Comments about ‘Who's who of GOP elite coming to Utah for weekend retreat with Romney donors’

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Published: Thursday, June 21 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Irony Guy Bountiful, Utah
"100 or so very tired, hard-working Hispanic cooks .... will clean their toilets"

They will receive fair compensation for the jobs they are happy to have, and will receive big tips from those who can afford to be generous.

Rich Republicans don't owe the world a living.

Springville, UT

I wonder if this meeting of powerful people, meeting to talk about the future of the country, is open to the public? What decisions will be made? Otherwise, I say shades of Gadianton Robbers.

Durham, NC

"How is this any different than Obama meeting with the Hollywood elites?"

Spacecowboy 69.... because we expect more from someone who is LDS, was a church leader, and should be more concerned with helping the average joe than kissing up to a bunch of fat cats. So of us do expect more from those who proclaim to know better....

Temecula, CA

For those of you who claim Mr. Romney only meets with the fat cats and not the rest of us think again! Before most every single engagement the past year Mr. Romney has held private meetings with small groups of us regular Americans to really see and hear what is going on. Hundreds of meetings have been held across the country.

Not your supposed fat cats(like the Democrats don't have fat cats), just those of us who have expressed concerns. Mr Romney sits and listens intently asks probing questions and keeps the meetings quiet so those who meet can say their peace without reprecussions from the media, unions and the Democrat party.

The media on the left ran a story calling these Secret Meetings just because the media was not invited. How twisted it gets.

So many of you argue against Mitt Romney when the reality is you really do not know what he has said or stands for! You just read and listen to the left sided hate mongers like Maddow, Schultz, Bashir, Mahar and Matthews.

How many pages is the Health Care Law? 2,500 or 12,700 pages now? 12,700 pages of Regulations!

Durham, NC

"So many of you argue against Mitt Romney when the reality is you really do not know what he has said or stands for!"

Don17, you could not have said it better. We don't know what Romney really stands for. In the primaries, he was the fartthest right of the right on immagration. Yestuerday, not so much. He needs to stop having secret meetings, and start telling us what he will actually do. We have got from Romney everything with his opponant. Now is the tme to start telling what he will actually do - in public - so we can all know.

One story. One version. Plain and simple. Se we can all know. Enough secret meetings. Enough destroyed hard drives. Enough.

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