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Published: Tuesday, June 19 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Utah State will be offering this afternoon.

Iowa City, IA

Snatched him right away from San Jose St. and Nevada. Nice. PAC 12 is really working in the WAC.

Orem, UT

Nice try you two...but if you check out his film on hudl you might not be making such snide comments.



Cute post, but you conveniently left out, "he had received a lot of interest from Washington."

Let's see how he looks on the field, shall we?

Orem, UT

So BYU fans can mock Utah for landing an under the radar recruit in Myron, but BYU landing an obscure player in Peoples is somehow different...good to know.

Highland, UT

Atually it is utah "fans" that generally make the snide remarks when BYU gets a committment from an "under the radar" recruit. Turn about is definately fair play here. Based on the other schools recruiting him this is definately the kind of recruit we would be hearing hedgehog, chris b,naval vet, and most of the other utah "fans" around here mock and pan over and over again.

But of course none of us knows what kind of player he will turn out to be but we'll all find out eventually. In the meantime utah "fans" any remark any BYU fan makes about this, his "star rating", the other schools recruiting him, any of that, is absolutely fair game. Deal with it.

Proud Ute

Welcome to Utah football Myron.

Mcallen, TX

Weber will be a tougher game than the utes. Mark it down.

U 90
Corona, CA


Does that mean Weber will win 64-10 ?

Iowa City, IA

Ute 95, Oh ok, and Washington...don't want to be guilty of twisting the story on any recruits now do we...(big smile).

Salt Lake City, UT

The pain of the 54-10 debacle is all over Cougar Nation.

Keep it coming Cougar "fans."

CO Ute

But the most important question is does this recruit get the 'Duckhunter stamp of approval"?

None of know if this kid will be a star player or never see the field. I give the U coaching staff credit for their track record of recruiting defensive line players and turning them into very good college and sometimes pro players. The U staff must feel this young man has the potential to be a very good player or wouldn't have made the offer.

Frisco, TX

"The pain of the 54-10 debacle is all over Cougar Nation."

Your tagline is nine months old. Can't U come up with anything new? Maybe nothing new has happened on the hill. Even when BYU put a 70 point whipping on U, witnessed by my own eyes in 1989, I let it go and moved on after the football season.

Believe me, I have no more pain for last season after seeing the Cougs finish in the Top 25. U may have won the battle on September 17, but the Cougs clearly won the war with a much better overall season. I don't think there's any debate which team would have won if they had played in late November or December.

Proud Ute

"I don't think there's any debate which team would have won if they had played in late November or December."

Still with the coulda, woulda, shoulda, I thought you let it go and moved on after the football season?

Highland, UT

@co ute

Why would you ask what I think about him? I know nothing about him other than what's reported here and don't pretend to know any more than that. We know he was lightly recruited by some unimpressive schools but that doesn't mean anything to me. The only thing I find amusing about it is that if this kid had committed to BYU the usual utah "fan" culprits of naval vet, chris b, hedgehog, etc would be on here mocking him, and BYU, but since this is a utah commit they are no where to be seen. I'm not surprised they aren't around since this is not the type of recruit they claim utah is after, or getting. So that little factor of this is kinda fun for me but other than that I really don't have an opinion on him. He may turn out to be great, he may turn out to be a flop, he may change his mind and go somewhere else. We'll see I suppose.

West of I15, UT

@cougiefaninTX "Even when BYU put a 70 point whipping on U, witnessed by my own eyes in 1989, I let it go and moved on after the football season."

Yet here you post it 23 years later while ripping somebody for posting something that happened 9 months ago?

Pleasant View, Utah

@ duckhunter

Great points. Speaking of which, where is hedgehog, Christina b, grandmas basement vet and the others? They are never around on the ute articles.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

7-47, 3-28, 3-26, 17-14. Pivotal games for the Utes these last two seasons.

Those four games were something, 17-14 especially. Jenny said Provo High could have beaten BYU last year, wonder what they could have done against Colorado?

54-10 didn't hurt nearly as bad as any of the above and we still got in the Top 25.

Still hertz donut.

Tempe, AZ


Why do you feel like you have to retort to 54-10 comments if it doesn't bother you?

How about this one...7 of the last 10?

CO Ute

Duckhunter - I didn't want your opinion on the kid, just wanted to know if he got your stamp of approval?

I will give you credit that you have changed from claiming that 'all U fans' said this or that and have limited you comments to a few specific poster. I'm will to banter about the programs as much as the next person but I don't represent all U fans any more than Hedgehog represents all U fan. These are just individual opinions.

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