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Published: Thursday, June 21 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting that the board does not announce this pay raise for the superintendent until after the teachers have settled with them on their compensation for next year. Knowing that he gets 13+% when teachers get 1% is an insulting blow to morale. Is he really that much more important than the people who spend hour after hour and day after day with the children?

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

Dr. Doty angered the teachers by trying to do what is best for students - eliminating the short day. Since that time, he has been under attack. Some of the best Superintendents in the country have experienced similar pushback from a vocal minority when they implement meaningful reforms.

The "short day" in Utah is an "untouchable". Teachers are accustomed to having Friday be a lost day and parents are accustomed to a 3 day weekend. There is no justification for the short day on Friday, and Dr. Doty reasonably saw this and made a move to eliminate it (while maintaining teacher prep time by spreading it out during the week). I'm sure he had no idea how sacred the early out was and we are now seeing the results of immature adults who emotionally place their convenience above the academic achievement of students.

This type of illogical thinking is why our schools don't improve as they could. Fortunately for us in the Canyons District, the majority of parents are smart enough to know that Dr. Doty is a treasure.

I also have to mention that the class envy on these posts is embarrassing.

Morgan, UT

To the tax payers of the Canyons School District...

Mr. Doty is the Superintendent of a large school district. He has several Asst. Superintendents which administer different areas of the district, i.e. Transportation, Human Resources, Maintenance etc. and these people have people under them which are the ones who really put their feet on the ground for day to day supervision.

Mr. Doty does not get his hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of the district. He is nothing but a figure head.

Mr. Doty best attribute is convincing your school board how great he is and he will try to make due on such meager means.

But I DO NOT feel sorry for you,this district is what you wanted,this new district will run better, with more control to the citizens.

The laugh is on you...now one district is two and you have two times of everything which includes two Superintendents making more money than most of you will ever see.

The only thing you can do is vote out those board members who are up this term and the others when their term comes. These are the people who have approved this.

John Harrison
Sandy, UT

I would be happy to see administrators get bonuses when my kids and their teachers don't have to take five furlough days a year. Get the kids back in the classroom and then we can talk about huge raises and outsized bonuses.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The idea that Dr. Doty is too worthy to talk to the D-News is fascinating. I wonder if Seek to Understand is currently on the School Board. My guess it is Kim H. This mess in the Canyons District is getting worse by the minute. Three Board members are up for election this year. There is an important Primary Election in Precinct Three. This is Kevin Cromar's seat. The voters would be wise to study the three candidates carefully before they vote on Tuesday the 26th. One of the candidates appears to be hand picked by Doty, Dolan, Cowdell, and Kim H. The only way to fix the Canyons District is to put three new faces on the Board this fall. It is also ironic that the Canyons Board Members are paid around thirty thousand dollars a year, while most Board Members in the State make between two to three thousand dollars. The Canyons Board Members make more than a first year teacher for a part time job!!! They also get an excellent insurance package. This pay raise for Doty, and what the Canyons Board Members make is obscene. The voters need to fix this mess!!


Carman, you missed my point. I do not believe that teachers are over paid. I have the equivalent of another forty hours of college credit after my BS degree and I still earn little enough to qualify for my family to qualify for WIC, reduced lunch at school, and a full tax return. My take home is less than 3100/mo. (no matter what utahsrighttokknow.com says) I live in a modest ten year old home, and drive a 15 year old car with the majority of the paint coming off. (but its paid for) I'm not complaining, but I definitely don't deserve a pay cut!

Needs to Know
Sandy, UT

I highly suspect that "Seek to Understand" is one of the bullying members of the Canyons School Board, aka Kim Horiuch. If this is the case, then all of "Seek"'s comments make perfect sense. Even though Kim Horiuchi is not up for re-election this year she is backing the incumbents and one of the candidates in precinct 3 to maintain her power base. Horiuchi, Cowdell and Dody have made themselves a nice little empire that they do not want disrupted. If you are in precinct 3, please do your homework and study the candidates and get out to Vote Tuesday, June 26th.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

Sorry to disappoint - I am just a mom whose 6 kids graduated from Canyons schools. I've never had any connection to the school board and am sorry to say I have only attended 3 board meetings in 10 years. I've never understood how the schools could accomplish what they needed to with such short days and only attending 4.5 days per week. Coming from the midwest, our days were longer and we went all 5 days.

Being a bit of a stats geek, and working in the medical field where outcomes are life and death and are honored as important, I wondered how the schools could fit everything in with less time in school. I learned the sad way that they don't. My 3 youngest had to attend private schools in order to work up to their potential until high school when they could get into an advanced course (AP, IB, etc.).

When Doty suggested we go a full 5 days I was excited. Yes, they were taking time away from the remaining days which I thought was a step backward, but at least Fridays wouldn't be lost days any longer and on balance it is a better plan.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If the District Administration is so squeaky clean, they should initiate an independent investigation into the alleged incidents of intimidation etc. The District big wigs seem to be running in reverse to get away from any reporters etc. It is odd that the whole District Administration is blaming the most conservative News Organizations in the State. There is definitely smoke coming out of the Canyons District. Someone needs to get in there and find the fire, and put it out. It will have to start with a whole new look to the School Board!!! Make sure to get out and vote for one of the good guys on June 26th and November 6th!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

As a teacher in the district I take umbrage with the claim by Seek to Understand that short days are lost days. In my classroom on short days we delve deeply into mathematics concepts and activities (spending more time on this than we do on other days)as well as spending time on specific focused small group reading instruction. A lost day? I think not. The chunk of time in the afternoon after the children have gone home is precious time during which multiple activities are prepared for the coming week which directly relate to the quality of the instruction that I am able to provide. Could the same thing be accomplished in the prep time after school on the other days as was proposed? I am not sure. It seems there is value to a chunk of uninterrupted time such as we are given (if we are lucky) on short days for one to maintain some momentum. My main concern about the proposed change was that I would have wished for the teachers to be more included in the conversations about it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is disgusting, and the board has got to go, and so does Doty. What a disgusting joke. We voted for the split to gain more control over our local schools and dollars. All we got for our effort is a legacy Jordan District administration, same arrogance, and maybe even worse. If I really spoke my mind the paper would not publish my comments. Doty came in making such wonderful promises and lofty goals. What a joke! The whole thing is upside down. We the tax payers should be the ultimate word, but that means we need to do our homework. There is no election where we can have a greater impact than our local school board, but that means we have to pay attention, and maybe even get involved. Then we might avoid such nonsense.

Highland, UT

Anyone working for Alpine understands the spin being spun here. This article makes it sound like things are hunky- dory but fails to mention the fairly drastic reduction in benefits (one plan essentially is a 5% pay cut if you add up the yearly premiums) announced this year which sends those of us with a large family and a budget scrambling for cover. Many outside of education point to overly generous health care packages. Truth be told those packages have been weed-wacked over the last few years with increases at every turn. I don't ask for wealth. I simply need to make enough to support my family. What other profession is routinely asked "so what's your other job?" I think our state is so satisfied with being really good that we overlook what it would take, in terms of proper funding, to transform us towards greatness.

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