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Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

I am sure this woman will spend much more time in jv court with her daugher.
I am also sure after her complaint the judges will not be so leniant next time.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Give the judge a raise. This is the kind of sentence that MIGHT wake up the perp and her mother.


Clearly, this 13 yr old has issues. In my experience, 99% of the time, kids with issues have parents with issues. This girl is already engaging in cyber bullying. She is a future resident at the facility in Gunnison, or at the point of the mountain. Unless her mother makes some changes and becomes a responsible parent. And on the other hand, I'll say this, Was the mother of the 3 yr old texting or something when this event occured? THat woman needs a reprimand as well. Wake up! Be a parent! This teenager is lucky she didn't try something like that on my daughter. Papa bear is not much better to deal with than mama. I hate the snotty entitlement attitude that kids these days exhibit. My parents would have taken me out to the woodshed with good reason. Bullies must be stopped by whatever means necessary. Look what Japan turned themselves into after we forced them to stop bullying, productive members of society!

Salt Lake City, UT


I like that you can look at the situation and change your mind. There's no shame in saying I changed my mind. Too often, particularly in politics, it's deemed to be a bad thing to change your mind.

Boise, ID

Am I reading this right. Two girls talked about cutting this little girls hair. Had to go across the street to get scissors and them back? This is plain and simple per-meditated assault . These girls when asked why they did it will have the standard answer "I don't know" It is time for them to "Know" right from wrong. I agree with the judge and the punishment

Salt Lake City, UT

This 13 year is pure mean. Who wants to harm a 3 year old girl? Someone who is flat out mean-spirited.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Good for the judge!

The little girl whose hair was cut, has to wait a long time for her hair to grow back.

There's no more fitting way to prove what the victim goes through, than to cut the perp's hair.

Ms Lopan, are you raising your daughter to learn the consequences or get out of trouble by running to the news?

Durham, NC

Chalk one up for the good guys. I would really love to know why a 13 year old would decide to pick on a 3 year old. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out how this story will go in the long term.


The court system is not about "love and forgiveness," it's about justice. That's why Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold. Among other things, this judgment will get national attention, which I'm sure the judge knew, and the girls' crime will be well-known.

Provo, UT

Good for the judge!
It's clear that this is a troubled young woman. I think the mother should seek some professional help for the daughter instead of complaining about the judge's behavior.

bountiful, ut

Vidar, I'm respectfully disagree. The mother should not have had her hair cut also unless for family home evening she taught her children that bullying is okay. Otherwise the daughter was acting completely on her own with the help of her bad friend. Friends like that should be dumped.

Ferron, UT

Some years ago Judge Johansen gave a young man the choice of serving time in juvenile detention or joining the High School wrestling team. He chose wrestling. It was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to the teenager, even though he was never a star wrestler.
I also remember Judge Johansen sentencing another young man to fines and community service requirements that were exactly double the norm, because in the Judge's words, "I know your family, and you've been taught. You should know better."

Burlington, WY

Congratulations to the judge for thinking creatively and consequentially.

Criticism to the mother for not backing the judge up.

Best wishes to the girl for getting life figured out before she does something terrible instead of stupid.

Santa Rita, GU

@Rifleman - Recommend you research the psychology of revenge. It has its place in the evolution of society as a means of maintaining good order.

Good for the judge. The problem with the system today is that we tend to condone bad behavior. This judge obviously wasn't going to go with the norm.

Iowa City, IA

They picked on a three year old? The judge should have had them shave their heads!

Orange, CA

The Judge understands that An Eye For An Eye is not about Retribution alone. Punishments that fit crimes are designed to ignore the "group" or "status" differences between the offender and the victim because legally, no difference exists in America. It is because the 3 year-old and her hair have the Same Value as the 13 year-old that a Hairlock for a Hairlock is Just and Good.

Charleston, SC

These are the types of Judges we need. The girl was not harmed except maybe her pride. The next time she thinks of doing something stupid, as she did in this case, she can look in the mirror and see her short hair.

Placing kids in detention normally makes matters worse as they are breeding grounds for bad behavior - trust me as I worked in a youth detention facility for years.

The namby-pamby parents that always think there children do no wrong need to be charged also then maybe they would take a keen interest in teaching their children right from wrong. My question is - where was this mother while her child was being a bully to another child? Obviously not engaged in the parenting process.

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

So the mother is raising a bully and after thinking about it, decided she doesn't want her precious daughter to suffer any consequences of her bullying. And it's not like she was forced to cut her daughter's hair, she was given an option, and she chose to do it. The mother does not seem to care that her daughter is a bully.

Sandy, 00

The two tweens sound like they need some real discipline in their lives. They need parents who enforce boundaries rather than allow the kids to act without consequence. That was a very good punishment. When kids damaged my husband's property, he agreed to a reduced penalty for them both if they shaved their head for the summer. Trust me, those boys will never bother my husband's property again. And hopefully will think twice before they do any more stupid things. It would be nicer if the parents would step up their parenting abilities so it doesn't have to get to this. 11 and 13 are plenty old enough to know that you don't touch another person's body, much less cut their hair.

Mchenry, IL

It isn't civilized. Community service in entirely would have been better. Now they think some drastic act can get them off some of the consequence.

Where was the mom of the three year old?

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