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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

All I can say is HALLELUJAH! I love this judge. Imagine how scared that three year old girl must have been as two teenage bullies were cutting her hair. It's the least the judge could do and I'm appalled that the mother is now making a big deal of it. Note to mom ... start holding your daughter accountable for her poor choices or plan on visiting her in prision in a few years. Tack on a few additional punishments of your own and I bet your daughter will learn a great lesson from this experience.

hamilton, ontario, 00

More rulings like this, judges...everywhere! Feeling the sting of what they did, themselves, these girls have to think about their actions evey time that they look into a mirror. And I think that they probably had some explaining to do, to everyone that noticed that their hair had been cut...don't think that the other should have been able to go to a salon, to have her hair cut, hope that she didn't see that as a fun thing..well we've all made dumb choices at some point in our lives,so enough said.

Lake Forest, CA

This is what the entire 60's was all about: women were supposed to get equal rights in all things...well, the children of that generation taught their children and now those children feel they are allowed to anything they wish....bully the bus monitors, bully classmates, cut off the hair of a three year old....three for god's sake. The mothers should be sued for big money....we need to use the tools the left has used these past thirty years.


He should have had the girl's head buzzed like a new Army recruit. The humiliation in the weeks that followed would have taught a far better lesson than just lobbing off her ponytail. Many girls at school already have short hair without ponytails. No lesson learned there.


i think it fit for the hair cutting of the little but i would have cut it short and given the hair to locks of love-way to go judge

Center moriches, NY

On the Judge who ordered defendants hair cut:
BRAVO to you sir. It's about time someone stood up to the school bullies,& makes them responsible for their actions. In viewing the comments of the mother of this child, who chopped off the little girls hair, it's no wonder her child is so abusive. It's a shame the mother could not have her hair chopped off also for not teaching her child the consequences of her action. The perfect case of the tail wagging the dog. Wake up MOM, before your daugher pulls off a much bigger crime, then goes to jail for it. Then woman, you have no one else to blame but yourself for not teaching your daughter she has to be accountable for her actions. Again Judge, nice to see justice dealt with properly for a change.

Butte, MT

What needs to be understood is this, the judge didn't "order" the ponytail cut, as the headline and article state. He offered it as an option in exchange for a reduced sentence. It was the mother's choice.

"I'm going to give you this option: I will cut that by 150 hours if you want to cut her hair right now," Johansen said.

Mom made the decision to cut the hair, not the judge.

Hooksett, NH

The Judge was correct about the Mother making a choice. now, the Mother wants to backpedal? It shows why the 13 yr old thinks she can get away with things - cutting a 3 yr old's hair, deliberately, and that information about the rape/mutilation threats to a Colorado teen?.. this 13 yr old's Mother should have added her own punishment. This is a Mother who needs to teach her daughter about being an adult, not teaching by example to WHINE.
They may both be brats to everyone they meet; just two different ages. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when the Mother's behavior is discussed behind her back by her own family, her coworkers and her neighbors. They are the ones who see her behavior on a regular basis. It would probably hurt the Mother's feelings, because I can't see it being good... pt

Grand Junction, CO

This story is likely a story of a "mountain made out of a mole hill".

I don't like the idea of "media lynching" a couple of juveniles (children) for a "childish act". The act does seem to be out of the "norm" for behavior and is surely deserving of parental response and even the decision of the judge.

But..permanent stigma at the hands of the "press" and the general public seems to be a bit much. The judge ordered the pony tail of the offender cut. In both cases of the victim and the "child offender", the hair will likely grow back.
Should "we" doom all three children as forever cast in lifetime roles as "victims and perps" for all eternity?
In the absence of other information, we should trust the decision of the judge and the parents involved and let it go.

Jerome from Layton
Layton, UT

Hammurabi and Solomon would both approve. It also met the standards of Contract Law (Statute of Frauds from the Common Law). The Offer was hair or 150 hours in an orange jump suit picking up road litter. "Mom" should be thankful she had that choice.

Atlanta, GA

Kudos to the judge. This girl and her mother's parenting style clearly need serious overhauling. I do wonder why the three year old was not being watched more closely; still, the punishment sounds like it fit the crime.

Tiffany Lambert
Kennedale, TX

‎1. Sorry but the mother of the girl who did this doesn't need to be saying "That's not how you teach them right from wrong." Obviously you don't know, because your kid does WRONG. 2. You're complaining because the judge let your kid have a lesser sentence if you chopped her hair off? You should have done it the second you found out ANYway. 3. You're raising a kid who goes so far as to leave, buy scissors, return and do this - AND has made threatening calls to others. 4. Boo to the VICTIM's mother for not watching her kid in the first place and this parent for not watching hers as well. Bad parenting all the way around!

wixom, MI

The job of a juvenile judge must be vary hard. I also applaud the judge for his offer of sentence reduction in this case. In addition the juvenile appears to be a bully and is being protected by the mother, possibly affected by the same trait. The judge should also have required family counseling with a follow-up with the judge for further possible action. Children harming other children who are strangers brings other horrific cases to mind.

St George, UT

Punishment definitely just. Since daughter is a juvenile, parents are part of the process. They think it was ridiculous to cut her hair? Well, it was ridiculous to cut the 3 year olds hair, and to go to the lengths they did to do it. Complaint against judge should go no where.

Sounds like Price, UT needs to come up with activities to keep their youth busy and out of trouble.

Provo, UT

I say the punsishment fit the crime.

Do they teach parenting in Utah
Buchanan, MI

WHERE is the mother during the haircut? Not being that far removed from having three year olds of my own, I am forced to question what the judge apparently didn't. Certainly, with a 3 year old, from experience I know it is impossible to keep track of one every single minute of the day, but in a public place like McDonald's, how do you lose track of a 3 year old long enough for her hair to be cut? The mother of the 3 year old should be, at the very least, investigated by child services on charges of neglect. It is kind of sad and shocking that everyone is focusing on punishment for the deed of cutting the toddler's hair, and as wrong as it may be, would NOT have happened with a responsible adult present. I imagine responsible parents are hard to come by these days, at least in Price, UT. To take it one step further, I would discipline the judge as well for not addressing the parenting abilities of Ms. Moss.

Layton, UT

Who would let their 11 old run free like that? It would scary me to death to have her out of my sight for so long. I don't understand the complaint of the perp's mom against the judge, she agreed to do it. She should be thankful that he gave her an easy way out. I think it would have been better if they made her shave her head. Go JUDGE!!!

Clearfield, UT

My earler comment (about having the daughter choose the punishment) was to make the girl take responsibility for what she did. If I was the one who had to choose the punishment, I would have opted for the full community service term and would have had a bald child as soon as we got home. I would have made her shave her head herself.

Each of my sons did something really stupid when they were in their early teens, and their Dad and I came down on them like a ton of bricks. They never tried it or anything similar again. We always taught them that they had to take responsibility for their actions, AND we enforced it.

To Sharinlite 9:24 a.m. 6/24/2012
I am one of the women who fought for equality in the 1960s. The fact that we stopped being chattel has nothing to do with the way we raised children, or the way our children are raising theirs. What you should be complaining about is lazy parenting, not the fact that women now aren't (for the most part" second class citizens.

I am one of the

Missy Happy Fun Fun
Tooele, UT

For those who insist on blaming the mother of the victim for not watching her child, PLEASE go back and read the comments. (Do they teach reading in Buchanan, MI?)

Both the victim’s mother and the editor of this Deseret News article have addressed the issue. It helps to have all of the information before forming conclusions, and lynch mobs.

Salt Lake City, UT

It was an option that could be taken. I'd be concerned about people using this sort of thing in more extreme cases but this seems to be an okay use of that kind of ruling.

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