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Published: Monday, June 18 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Unfortunate! We are becoming a dictatorship more and more everyday.


So......when police "cite" a homeless person, WHO'S gonna pay?

Should we send them to jail? It costs about 150.00$ per day to house them at the jail.

Some people think: "all we have to do is pass a law"----Problem solved.

Sometimes people don't think things through very well!

Kaysville, UT

Shame on the people of any city that attempt to punish the homeless further.

Use those resources to help them. Teach them. Help them gain skills to find jobs and for the Veterans that need psychiatric care, take care of them. A huge number of homeless are Vietnam and Desert Storm Vets. WE the people owe them help. Politicians declare war and then Politicians desert the ones that fought their wars.

Shame on any of you that ignore or punish the homeless.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

Are these the same homeless that the Republicans keep on blaming for not paying their taxes?

Tooele, UT

Clearly, the people passing these laws have never been homeless for a week. It changes your perspective; it changes your life. If they had, they would not pass such wrongheaded legislation, for as one highly-skilled homeless person told me last week, "All these people, they have no idea how close they are to standing on the corner like I am."

Homeless people are the epitome of libertarianism. They don't ask for government assistance, instead relying on their fellow man. They don't pay taxes and don't use services (unless you count parks as services). They carry no debt, for they have no collateral upon which to establish credit. Panhandling is as much a job as pouring concrete and more of a job than playing solitaire while watching your employees work.

Don't judge our homeless before you've walked in their shoes. I'm told some generous people give very nice shoes out.

Vaughn J
Kearns, UT

MAybe the politicians think the homeless will be convicted and sentenced to serving time. Now we the taxpayer will be forced to give to feed and house them rather than voluntarily giving. The cost will obviously escalate. The mayors should find ways to help these people to move up and off the street, not simply cause additional government costs in police, courts, and lawyers fees.

St. George, Utah

There is always 3 sides to every story. "Your side, My side and the Truth" With the subject of homelessness there is a wide spectrum of truth. Those that are homeless by choice, those that act homeless to get gain and those that don't want to be homeless but realy are. In Salt Lake I have been yelled at for offering to take them to the grocery store or a resturant to feed them,
there was a time all I had was a granola bar and no money and the idividual offered me a sandwich or apple from their back pack, then there was once only once that the person graciously accepted my offer we had a great visit on our way to the grocery store. In Las Vegas I was approached by a Women who needed to sell her dececeiced husbands diamond ring to feed her children, I got yelled at for offering a grocery cart of food she could keep the ring, turned out a gentelman behind me was a jewler and just laughed at her the ring was a fake.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I understand where they are coming from, but I still find it ridiculous to say to people "you aren't good enough to hang out on the streets! you bring our whole city down!" Or the classic "get a job, loser!"

Kearns, UT

Maybe we should help our American Homeless population in the same we we help those from other nations who come her against the law. That may help solve the problem.


It is about time. While many are homeless through no fault of their own, that does not give them right to be in people’s way or begging in threatening manner. They do not have the right to take over public places, either. Yes, it would be better if cities could provide social services and shelters, but many do, and it is never enough. In fact, the more services there are, the more homeless people there are.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mike "Nanny" Bloomberg is worried about the fiber content of food donated to homeless shelters? I guess New York City deserves him.

Williams, AZ

I have come across a few homeless people since I have retired and most of them are looking for work and don't panhandle. Red Corvette doesn't know what he is talking about the homeless, and why they are that way. I for one do help out the homeless people when I can. I think people need to remember they could become homeless and then maybe they would sing a different tune, about people trying to make it in the hard times this country is going through, so before you judge them just remember the Lord will judge you he same way that yoiu judge.

Maricopa, AZ

redcorvette, aside from the fact that my black vette would eat your red vette for lunch...
I'm very curious how you tie a national problem into an LDS subject.
I'm also a little surprised that they let your comment through.
I have found the exact results that proudutahn has listed.
Many homeless, sign holders have no interest in getting a job. Nor do they want food.
I have offered, in my ignorance, work and food for those who were asking for help.
I have learned in my church experience, the wisdom of not handing out money.
I've traveled internationally and found the same results among the poor who make our homeless look almost comfortable. Same results when offering to take them to get a good meal.

Park City, UT

Very Sad. We all need to get involved and resolve this CRISIS. The cities banning them are run by Democrats. But who really cares. Stop the political stuff and discuss solutions. Obviously, the government is not a solution provider!
We need to find space that will house and provide a way to feed these people.
Do need to eliminate the capability of begging. This is a way for the homeless to be used by others to collect money...not for themselves.

Julie gluten free mother

I love that "in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently outlawed food donations to homeless shelters because the city can't assess salt, fat and fiber content." Wow, please don't let hungry people eat something less than nutritionally perfect. Better they go hungry.
On the whole I am sick and tired of pan handlers. If they really need help I am one of the first who wants to help. But I totally believe there are many people making a fortune from the goodness of others. I would like to see it be easier to donate to agencies that will ensure the right people really get help.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Sometimes I think we pick and choose the scriptures we choose to follow and ignore or rationalize away those that are not convient for us to follow:

In as much as ye have done this onto the least of these my brethern, ye have done it onto me.

Blessed are the poor.

The good Samaritan and many more.

The next thing you know, there will be laws passed that make it aginst the law to be hungry, or be sick, or perhaps die in the streets because nobody cares enought to help.

pocatello, ID

There is a big difference between homeless and panhandling. I have seen people standing on the corner with a big dog. Get rid of the dog if you can't feed yourself what are you doing with a dog? I have also observed someone panhandling and then get picked up in a very nice car and leave. The several people I observed around town today all seem to be connected to each other. I think it is a business they are running on the corners. Something needs to be done about people holding their hardluck stories on every corner. Most of them probably make more on the corner than if they went and worked at K orW -mart or M-fastfood.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Maybe we need a balanced approach.

If we have the money to make the new said laws, and to try to enforce them, perhaps it might be better to use that same money to require that every county in evey state in the Nation have Homeless shelters where one can wash their clothing, take a shower, shave, brush their teeth, comb their hair, go to the toilet and look presentable so maybe they can find a job through the homeless shelter job placement center.

Perhaps the government, through these centers can give employers insinatives to hire the homeless i.e. pay the workmans comp for the employer that hires the homeless. The employer pays the homeless a minimum wage to start with matching funds going to the homeless from the government.

Perhaps through the homeless centers, we can offer free job training programs. Perhaps these centers could provide a legal place for the homeless to camp out and/or come inside on bitter cold or raining nights.

Perhaps compassion for our homeless brothers and sisters is better than making criminals out of them. Give a free bowl of vegetable soup with a little protein and a little starch.

Sandy, UT

I'm not one to site Government over reaching normally. But this time, how can you not see it that way? How dare any level of government tell me who I can and can not help. When you then think about how many of the homeless population are Vets, it to me is worse then burning the flag in public. Shame on all of these cities!

La Verkin, UT

My experience has been remarkably different than those posted above. Yes, I have had a few refuse my offers of actual food or a trip to a restaurant, but most of those that I have offered to buy a value meal or sandwich have gratefully accepted and I have had the opportunity of visiting with them while we ate. One man had a wife who was pregnant and hiding in the bushes (not sure why) so we brought her a sandwich too. They were extremely grateful. I simply don't offer money, but I will offer food or a $5 gift certificate to a fast food place. They are cheap (only $5 - go figure) and easy to give. It is our place to assist, either individually or through charities, church or community groups. If we did what we should, the government wouldn't be involved and we wouldn't be spending endless tax dollars on bureaucrats that wring their hands and say they can't do anything for the homeless while they collect high salaries and drive expensive cars.

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