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Opponents say policy change is election year politics

Published: Friday, June 15 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

We had immigration reform in 1986, illegal aliens and some in government and business ignored it. We had immigration reform in 1996, illegal aliens and some in government and business ignored it.

Go home adults and come back legally when it's your turn. Don't steal other's places standing in line for honest immigrants.

We flooded our country with over one and a half million legal visas from just Mexico, along with 1 million green cards country wide.

It's no wonder our citizens can't find work.

Compassion? not for Americans.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

I'm happy for those dreamers, they finally can be part of our country!
Let's the hate begin!
Great opportunity to grow, help and be part of our diverse community!
America was and will be made for immigrants, this is about dreamers NOT their parents, I think they must have a chance to achieve their american dream like many others that came before.
Stop crying about "destruction of our country" and "taking our jobs" same old excuse folks! most of them if not all are more american than you are, great day for them!

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is so obviously an election year ploy and smacks of desperation.

Mcallen, TX


Foreigners coming here, and contributing to the election of corrupt leaders, like they did in the country they left, is not good. I'm to leave?

In a few years, we'll be like the country they left behind. Look at the once great state of California, and how the people are migrating to other states.

Lehi, UT

My wife is an immigrant, so are the spouses of my brother and sister. All three are now citizens. They are sometimes annoyed at those who come here illegally, making it more difficult for legals to find work, but I also understand that children brought here had little choice. If Obama had let congress do what they are elected to do, and if Obama did what he is elected to do (for once), I think a better version of the dream act could have been worked out legally, rather than Obama using the lives of these children to further his politial career. And I think we really need to secure our borders. It seems obamas plan is to make it so bad that even criminals dont want to come here (medicos economy is growing faster than ours, even though obamas goal was to have ours at where theirs is by now) but I hope that, under new leadership, we can make our economy strong enough that we can invite more legal immigrants to come here, and keep out those who would hurt others.

West Valley city, UT

You guys must have better information than I do. I do not see any where in the article where it states that these individuals do not want to work and be productive members of society. TO me the article states the opposite. This individual wnats to complete her education and get a job. Up to this point the issue has been that these individuals have not been able to work legally, but have had to work under the radar, thus they can't pay taxes because they can't let anyone know they are here. The policy will allow them to get jobs based on the educations they have received and pay taxes just like the rest of us. These individuals have done what they had to do in the past to make a living. That doesn't mean that they don't want to be above board. They were children when they came here and know no other life. Some are now married and have families which they provide for (they aren't on welfare). Why not let the individuals who came as children and have remained law-abiding other than what their parents did to them remain here?

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