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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT


It cut the community service in half. It's not civilized? Please. With attitudes like that it's no wonder that the wussification of America is well under way.

Ryan Herle
Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Two girls; one a teenager and the other a "tween," conspired to cut the hair from a 3 year old child because of malice.

That was MEAN and LOW and MALICIOUS.

There must be an appropriate response; the actors deserve nothing less than the public embarrassment that will come from their outward appearance - they EARNED the right to walk around near-to-bald.

I don't think of this as "punishment;" I think of it as "apropos."

I hope they have learned a lesson; when you harm other people for your own amusement, your countenance shows your character - in this case aided slightly by the creative judgment of a Jurist.

By-and-large I am not predisposed to approving of "creative sentencing;" it has been a tool used by despots to inflict public injury on a defendant for the amusement of a Judge on many occasions; in this case I do think it appropriate, as the People of Utah have declared that the purpose of juvenile courts are to "reform" the character of a child, and not to "punish" them.

I dare say that this WILL reform their character, or at least I hope it will, and I approve.

Vincentown, NJ

Where's the father of the older girl? Why didn't she have the thought running through her head: If I do this, my parents will kill me?

Bremerton, WA

the woman needs to grow up. no wonder her daughter is the way she is. the daughter does a despicable act and the mom doesn't want her punished. AND she's done worse, threatening to rape and mutilate another girl?

as a mom i would have shaved off ALL her hair and taught her a lesson! maybe mom needs hers cut off too! the courts better not let her get away with suing the judge. THAT would be injustice!

Bremerton, WA

i think the judge did the smart thing in making the parent choose to cut or not. this way the MOM will also start thinking about consequences. even if she whined to the daughter that she really didn't want to do it, hopefully there will be guilt feelings. but somehow i can't see this woman feeling guilty about anything. she obviously did not care enough about her daughter to teach her better, especially after the first time something happened. the mom also needs the consequences.


This mother needs to spend her energy thinking about how to turn her daughter's aggressive behavior around instead of filing complaints and talking to the media. I don't think the mother fully gets what path her daughter is headed down. Your daughter is not a victim because she had to cut her hair, she is a victim of her lack of impulse control.

Grandview, MO

Is this some kind of Utah thing? Didn't Mitt decide this was an acceptable thing to do.when he was a kid?Bet nobody physically assaulted him as punishment.

Provo, MA

Quite a few here are missing key parts of this pathetically written article. What age was the girl involved? I know mommy dearest was blaming her 11 year old friend, but what about the age of the point of the article? Also, what about calling some teen in Colorado threatening them with rape? HUH? If the perp was also 11, what is she doing calling some teen in another state and threatening rape? What else is going on in mommy's home? As for the question of where the mothers were, obviously 1 did not care, while the mother of the three year old...ever take your kids to McD's? Their playland's are usually pretty extensive. It would not take much for kids in the tunnels to pull this off and the mother of the 3yo not notice. The other "mother" didn't even know her brat left, bought a scissors and came back. It is because "mothers" like that who allow older "children" playing in a playland why I would climb into it to yank some snot out because mommy was not paying attention, and junior jumped into a ball pit where a 1yo was.


I think the judge came up with a brilliant solution. Cut hair is totally temporary, but as long as it is growing back that young woman has a reminder of her really inappropriate conduct. The mother is way off base, IMHO. When my sons as middle-schoolers decided to indulge in some petty mailbox vandalism I made them go up to each house, introduce themselves, confess what they had done, and repair the mailboxes. They had to send away for some replacement mailbox flags. The best lesson I ever taught them. Had I been that girl's mother I probably would have cut her hair myself.


I probably would have cut that mean girls' hair myself if I were her parent. Kudos to that judge! When my two then-middle-school-aged sons decided to get into some malicious mailbox mischief I made them knock on every victim's door, introduce themselves, confess what they had done and then repair all the damage. It took them weeks, because they had to send away for some mailbox flags. Guess what? First and last time anything like that occurred. Problem solved.

Victims Mother
Price, UT

I was not present when this incident occurred. My children were with their grandfather where, like on many occasions, he likes to take them for dinner and play. He was present in the restaurant when the incident took place, and if any of you have children who play in a play area like these, there are several "hiding" places involved that make it impossible to see everything all the time. To set the record straight my daughter DID NOT leave with the girls when they went across the street to buy scissors (some people are under that impression for some reason). No, I was not texting. My daughter was the victim, not because she was left unsupervised, but because 2 older girls who were strangers to her for whatever reason decided to take a pair of scissors to my daughter's hair maliciously, even kept it for a while as a trophy. In going to the police I only wanted an apology, to know why, and a hope consequences for their actions. Thank you Judge Johansen, their punishment was sweet vindication for me, considering I got to miss out on my daughter's first hair cut.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

I can see how the girls managed to cut the little girl's hair at McD's. When children disappear into the tubes and enclosures there it is hard to know just what is happening. I take grandchildren there occasionally, and have followed them all through the maze, but it took me much longer than it does the children, and several haircuts could have taken place.

I support the judge's directive. The mom of the teenager is a wimp.


re Rifleman,
You are to be commended for your change of heart. It takes a real man or woman to admit an error. Thank You !!

corona, CA

Sounds fair to me. The judge is a wise man.

Now the young girl knows what it feels like to have her hair cut off without her permission.

Empathy is a good thing.


We need more of this kind of justice to help stem the out of control violent crime in this country. Liberal judges all too often protect the criminals or at least the punishment prescribed has far less impact on the criminal than the crime had on the victim. An eye for an eye would make potential criminals think twice about committing egregious crimes. You take someone's pony tail, you forfeit your right to own yours. In this case, it's just a pony tail after all, but does give a young girl a great lesson in 'do unto others...' Why should criminals face any less suffering than their crime caused the victim to experience? If anything, the severety of punishment for violent crime should be more, not less than the severity of the crime.

Aurora, CO

GO Judge Johansen!!! Valerie Bruno, You need to work on your kid and her bullying tendencies. It will only get worse from here if you make excuses for her. God bless.

South Jordan, UT

Victims mother.....you are right on and totally did the right thing, you have alot of support. @restmom.....that was lame, just sayin

Salt Lake City, UT

The mom of the teen must be nuts to be complaining. The judge did not force her to cut her child's hair. The option was given, but the mother chose that option so that her teen would not have to do more community service. She has no grounds for complaint and it will be thrown out. In the mean time, she is exploiting her child in the news showing the teen to be a bully. The kid will now have the label of being a bully for the rest of their life unless they move to another state where people don't have access to the internet.
As for forgiveness, forgiveness is given when someone repents and is sorry for what they have done, but that does not mean there are not consequences from your actions. With that logic, we may as well close the jails and let the murders and rapists go free because they deserve forgiveness too.
Victims Mother, my apologies that your parenting was questioned. I'm not sure when the victims became the persecuted. I'm guessing it was at the same time that the perps were not held accountable for their actions.

Victims Mother
Price, UT

Thank you photographermom! I really appreciate all the support! I just feel bad for ALL the girls involved! Not only my daughter, but the other little girl who is also a victim of the 2 bullies and the bullies themselves. It's a sad situation all around!

Victims Mother
Price, UT

Damino, I would also like to thank you! I would of been happy with a simple apology, which is something my family has never received.

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