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Published: Thursday, June 21 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is outrageous!

The Canyons School Board must be replaced as they come up for election!

Given the history of his contentious behavior, the bloated spending (necessitating $15 million in custs with no apparent reduction in education results), the Superintendent's compensation is already excessively generous both in base salary, benefits, raise and bonus.

Public officials should not be getting paid vastly more than the people they work for!

We need NEW School Board members who will cut the Superintendent's pay by 25% immediately and cancel ALL automatic increases. And, voters need to vote AGAINST any property tax increases for Canyones School District, given their history of wasteful and bloated spending.

Salt Lake City, UT

Those are some pretty ugly numbers. Forcing five days without pay and other cuts, and then giving all those bucks to one person is pretty bad stuff. I concur that the coming elections must be used to purge the district of the Doty friendly school board and then Doty himself.

Wonder how many new books for classrooms his big buck increase could have purchased? Money for Doty and cutbacks on books for kids. Everything is wrong with that picture!

Phoenix, AZ

Not worth it.

Herriman, UT

We tried to talk folks out of voting for the district split but people drank the koolaid. When will the Canyons School District patrons realize that you have a golden opportunity now to do the right thing and that is when school board elections come up that you vote out the current board and bring in a new board that will "right the ship"?

Burlington, WY

Like the old cowboy said: "If we could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, we'd all be rich."

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

As a Canyons District parent I am grateful to have such a competent Superintendent and I thank our Board for not bowing to the voice of a few malcontents with regard to Mr. Doty's employment.

Superintendent Doty has proven himself able to be a strong leader in the face of much contention in a new district with several different strong factions. He is just what we needed for this transition to a new district and he had done a phenomenal job.

He made the teachers angry this spring, so there is a witch hunt on and the news doesn't print his accomplishments or interview those of us who really know and understand how his leadership has been a great asset to our students and our schools.

I am disappointed that whenever Superintendent Doty is brought up in the news it sounds like common neighborhood gossip. No wonder he won't give you an interview DNews - you have not proven yourself worthy of his time and I see that as just one more reason to applaud his intelligence and good character.

Syracuse, UT

Who says there is no money in education?? Yet all we hear is the taxpayers don't pay enough. From now on, tell your kids to grow up to be a doctor, lawyer, school superintendent.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

DNews is "not worthy of his time?" I think that "Seek to Understand" does not comprehend the duty of an administrator. His economic status seems to have inspired some sort of reverence that is disproportionate to your obvious disdain for the poorly compensated "malcontents" and "angry teachers." The classroom is where the rubber meets the road, in education. Canyons' Superintendent pads his own generous pay package, while overseeing a mere 1% increase, below the cost of living, on some of the lowest-paid teachers in the nation. Attitude reflects leadership. If you truly "seek to understand," try talking to some of the teachers, and support staff, in your district. You might learn something.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

There seems to be a strange infatuation of the Canyon District school board for Superintendent Doty. They seem to have little interest in the students and teachers in their school district but have a need to reward and revere their "leader." Maybe they need some psychological testing from one of their school psychologists.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Obviously the school "board" (I use the term loosely)aren't doing their due diligence.

I've known a few of these highly paid, professional administrators. The one thing they're good at is convincing a "board" of their invincibility. Their "skill sets", usually aren't anywhere near how well they can convince the "boards" of their "vast skills".

Another way to look at a position like this is: if they paid someone HALF his salary, exactly what would be the result?
Be specific please.

Conversely, if they pd. someone TWICE his salary, would they get someone TWICE as good?

How, why?

Salaries like these in the public sector defy logic!

South Jordan, UT

A school board and superintendent that appear to be benefiting each other at the expense of the school district they have a responsibility to support is very troubling at the very least, and probably need to be investigated. When it comes to teachers/students they seem to often have the attitude of "It's about us, not them" when it absolutely should be the opposite. Their refusal as public servants to do interviews is a concern. What are they trying to hide?

I want to move to Sandy/Draper area, but I'm not making a move as long as the current administration is in power (and POWER seems to be the key word). I hope that a board with common sense who will take a stand and do what's best for the teachers and students will be voted in.

"Seek to Understand" - please provide full disclosure about your relationship with Doty and the Board. You can't seriously think that with all the teacher discontent in the Canyons district that there isn't a serious problem with the administration. Why would any parent support that kind of atmosphere that their children are a part of?

Kearns, UT

Seek To Understand:Somehow, I don't think that is why Doty wont give the Deseret News an interview. And I don't know how you figure rest of that..?
Quality of education all boils down to what happens in the classroom, not what happens in the superintendents office. It's funny, when I taught, I didn't even know who the superintendent was, nor do I know who the superintendent is in the district my kids attend. Everyone knows who Doty is, and none of what we know is complementary!

Herriman, UT

@Seek to Understand: your comments about Superintendent Doty not giving the DNews time for an interview because it is not "worthy" is quite possibly the scariest thing I have read here in a very long time. Here we have one of the most conservative newspapers in the country run by the LDS Church and it is not deemed worthy of interviewing a public servant, a man who is being paid with taxpayer dollars? Was there a memo I missed reading that said public officials get to hide?


I am a teacher. I love my job, but it's tough to makes ends meet on my salary. I work seasonal jobs to add to my budget, and I just took a job at a grocery store nights to help with medical expenses not covered fully by the benefits package so many non-teachers think we teachers have. Having said this, something stinks in the Canyons. Taking a pay raise like that when the teachers who actually DO the work in the trenches are often getting cuts in benefits or freezes in pay is morally wrong. I'm not arguing at this time for higher teacher pay, rather, I am arguing that administration often forgets that they are servants of the public. I believe they should be compensated as such. This goes for all government as well. THey are servants of the people, not the other way around. Cut administration benefits, cut congressional benefits. Let them all earn a living wage that keeps them more grounded! THis man should be ashamed of himself for his glutinous wage, him and many other administrators in this state!

Ivins, UT

The school Superintendents pay should be a multiplier of the median school teachers pay. It seems the front line that does real work in schools, corporations, government and about everywhere else always get the shaft. I guess the only exception is in professional sports.

Wasatch Front, UT


You got it right. The midwest is paying in layoffs and service reductions for years of pay and benefit raises where school boards forgot that teachers are public servants. My grandfather was a superintendant back in the days when that truly was a public service. I don't believe we should go back to those days, but we shouldn't be putting people in the top 3% either.

And most resources should be targeted at the classroom. Let's get more qualified and experienced math and science teachers in the classroom, instead of so many who are straight out of college. Math and science require years of teaching experience to master. At ten years in the classroom, the very best natural teachers are just starting to hit their stride in these subjects at ten years. If we paid them more, we perhaps could get them to stay in the classroom instead of having them jump to administration jobs just so they can make ends meet.

Salt Lake City, UT

"You have not proven yourself worthy of his time". And here I thought idol-worshipping was a thing of the past.

Seek to Understand, aka Mrs. Doty, any administrator worth his salt needs to have the fortitude to answer hard questions. That's what leaders do.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Ahhh Seek is back. It's been a while. Still posting the most hilarious stuff though.

Way to raise the ire of all the rest of the readers.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Carman, check your facts, please. Wisconsin teachers were under the QEO (Qualified Economic Offer) since 1993, which enabled school districts to offer their teachers' unions a salary and benefit package of 3.8% that settled all economic issues and precluded binding arbitration. That may sound generous, until you understand that the 3.8% was a biennial, district-wide increase, including all staff-related expenses, such as pay increases for younger teachers and all health insurance increases. The net result was that older teachers, such as my husband, had basically frozen salaries, for over a decade. Now, on top of this, we have been hit by our governor's Act 10, which lowered our family's net pay by an additional $400 a month, with promises of future cuts; that's with a Master's Degree +24 and almost 30 years experience. Even before Act 10, Wisconsin teachers' income had fallen from 15th to 21st (starting pay is 30th). The rest of Wisconsin increased their income at twice the rate of teacher pay, during the same two decades. Not everything political that spins your way is remotely close to the truth. In this case, not even close.

Sandy, UT

I seem to remember the last time any Canyons administrator or teacher contacted a board member about concerns, the board member was censored. This was the first time in my memory and education career (starting in 1971)that a board member was censored for talking with employees, or when a superintendent required all district personnel communication go through him before going to a board member. What competant superintendent would accept the terms of this kind of contract when teachers and classified people got such a pittance this year? Shame on you, David Doty, for your apparent lack of empathy and concern for the people doing the work in the trenches. I am glad I am not an employee of Canyons School District. Hopefully the electorate will do their duty and install a board that answers to their community and not just to the superintendent they hired.

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