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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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corona, CA

Victim's Mother, I'm glad you're little girl is okay. What a frightening experience for her and your family.

There's something wrong with the 13 year old girl; I hope she receives professional help.

corona, CA

correction: YOUR little girl ugh!!

Salt Lake City, UT

It's parents like that Bruno, that raise bullies like we saw in that school bus video. The Judge did a good thing. He offered that bullying brat a deal, and the mother took it. The fact that she's now trying to get the judge in trouble and enabling her bully daughter shows that she's a terrible parent.
How disgusting that teen was by looking for a sissors to pick on a three year old. This society is doomed with parents like Ms. Bruno, IMHO.

Corona, CA

Rifleman--I guess you're not in Houston. The national press blew that deal with the "honor student" all out of proportion (as I knew they had when it was a reporter and not a teacher who went to court with the young lady). Her dad had not abandoned the family. He was working out of town. And her older brother was in college at A&M and was fully capable of providing for himself. Her jobs that she worked was a dry cleaners (closed at 7pm) and then at the same establishment on the weekends in a party room they had for wedding receptions, etc. In short, her situation was far from desperate. She just chose to work til 7 then do God only knows what with the rest of her time. And she was an "honors student" because in some urban Texas districts, you don't have to qualify to be in "honors" classes--just request them. The judge backing down had more to do with public pressure than justice.

Summerville, SC

Totally agree with the judge. That woman is a terrible mom and is not doing her daughter any favors by whining to the press about the punishment that she agreed on in the first place. The punishment perfectly fits the crime.


Victims mother, I apologize for being glib yesterday. (I was recently nearly run off the road by a woman texting in her car while driving and can't seem to shake my animosity towards texters. I am sorry for your situation. My best to you and your daughter.

Also I still think more should be done about bullies. Malicious children are still malicious, even if they are too young for jail time.

Layton, UT

I say good for the judge. The mother had to make a decision, and SHE made it. The other choise would have taken to much effort.

Lackawanna, NY

Mr. Lobosco,

The 3-year-old was at McDonald's with her grandfather and her 8-year-old brother. According to her mother, the grandfather was seated at a table with a view of the play area where his grandchildren were both playing, but did not see what the older girls had done. It was the girl's 8-year-old brother who helped ID the older girls on the McDonald's surveillance video.

In the grand scheme of the story, my editors and I didn't believe the circumstances surrounding the supervision of the 3-year-old at the McDonald's were pertinent. I guess we were wrong.

Thanks for your email,
Geoff Liesik, Deseret News

Utah Native
Farmington, UT

"I never dreamt it would be that much of a punishment," she says? I'm certain the other mother never dreamt it would be that much of a punishment to take her daughter on an outing to McDonald's, either. If I were the mother of the bullying barber, I hope I would have the sense to not bring my lack of parenting skills and intelligence to the attention of the media. By whining that her poor daughter had her hair "cortado" in court in order to get out of time spent in juvie or a work crew (which the undisciplined child clearly deserves) shows such a lack of empathy for the other child. The punishment fits the crime, and, while unusual, is not cruel.

Mesa, AZ

Good for this judge and shame on the mother for filing a complaint!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The judge was right.

The mother is legally responsible for her daughter's behavior. The judge gave the mother a choice, cut the hair or let the daughter serve a stiffer sentence. That's fair.

What business did that girl have cutting a child's hair? Who gave her that right?

When parents fail to teach their children, judges have to make up the difference. Neither the daughter or the mother will ever forget that actions have consequences.

It looks like the mother needs some training if she thinks that the judge was out of line. Perhaps both the mother and the daughter should spend a few hundred hours doing community service until they both understand that actions have consequences and that PARENTS are responsible to teach their children how to behave.

Layton, UT

I agree with the judge. there was no compulsion involved, but incentives for logical consequences.

Miami, FL

Good for the judge! We need MORE judges with his kind of common sense! I think the Mom of this teen should be grateful she came before a judge who gave her the option of reducing her daughter's sentence! She's very lucky! ... and very ungrateful! But this story begs the most obvious question, which hasn't been addressed - WHERE was this 3-year old's Mom while all this was happening? These kids had the time to initially befriend the 3-year old, go to the McD counter and be refused a pair of scissors, and then go across the street to a store, buy a pair of scissors, and come back to cut this child's hair? That involves quite a bit of time! Where was her Mom all this time? Seems like all the parents in this story could use a course in parenting!

Victoria, TX

Children, and that includes preteen-aged adolescents, are, for the most part, "OUT OF CONTROL"! With that being said, I do NOT blame those mischievous little "porch-apes"! It's Mom and Dad's JOB to make sure their "younguns" are well disciplined and "able" to be out in public...unsupervised. I expect that this "mom" is one of those that cries "foul" every time her daughter gets in trouble...It's never "her" daughter's fault. Those parents will, one day, wake up to the fact that "THEY" did their child a great injustice. Like maybe when they are arrested for rape...or shop lifting.....or MURDER! The child WILL grow up...THEN...they will be held to stricter punishment. This judge was WRONG!!...He should have SHAVED her head!

Price, UT

Mishey - please read all the comments here. The 3 year old's mother has commented. She explained where she was. She wasn't there. The child was there with her grandfather who was seated to where he was watching the play area. Have you have been to a McDonald's playland? There are many many hiding spots. The victims family is not at fault here and shame on you for trying to make her mother feel so without knowing all the facts!

Philadelphia, PA

I completely agree with the judge's decision and am fascinated by Ms. Bruno's assertion that she felt very intimidated. More intimidated than the 3 y/o her daughter assaulted? More intimidated than the CO girl her daughter threatened to rape and mutilate? Her daughter has been in front of a judge more than once this spring so it doesn't sound like she's all that intimidated.

All I'm saying is Ms. Bruno has had 13 years to teach her daughter right from wrong. Now she has an opinion on effective methods?

I'm not an 'eye for an eye' guy but hair grows back, eyes don't. The haircut is the least troubling part of this story to me.

St. Louis, MO

From the article, it doesn't sound like the judge "ordered the mother to cut her daughters hair," but in stead gave her the option as an alternative to cut the community service hours in half. The mother and daughter opted for the deal offered. They could have said "No." I don't see the problem here.

corbett, or

If an eye for eye and tooth for tooth were still in effect we would have a world full of blind toothless people.

Athens, OH

Did anyone actually read the article? Despite what the headline claims, in no way, shape or form did the judge ORDER the mother to cut her daughter's hair.

Farmington, UT

Too bad the State Judge who had Brian Mitchell always singing and disrupting their court didn't threaten a haircut and a shave if he wouldn't shut up. Eventually hair will grow back, after the offender has had a bit of time to reflect upon their punsihment.

I heard of years ago where an Idaho judge told vandals who damaged cemetery property that "since they were so enamored with the city cemetery they could dig all the graves for the next 6 months." Talk about the punishment fitting the crime!!!

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