge was so wrong I can't even see straight. I think in this case the lady had a choice. She could have let the judge do what he wanted. SHE decided to go ahead and cut her childs hair. I have no sympathy for either one (mother or daughter).

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

I think this was a brilliant ruling by the judge. Unfortunately, it will probably not have the desired effect because the mother has decided to complain about the ruling, thus enabling her daughter's bad behavior. Too bad about that. Maybe the daughter should have cut the mother's hair also.
Eventually this foolish mother will reap the consequences of her irresponsible actions, but it will be her daughter and her daughter's future victims who will really pay the price.

Provo, UT

Do they teach parenting in Utah: There is no cause to send child services to the family of the 3 year old. But I say how about a visit to the 13 year olds home.

liberty&justicefor all
Sacramnto, CA

Sorry, Mom, but you need to teach your child that bullying is wrong and accept the consequences. Stop whining. Your child is a danger to other children and the judge
is just doing some of what you needed to do to teach your child about respecting others.

Cleveland, UT

Haha... Good job judge johansen!!! Maybe that girl will stop being a bully!!! I thought that was actually a great ruling!!

Gram Cracker
Price, UT

Where were the parents of all these children? How could this have happened with not one parent seeing what was happening? And why did they cut the little girl's hair? Why? What was their motive?

el cajon, CA

Rifleman - kudos on announcing you made a mistake. I was going to comment to you on whether or not you read that she had another case where she was threatening another child. this child obviuosly has some issues and it would seem that the mother is the reason her child is behaving like she is. If only I could say a few words to that mother I would tell her to open her eyes to the path her daughter is on - and it's not a good one. Too many of the kids these days get away with too much. I myself have come across teenagers who back talk me when I've reprmanded them for something they did that could either have bad consequences for them or others - what kind of parents do these kids have ..... parents like this mother. Look at what's happening in Florida with the teen who stood up for a disabled girl - she's getting punished! What is wrong with our society today?! I hope that principle or school district supervisor and bus driver get fired ..... but oh no that wouldn't happen because of the union. It's terrible!

Dayton, OH

It's about time Judges mete out appropriate judgments like this. Too few parents are disciplining their kids nowadays. Kids get away with anything they want, show no respect to anyone, and expect to receive respect for having done nothing to earn it. This mom should be absolutely ashamed of herself. She is teaching her daughter the wrong thing by making excuses for her behavior, seeking to eliminate proper punishment, and hoping to cash-in on the Judge's decision. It's parents like her that are destroying our kids. The lawyer should also be censured. He should be fined for abuse of process because this is a completely frivolous lawsuit. How anybody can condemn this Judge and defend the mom is beyond me. Time outs don't work. Kids need spanking, taking away of privileges until it hurts, and sometimes humiliation and embarrassment. Sometimes "an eye for an eye" is entirely appropriate, and this is one of those times.

Wally West

per SpaceCowboy69 10:07 a.m. June 22, 2012

"Is McDonald's the new day care in Price?"

It depends does it have a play area?

Temple, TX

My Opinion is;
From what I’ve just read, I believe that the punishment has fit the crime . . . It’s conceivable for the mother of the 11 years old girl to think in that manner; however, she needs to come to terms with the judge’s decision and take it in like a good parent should. As I read the comments I can see that everyone has a valid point and my point is that the judge’s decision stands.

Temple, TX

We need to think what we are doing to our children . . . for the most part parents do not take responsibility for their actions or their children’s actions, some parents give their kids money to stay away, others do anything for the kids even lie in front of a judge saying that his/her kid is an outstanding kid and never did anything wrong in his or her life.
People! You need to take responsibility. If you do not the crime rates will keep going up and up and the last thing you do not want to do you may have to do which is bury your love one.

Temple, TX

The environment in which your kids evolve is not the only thing that is in play parenting is the most important of all, be true to yourself and others stop hiding what everyone else can see and you cannot.

Monroe, UT

In this case, great judgement by the judge! But like others, I have to ask where was the mother of the 3 year old?

Great job, judge, and quit your whining, mom!!!

Boston, ME

The girl has psychological issues, clearly. Medieval punishments will NOT help. Anyone who praises such simpleton, crude, and unhelpful approaches (most commenters) lack sophistication and education. God help this poor victim of living in a place stuck in the middle ages.

lebanon, OR

I have a 3 yr old daughter and when we go into a mcdonalds play place I watch her like a shadow, because of girls like these. Which is sad that so many ppl these days are bullying others. but this goes beyond even what im afraid of (a kid pushing her or pulling her hair) these girls not only bullied this toddler, they went to extreme lengths (walking to another store just to BUY scissors!!!!) that is with full knowledge of what they were planning to do. As a mother of a girl, I have to say, I wouldnt have cut my daughters hair at the pony, you better believe when she came to court she would have a shaved head and be very aware that what she did was most certainly not to be swept under the rug! GOOD JOB! to the judge. She also needs to be psych evaluated and start serving out some sort of apology (mowing lawn, cards, ect) to that poor little girl. these girls are on the road to felony acts and imprisonment if they arent dealt with properly now!!

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

The judge implemented a useful strategy to ward off future abusive behavior. The only problem is that the mother is still an enabler and will continue to paint the family as victims. A generation of children unwilling to take responsibility for their behavior is on the rise, and behind them are parents like this. (Ph.D. and senior fellow in Human Development)

Boston, ME

AGAIN, mirismomma, if you do such crude primitive punishments to a child whose problem is psychological, you could make matters worse, much worse. Do you support muslim "genital mutilation" to curb promiscuousness? Because technically it does, but it is still ABUSE. This kid needs intervention, help, and NOT ABUSE.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

I think the judge should have required the haircut IN ADDITION to the sentence he handed out. But it would have been better if the judge had required that each girl cut the other's hair! This is just yet another case of a parent defending their brat child's behavior. Cry me a river.

Kearns, UT

Jail or Haircut? Hmm. Sounds like the Judge gave the kid a very good option. I would have been in favor of shaving this kid's head. Good for the Judge. Mommy sounds like one of those mothers who don't think that their kids do any wrong. The Judge sounds like he was trying to keep the daughter from experiencing the bad influence of more hardened juvenile offenders. Again, kudos to the judge.

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