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Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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murray, UT

I don't trust either Winder or Crockett to be our county mayor. I think the safe bet will be Ben McAdams as our new Mayor. Everything I have heard about McAdams is all good. I know a few people that work for Salt Lake City and they have all said he is great to work with as the city attorney. He has also worked well with both parties in the Utah legislator to get things done. I hope everyone will take the time to see what McAdams policies are before they make up their minds.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

The real joke is that Winder is actually in a primary for an elected office.

Taylorsville, UT

I feel bad for Winder. Sheesh, none of us are perfect and here this guy comes out on his own and takes responsibility for something he did wrong. Isn't that something that all of us want from politicians? I know Winder personally and I can vouch for his character. He is one of the most moral people I've ever met. I would challenge you to call his cell phone and talk to him about it. His number is on his billboards.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"I know Winder personally and I can vouch for his character. He is one of the most moral people I've ever met."

You must not have met a lot of people. The people I've met who I would consider moral are not liars.

He admitted his lies and apologized; that's great. But I consider it better to have never lied in the first place...like his opponent.

Salt Lake City, UT


Sure, Mike Winder is human and less-than-perfect, just like the rest of us, but that doesn't mean he gets a free pass when it comes to being accountable for a fairly serious ethical lapse. Prudent citizens/voters should be skeptical about someone who has shown a willingness to throw ethics and transparency overboard when they get in the way of his personal agenda.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he is already benefiting from having the attention focused on him as a result of this (it wouldn't surprise me if his people are behind the "Richard Burwash" campaign signs); I just think that people need to look past the humor of this stunt and remember the seriousness of the issue behind it.

Jake Dennis
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I also know Mike and he is a great person. Yes he did make a mistake. Yes I am sure you SG in SLC have made a mistake also. Nobody is perfect. He has the integrity to admit when he made a mistake. By the way most people write under a pen name in these comment boards...

Salt Lake City, UT

Using a pen name in a venue where it is expected and obvious (I'm pretty sure nobody here believes that my name really is "SG in SLC") is very different than a prominent public official covertly using an alias on submissions for publication to obscure their true identity, particularly where that obscuring of identity hid a probable conflict of interest. If my "SG" stood for Sam Granato (it doesn't), or better yet, a totally unrelated name like Rocky Anderson (again, it doesn't; it stands for Steve Gabrielson), or better still, if "Jake Dennis" was really an alias for Mike Winder's campaign manager . . . oh, wait! You ARE Mike Winder's campaign manager. Apparently, it didn't occur to you that disclosing that little tidbit of relevant information in your previous post might be a good idea. No matter.

I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, some really "doosies" as a matter of fact, but then, I'm not running for public office, either. All I'm really saying is that citizens need to take Mike's ethical lapse into consideration, along with his charisma and the good things he's done for WVC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah, Winder admitted his error - once he knew he'd been caught. I'm doing a write-in vote for Burwash. I'm hoping others will join me.

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