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Published: Saturday, June 16 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm glad that the Deseret News published this article. Too many Mormons, usually the less educated ones, do not seem to understand that their Church does not dispute evolution. The same goes for the Catholic Church as well. Simpletons like Santorum also don't seem to understand that the Catholic Church has several high ranking priest-scientists that are vocal supporters of evolution.

While I may not be a supporter of everything the Mormon Church and Catholic Church do and say, I will admit that they are generally pro-science, especially when compared with other christian denominations and other religions.

Florissant, MO

Thank you for this article, being from the older generation, it was a struggle to sometimes resolve Scientific findings and religion. I believe that there has been a evolution of knowledge also. God doesn't give us all the answers and facts, and man sometimes puts a limit on God's work based on their human understanding and limitations. Sometimes the puzzles that just are so hard to conceive make me excited for the day when I will be able to have a full understanding and knowledge.

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: Mukkake

The Church does not dispute evolution?

The truth is no revelation has been given concerning the origin of man.

As a result the Church has more important things to deal with that are actually important to eternal salvation.

The fact is Evolution is very bad science encouched in very indefinite and dare I say it unscientific language,

They assume relationships between fossils, they created imaginary trees of life that every things must be forced into or accounted for in some thought up way, all to fit a theory.

It is the sargeant schultz of theories. Evolution knows nothing. But it supposes everything.

It has become dogma, and any who dare question it, heretics.

These believers in evolution and in God, make weak reconciliations to believe both.

God can not directly create Man?

My what low opinions of they must have of God and his power and abilities.

What limitations they put on him,

who created the universe,

who can heal any disease or infirmity,

or raise the dead,

with a word or touch.

Did God make man after his image or not?
Did God command all creatures to reproduce after their own kind?

Ye of little faith.

Salt Lake City, UT

the truth:
[The Church does not dispute evolution?
The truth is no revelation has been given concerning the origin of man.]

You just proved my point. They have not disputed it. More so, by allowing their flagship institution of high learning, BYU, to teach evolution, they have given it their tacit support.

Nothing else you had to say was worth a response.

St. George, UT

Next you're going to tell me that the Earth is round and that babies don't come from storks. No thanks, Science!

Holladay, UT

I believe God is perfect in his knowledge of science. I don't not believe he is 'super natural;' instead, he understands how matter must be manipulated to do his bidding. I tend to think evolution as the way he created us in his image. It is an organized chaos that he knew how to start to reach the end he deemed right. Maybe I have not studied enough, but I do not see how this would contradict LDS Church teachings.

Salt Lake City, UT

@the truth
"God can not directly create Man?
My what low opinions of they must have of God and his power and abilities.
What limitations they put on him,
who created the universe,
who can heal any disease or infirmity,
or raise the dead,
with a word or touch."

Were you being dramatic or is your computer having a format issue? Anyway as one of those theistic evoltion believers who believes in God as well as the science of evolution I'll give my response to this. I would not say that God can't poof man into existence... I just think that's not what he did. Just because God can do something doesn't mean he did do that and the evidence clearly shows humans have been around more than 6000 years and that there's a line of succession that was taken to get to the current state of humanity. Besides, I find the gradual process to be more magnificent than poofing people into existence anyway (think of the rock formations down south that are hundreds of thousands if not millions of years old).

one day...
South Jordan, UT

to...the truth...
I think it's time to relax a little bit.
We need to think that everything that has been created coexist thanks to understanding the base of the law for what and how was created. God is not a magician, there are laws and power in the priest that we don't have access in this life or we don't have the understading to make those to work.
Until then we can do all that WE CAN to understand those principles through study by faith and science, we don't need to get mad because somebody else wantys to review what science said.
A lot of things will be explain after life.
We should be gratefull to have people that is working to find those little pieces of this great puzzle called creation.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The Church takes no position on evolution. They neither dispute or support.


I have found dinosaur raptor teeth in the southern utah desert and handled large footprints of dinos as they were found on the ceiling of coal mines in eastern utah.

This earth seems to be a changing place through eons of time. It has been organized and re-organized multiple times.

None of this physical evidence conflicts in any way with the teachings of the scriptures, Joseph Smith, and living Prophets and Apostles when speaking in official capacity. In fact it seems to support the idea that creation is really just organizing matter that is eternal.
Gods organized and formed the earth.

Church doctrine supports the theory that the earth will soon go through a baptism of fire and then become a celestial sphere. ... And just maybe through eons of time man can progress (evolve ) to become like Heavenly Father (God)

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: atl134

Because it sounds good to you is not an doctrinal explanation.

You give sound reasoning as why a PERFECT being would use an imperfect an improbable method when he is quite capable of doing otherwise.

then must explain how creating cells, then fishies, then amphibians then lizards and monkeys, etc, is making man from after thier own image.

then you must explain the scripture where God commanding all creatures to reproduce after their own kind.

then must address all the problems with the ridiculous idea of evolution and all of its problems, a few of which I have mentioned before.

Just saying God did it that way or it sounds good to you, or evolution proclaiming it MAY have been possible or COULD HAVE happened this way and imaging relationship between fossils is not sufficient reasoning.

Joe Smith
Mountain View, CA

Evolution can only explain minor changes. So for that, I can agree that God uses evolution. But anything more complex requires the steady hand of order and direction and DESIGN.

Phoenix, AZ

To: the truth,

Since you are in the know, please tell us who created your god, where did he/she come from: evolution, higher power, or just in man's evolved imagination.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


Well you finally got a comment I liked. I don't exactly agree with comments where people say "too many Mormons" anything, unless it's coming from a General Authority (for my reasons). So I don't exactly see eye to eye there, but your acknowledgement about the LDS Church's attitude regarding science is often neglected. It's only logical to represent a position accurately when arguing against, for, or relating to it.

As far as the point on evolution. I frequently argue against it... kind of. I don't have any claim or belief on evolution. I only maintain that it is indeed a theory. Just because one does not have the resources or time to adequately prove something today, and because the majority of the scientific community accept it- doesn't graduate it to an indisputable fact.

And I don't argue against it because of some feeling of being threatened by it. I simply just don't accept people using one scientific method for one study, adopting a less strict one for another, and throwing them all completely out the door for yet another. It opposes the entire purpose of science at its core.

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: Mukkake

Tacit support?

Parents let their children believe in santa clause, does that give their children tacit support of the belief in santa clause?

BYU teaches it in biology because they must to get accreditation?

Does it hurt to teach it? or hurt the students to learn it? No. if you are close to spirit the spirit will bear witness to the truth.

Like when a child is ready to no longer believe in silly things like santa clause,
when you are spiritually ready and mature for greater understanding, you will no longer believe in silly things like evolution.

While Tyler above gives a nice reason to believe it, he doesn't take it far enough,
and explain why Jesus could heal the lame and blind and dumb and leperous, with a touch or word,

or move mountains or walk on water, or have complete control of the earth and the sun and the weather based on faith

or raise the dead

but God could not directly create man?

man can create another human in 9 months but it takes God billions of years?

or how evolution opposes God's command to reproduce after your own kind.


I challenge creationists to hold their own beliefs to the standard they hold evolution. Give me any evidence of creationism other than your 'feelings'.

Ron Hilton
Holladay, UT

The Mormon church has no offical stance on evolution. Leading Church authorities have expressed divergent views on the subject. Evolution as adaptation by living organisms to their environment is an observed fact. Evolution as the origin of life is a theory, and a very weak one at that. I personally find it to be completely incompatible with the doctrine of the Fall, since evolution depends upon successive generations of mortal organisms, whereas the scriptures are clear that there was no death before the fall of Adam. Clearly the Earth is very old, based on incontrovertible astronomical data. The sky is littered with examples of solar systems in all stages of development and decay. But the biosphere may not be that old, and there is no comparable observable evidence for evolution. The worldwide flood of Noah was a major catatrophic event that would have thoroughly churned the biosphere and could account for the fossil record, including oil and coal deposits. There are many scientific anomalies with carbon and other radioactive dating methods that cast doubt on an evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record.


@Ron Hilton,

"I personally find it to be completely incompatible with the doctrine of the Fall, since evolution depends upon successive generations of mortal organisms, whereas the scriptures are clear that there was no death before the fall of Adam."

Nobody is accountable to the doctrines though unless they share your faith and conviction. Some take it as they read it literally, some thinks it's all folly, and some pick and choose what they take (although religious texts are divine inspired and should be set in stone).

For the purpose of science and exploration, holding onto strong religious views can disrupt the process. You need to be open minded and take the data as it is. Any bias, whether from religious conviction or personal beliefs/theories, can skew the research.

Don't forget we actually had Galileo on house arrest for the rest of his life for exploring science objectively ... until he proved the world wrong.

"Clearly the Earth is very old, based on incontrovertible astronomical data."

How old do you believe the earth is? You're implying science has proved this. Do you follow science's current answer or the Bibles much lower number?

Aspiring Theist
Sandy, UT

I found it interesting that after taking the evolutionary biology class at BYU 30 percent of the students still did not accept the notion of human evolution. I would have thought less than 10 percent would have rejected the premise after taking such a course.

Murrieta, CA

Almost every president of the church has talked about man being on the earth for 6,000 years and there was no death before Adam. Even the scriptures talk about man's 6,000 year existence (D&C 77). This does not squarevat all with evolution. Let the word-twisting begin.

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