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Published: Monday, June 18 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Why does this office have to be a partisan issue?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Swallow has proven his is a thoughtful, articulate, and reliable conservative, with proven experience as a legislator and teh AG office. He is a true Utahn.

Reyes has a great story, but his background growing up in California and attending UC Berkeley and as a corporate attorney are NOT background and values that I want in the Utah AG office. If he were running in California, I would support him there, but not here in Utah.

West Jordan, UT

@DN Subscriber:
True Utahn? Swallow grew up in Nevada, since that's closer to Utah than California does that qualify him as a true Utahn. Reyes is a corporate attorney and Swallow worked as a Lobbyist...I'm confused...which background and values would you not want in the Utah AG Office? So are you against capitalism as well given that Reyes works for a corporation? Here in Utah, most folks tend to value skills obtained working in the private sector and we frown upon lobbyists.

Wasilla, AK

Nasty lawyers? Say it isn't so!

The Stache
Salt Lake City, UT

I've had the opportunity to listen to both candidates speak at several open houses held by the Republican party. After spending several hours listening to each explain their positions on pertinent matters, I am most impressed with Mr. Swallow. He has put a good amount of thought into his proposed actions and seems to be guided by conservative principles. He is extremely well versed on the federal land issue as well as Obamacare.

Mr. Reyes is also a thoughtful candidate, but doesn't quite seem ready for a statewide office. His answers to voter questions were rushed and not well developed. He lacks some experience that seems to be gained by those who serve in public office (any public office). Perhaps that experience will come with time for Mr. Reyes. It would be great to see him square off against Sim Gill in the Salt Lake DA race in 2014.

Furthermore, endorsements for Mr. Reyes from the SL Tribune and Bob Bennett don't serve a candidate well in a Republican primary election.

Best of luck to Mr. Swallow in the primary next Tuesday.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Stache stated that Reyes "lacks some experience that seems to be gained by those who serve in public office (any public office)." The attorney general should be a lot less politician that leader of the state's legal team. Swallow's experience, if checked, is very limited other than buddy time with Shurtleff at the AG's office. Reyes seems to have plenty of experience as an attorney.

slc, ut

Who ever turns out to be the AG, if they pursue unconstitutional " message" bills, they should be disbarred.

the boonies, mexico

There is "ONE" thing I don't like about any of these elections and the way they are run today. There is way too much media dialogue, coverage, differing viewpoints, and in general it's a feast money wise for the media and they are not running for any office but play way to much in brain washing to citizens as to their choices by their management and what they want! Much shorter campaign lenghts and less media involvment is severely needed now and in the future!Let people decide more and not be swayed by print and broacast media!

Kaysville, UT

The Attorney General office in Utah is more than a litigation office and that appears to be Sean Reyes whole plan. There are a lot of other aspects to the office and some are political and not just legal law issues. The current AG has put some political flavor into some of his aspects but he has been a political person during his life. With the many attorneys in that office in Utah, there is a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Working as a corporate attorney doesn't necessarily bring what we need in Utah. Mr. Reyes says that Mr. Swallow worked as a lobbyist and that should disqualify him. Working as a corporate attorney is actually more of a problem. Lobbyists at least have to register and have rules and regulations to go by for their actions and behavior. Corporate attorneys are paid by their clients to keep their messages silent and not obvious. Mr. Swallow has run for statewide offices for Congress and has experience in the AG's office. Some attorneys there like him and some don't, I am sure, as he is the boss for some. Attorneys are professional and not all political.

South Jordan, Utah

Neither one of them is all that great. Swallow's background in representing pay day lenders, is not an impressive lawyer creditial, particulary when its only one politician hiring another. Further, the notion that the State can successfully sue to obtain title to federal lands is utter political nonsense and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Reyes isn't a lot better. With all the excellent republican lawyers in this state, we deserve better.

Salt Lake City, UT

John Swallow is the new Merrill Cook.

Chuck E. Racer
Lehi, UT

Swallow is a perpetual candidate, with his eye to the mirror.

As for his claim to being a conservative because he voted for "school choice" (vouchers), it shows he is not a thinking conservative, because vouchers is another government subsidy that would bring private schools under control of the government, eventually eliminating "choice!"

Hyrum, UT

I've watched and listened to debates between these two, with no prior bias either toward or against either of them. I've tried to remain as objective as possible.
While Swallow seems like a nice guy with good intentions, I came away more impressed with Reyes. He is definitely more articulate in how he communicates, and seems to have better debating skills... things very valuable in any type of attorney service, particularly as a state attorney general.
Both have good office objectives in wanting to limit federal influence in our state. But I was particularly impressed with Reyes emphasis on wanting to ensure stronger parental rights in families. As we all know, the family unit is currently under attack in national politics. And as most of us know, the family unit is the foundation of society and having strong families will be key to our future success as a society.
Bottom line... while having nothing against Mr. Swallow (he would probably do a good job), I sincerely believe Mr. Reyes will do a better job as our state attorney general and will be getting my vote.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Contention seems to define today's Republican party.

one old man
Ogden, UT

This is just more of the sleazy dealings we've come to expect from too many GOP candidates in Utah.


I noticed Senator Lee standing behind Mr. Swallow during a political commercial. So is the Tea Party going to hijack this race too? I'm beginning to fight back against the Tea Party with my votes even tho I'm a conservative. So, yes, Midwest Mom, there is alot of contention.

Kaysville, UT

Senetor Lee supports Swallow. That is enough for me to vote against Swallow. Lee is not the most ethical person. We've seen that in his home buying decisions which now is a short sale. Lee also has the support of the Tea Party. A vote for anyone connected with the Tea Party is a vote to hurt Utah.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Swallow's ad has two huge mistakes. Considering who he's appealing to, it doesn't matter that he is so wrong. The ad says he'll take back Utah land, something the State has never owned. It's owned by every American and should continue to be the property of every American.
The second mistake is that he says he'll protect the constitution. How is the AG of Utah going to have any affect at all on the constitution? To begin with, it is protected by itself. Secondly, if anything, it's Swallow's party that wants to take away constitutional rights, not protect them.

American Fork, UT

Reyes, too, considers himself a conservative Republican and said those principles will guide his approach to issues. But "largely the function of the attorney is nonpartisan in defending families and defending people's rights and liberties."

I know who I am voting for! Reyes all the way.

American Fork, UT

"His campaign has focused on Utah's fight to take control of federal lands in the state and overturning the Affordable Care Act."

Oh look another reason not to vote for Swallow. The land grab is a joke and is going to waste millions of dollars of tax payer money.

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