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Published: Saturday, June 16 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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I wish that the Deseret News, KSL or the SL Tribune would do a fact check on how Hatch is "saving Hill Air Force Base." I support Liljenquist but my brother works at Hill so I decided to look into the issue. I learned that the decision to close a base is entirely based on value to the military and economics. The next closure process (called BRAC, Google it) isn't even likely to occur until 2023. Hill has the ONLY access in the country to a live bombing test and training range and was just awarded contracts for the F-35. Also, Rob Bishop, who actually serves on the Armed Forces Committee, said during a delegate meeting that neither he nor Hatch have ANYTHING to do to bring jobs to Hill. I also just found out that Frank Moss (Hatch's original opponent) told voters back in 76 that Hill would likely close without his seniority. We didn't need Moss's seniority then and we definitely don't need Hatch's now.

Spanish Fork, UT


Amen! And if Hatch is willing to mislead his constituency on a non-issue that was completely drummed up by his campaign, what else is he willing to mislead Utah on?

Salt Lake City, UT

In the article Sen. Hatch says, "Most of the tea party people are pretty darn decent people. Some come from the fringe and think they can take over the system. That's where it gets irritating." TRANSLATION: "Those who agree with me are decent people. But anyone who disagrees with me is from 'the fringe.' It's irritating that anyone would dare to disagree with me."

When politicians stay in D.C. too long, the Washington culture gradually gets inside them and they start to compromise their principles. Some politicians recognize the warning signs and have the good sense to step down with dignity. For those who ignore the warning signs, their motivation shifts, and they sometimes do things that are not in the best interest of their state or the nation. Exhibit A: Hatch's votes have contributed to our massive deficits.

Hatch is proud of his "reaching across the aisle." The problem is that when HATCH does it, he supports LIBERAL causes, not conservative ones. He also touts his seniority. But seniority becomes a LIABILITY if you've become part of the problem in Washington.

Thank goodness for those 32 votes.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

When Romney wins the Presidency, we need Hatch to be there with them. Together they can fix this economy and this country.

We don't need another first year senator representing Utah. We need experience and connections. Hatch has both.

My vote is for Hatch.

Far East USA, SC

There will be many people who would oppose closing base X. You can choose the base.

And there is a Senator in that state who will fight to keep it open and can make a justification.
(as can the the previous poster)

In the end, it is about protecting ME, or MY STATE, or MY JOB or MY BROTHERS JOB.

It is NOT about doing what is best for the country.

And powerful people like Hatch know how to work the system to keep his pork in tact.

Proving again, that we want to cut spending, just not where it affects me.

Heber City, UT

Hatch is duplicitous and deceitful. He campaigned against Moss saying that he had served 18 years and that was long enough to serve as a Senator. Now this Senator wants us to forget his comments and elect him to serve up to 42 years. I agree with MatthewBehun. We need a change in leadership. Hatch is part of the dysfunctional Congress. They are more worried about reelection than serving the people who elected. them.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hatch, as a senior Senator and chair/co-chair of major committees, endorsed and passed much of the legislation that led to our current immigration and economic problems. He turned a blind eye and deaf ear to our repeated requests to do something about these issues. I was there when he gave a speech to Utah legislators and he specifically stated he saw no reasons to delved into these issues because, "I do not see the political will to do so."

Knightdale, NC

"I'm a tough old bird. If you give me one more term, I will make a difference." - Orrin Hatch

When my grandpa was 78, his decision making abilities were impared when driving a car. How many 78 year old men would you feel safe having drive you somewhere? Decision making abilities start to deteriorate as we get older. Isn't 78 years old enough? Do you really want him paying bills out of America's checkbook?

If Hatch wants one more term to "make a difference", is that difference going to be for the better? In 2008, Obama said he'd fundamentally change this country. He's kept his word, but we don't like where that change is going. Listen to what Hatch says about Eric Holder.

"I'm totally for Eric Holder, who I think is qualified, a capable man, a good man" - Orrin Hatch

"Eric Holder is a qualified guy. He has made some mistakes too. He's human. I've made mistakes. I would hope people wouldn't hold my mistakes against me any more than they hold them against Eric." - Orrin Hatch

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

The posters about HAFB are being unrealistic to think that logic and science decides where military resources are placed. California Senators and Representatives would love to have the bombers there, so would New Mexico. And Obama would not care if they went. He has no reason to do anything for Utah. How hard is is to fly 35 bombers to a new air force base? Not hard at all. Logisitical support is mobile as well. The four services do these kind of movements all the time.

Hill has done a good job. But it takes more than a 'job well done' to get your way in Washington. People with clout and some say on federal budgets make a lot of difference there. Don't kid yourselves on this one.

Toro Azzurro
Salt Lake City, UT

According to the mortality tables I've looked up, Hatch has about a 60% chance of living another 6 years.

I wish he would have just retired gracefully instead of trying to mislead all of Utah for one more hurrah. All of his arguments for reelection are based on nonsense and logical fallacy, as many commenters have already pointed out. Our only consolation is that he may not live long enough to vote to raise the debt limit again.

Bountiful, UT

Ah yes. Another Mike Lee. That's the ticket...

Saint George, UT

Hatch sent out letters to the voters saying Barry is a LEGAL PRESIDENT and Hatch also voted for the NDAA. So let's vote for Dan. And I was once a big Hatch supporter. Shame on Hatch.
Hatch and Barry Obama must go.

Just remember Hatch VOTED FOR THE NDAA.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Scott Howell is the man to replace Hatch.

Salt Lake City, UT

I listened to the debate. Hatch sounded old and stubborn. He is a fighter, and has fought many good fights. But it is time for him to gracefully retire and let the next generation take a turn.

Spanish Fork, UT

@sherlock holmes

"How hard is is to fly 35 bombers to a new air force base? Not hard at all. Logisitical support is mobile as well. The four services do these kind of movements all the time."

I've lived around the Air Force most of my life. Moving an entire operation is not easy and not cheap. Your statement only serves to show the lack of knowledge you have on the subject.

"People with clout and some say on federal budgets make a lot of difference there. Don't kid yourselves on this one."

No one is kidding themselves on this one. Except for those that think a senior member on the finance committee has any say when it comes to base closings. On top of that, there is no threat in Washington to close more bases in the foreseeable future. Hatch made the issue up in an attempt to scare the electorate (and presumably you) into voting for him.

newhall, CA

Hatch IS Frank Moss. He's old. If seniority is the sole criteria to get anything done in Congress, then it's time for the people to demand change in that seniority no longer plays that role. The whole idea of seniority is a lie that is in the best interest of those who want to serve in Congress. It is their way of staying there for life. Hatch has been in Congress for 36 years...way too long. Thus he is Frank Moss. Hatch must go. He has done nothing to ensure our freedoms in this Congress. Go home Hatch and write your poems and pseudo songs that no one cares to listen to. You're old, slow, and frankly are begging for a final term. Let's grant him a quick retirement. Yes to Dan.

newhall, CA

I'm appalled that Hatch supported and voted for Holder. What a misread of character, but then again over the years, Hatch has made some horrendous choices and doesn't know good character when it's staring him in the face. Take the time and go back to those who have served him in his offices and on his committees and you'd be shocked at those type of people who were chosen. Horrendous. Those that this guy chose were never the best, more like political parasites who for some reason fooled this now old guy. Thirtysix years is too long. For the sake of our country, send Hatch home. Let him retire at his own expense and not on our.

Smithfield, UT

Retire, Hatch. Yes, "It's time!" No, "It's way past time!" VOTE DAN on June 26th!

Roosevelt, UT

When you find a senator that can do what I do.......that is hard to find a senator who can not show one thing he accomplished in the past 2 years.

how long should we be fooled by this man?

Kaysville, UT

Senator Hatch is sage and he is the most appropriate for the State of Utah at this time and means a lot to the system. To say that he doesn't add anything to the BRAC process is not necessarily true. It is not just a direct process and the BRAC is a lot political. If someone works at Hill AFB, that doesn't make him or her an expert on BRAC. So many people that comment are shooting from the hip regarding comments or history or facts. Dan may have youth, but for him to say he got all those bills passed this session is not completely true, either. It takes a team of people to get anything done and if he acts as if he did it on his own, the people that helped through the process are not honest, either.

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