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Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


In conclusion, what you are saying is that...

A) BYU cannot beat Utah on the field (7 of last 10, including 3 spankings)

B) BYU can beat Utah in the polls by beating enough Bo Diddly Techs (BYU has 2 wins over final ranked teams since 1996 and a losing record vs BCS teams)

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


For a team with a huge chip on their shoulder that thinks of this game as their national championship and provides little to no recognition in the polls...

see mirrror

How many times has BYU lost to Utah, yet still finished in the Top 25?


How many time has Utah lost to BYU, yet still managed to finish in the Top 25?

BYU doesn't need a win over Utah to have a great season.

Utah fans desperately cling to their 2011 win over BYU as the ONLY highlight of their first year in a big boy conference.


anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


The 7-of-the-last-10 is an aberration; 3 of Utah's 7 wins came during the Crowton era.

Bronco is 3-4 versus Kyle and has held the lead or been tied with Kyle for most of the past 7 years.

The biggest difference between Bronco and Kyle, is Bronco doesn't LOSE to Bo Diddly Techs like CSU, Wyo, NM, UNLV, and Colorad, while Kyle loses to them regularly.

Who you don't lose to is just as important as who you beat. BYU figured that out decades ago.

Someday, maybe, Utah will figure that out.

Highland, UT


I see you have no response to utah's 1 for 2 with michigan?


Salt Lake City, UT

SportsFan lectured "Pre-season polls are a dime a dozen; the only polls that matter are the final polls."

I very much agree with you SportsFan, but this Athlon thingy seemed quite important to a Cougar fan named "Duckhunter".

East Salt Lake City, Utah


On what planet do you spend most of your time?

My bad, I was wrong on the BYU-Texas series, it seems they did schedule a home-home series. I didn't know the 2011 game was one-for.

However, my original post was to Rockwell who asked:

"Call us when Utah schedules its first elite team to come to RES without any help from your conference."

And I said that that it was done already, Utah had scheduled Texas home-home series in 2008 that was canceled.


Kyle lost to UNLV (2-10) in 2007 and then lost to Colorado in 2011 (3-9). That's what BYU fans define regularly?

Bronco of the same period lost to Utah State (4-8) 2009.

The difference...

Kyle accomplished Broncos Quest by beating more than just Bo Diddly Techs.
Kyle has a better winning percentage vs BCS teams

A) 7 of 10 is a trend.

B) 2 smack downs of Bronco's team in 4 years suggests a trend.

C) NFL not drafting Bronco's talent also seems like a trend... you can only get so far with Walk-ons!


Ernest T --- It is never a fluke if your football team loses by 44 -- and especially when you get beat that bad at home!

Highland, UT


Not "important", just comical.


"It was cancelled". Why? Perhaps Texas expects a little more in revenue when it goes on the road?

Orem, UT


Your use of selective time periods is laughable.

The ONLY applicable "trends" are the overall accomplishments of the current head coaches.

Bronco/Kyle Era (2005 to present)

Bronco is UNDEFEATED against conference bottom-dwellers NM, CSU, Wyo, and NM
Kyle lost to all of them at least once and to NM TWICE, and he's continued the "trend" in the PAC 12, losing to Colorado and barely beating WSU

Bronco has NEVER lost to a 10-loss team
Kyle has lost to TWO of them (as many as BYU has lost to in BYU's ENTIRE history)

Bronco has only lost to THREE teams that didn't finish with winning records
Kyle has lost to SEVEN teams that didn't finish with winning records

Which explains why Bronco has had more success overall than Kyle

Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

10+ Win Seasons
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Bronco 3
Kyle 4

But here's the year by year
2005 - Kyle (1-0)
2006 - Bronco (1-1)
2007 - Bronco (2-1)
2008 - Kyle (2-2)
2009 - Bronco (3-2)
2010 - Kyle (3-3)
2011 - Kyle (4-3)

Orem, UT


The Utah win in September may not have been a fluke, but BYU committing SEVEN turnovers to basically give the game away was definitely a fluke.

And, any objective fan who watched the two teams as the season progressed knows that the #39 Utah(8-5) team that lost at home to #41 ASU(6-7) 14-35, to #44 Washington(7-6) 14-31, and to #107 Colorado(3-10) 14-17, in a game that Utah was totally dominated in the first half, and barely beat #83 WSU(4-8) 30-27 in overtime, that Utah team would have been lucky to beat the #34 BYU(10-3) team that only lost at #20 TCU(11-2) 28-38 and beat #35 Tulsa(8-5) 24-21 in the Armed Forces Bowl.

BYU led 10-7 with 7 minutes left in the first half, with Utah's only score coming on Jake Heaps clueless fumble into his own end zone on a play that started on BYU's 18-yard line. Utah only lead 14-10 at the half.

Total Yards
BYU 354
Utah 481

First Downs
BYU 20
Utah 20

Utah 2

Orem, UT


"Utah had scheduled Texas home-home series in 2008 that was canceled."

BYU had scheduled home-and-home with Alabama, but Alabama cancelled their return visit to Provo after BYU nearly beat the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa in 1998.

The point is, Utah has never played an elite team in RES, and without help from the PAC 12, that likely never would have changed.

This century, BYU has already played USC, Notre Dame and Florida State in LES, and, as an Independent, BYU already has home games scheduled against Texas and Notre Dame.

Arlington, VA


Utah's "dominating offense" was held scoreless until the final minute of the 1st half when Utah scored to take a narrow 14-10 lead at halftime.

BYU's fumble at their own goal line resulting in back-to-back quick early scores in the 2nd half, changed the momentum of what had been a very close game.

It was BYU's 7 turnovers, most of them unforced, that was the difference in the game, not the disparity of talent. Any objective fan who watched the BYU-Utah game in September and the Utah-Colorado game in November knows that the BYU-Utah game could have turned out very differently if it had been played in late November.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ TrueBlue

"The Utah win in September may not have been a fluke, but BYU committing SEVEN turnovers to basically give the game away was definitely a fluke".

Turnovers are part of football! You Y fans need to quit using it as an excuse. Better teams cause and capitalize on turnovers and Utah did just that. There is no fluke in that game, but there was a complete domination by the Utes.

Utah is better than BYU in 2011 and 54-10 is proof of it!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Again, while you make excuses for losing at HOME by 44 points the fact still remains:

Utah Defense 14
BYU 10


That wasn't the original point, it was about "scheduled" not "played". You just changed it to another hypothetical subject.

Utah "played" Oregon in 2003 and "beat" them.

Or do you guys don't want to consider Oregon elite? Just like you guys don't want to...

A) Include Crowten era in your losses to Utah even though 2 of your wins came with Crowten players

B) Exclude USC from your "weak division" claims even though the South division still had to play the AP #6 team in the nation

Here let me change it to another hypothetical subject:

BYU has never played in an elite conference without the help from ESPN they likely never will.


East Salt Lake City, Utah


Yes I agree that if and only if...

A) Wynn was out injured ALL game
B) White was also out injured for the 2nd half
C) Peterson would need to miss 3 FGS (42, 26, and 48 yards)

Then and ONLY then would BYU have any chance for another "miracle win" over Utah in November. Unfortunately for BYU "magic" doesn't happen every year.

Here's how the two talents performed that day...

Associated Press:

PROVO, Utah -- John White scored three touchdowns, Jordan Wynn passed for two scores and Utah forced seven BYU turnovers to cruise to a 54-10 victory...

Utah trailed 10-7 late in the second quarter until Wynn beat a blitz and found tight end Jake Murphy open for a 30-yard touchdown pass. Wynn tossed a 59-yard scoring pass to Dres Anderson on the opening possession of the second half, and the Utes never looked back.

White scored on runs of 1, 62 and 35 yards.

The game's scoring started and ended with touchdowns by Utah's defense...

BYU's run game was non-existent as the Cougars carried 22 times for just 11 yards.


The Sports authority........ all i can say is byu fans are full of soooo many EXCUSES..It's always the refs fault or someone ele's So what you are saying is that byu got spanked but it really wans't their fault?


To all delusional BYU fans ~~~~~~~~~~ Hello I'm EARTH, have we met!?

Baltimore, MD

It's interesting how Utah fans whine about excuses for ONE game, while Utah fans are soooooo full of excuses for their ENTIRE SEASON.

After the Utah game, BYU went 8-1 and finished the season ranked #25/#26 in the final polls.

After the BYU game, Utah went 6-4 and finishe the season UNRANKED, not receiving a single vote in either poll.

U didn't beat a single PAC 12 team with a winning record and U LOST to two teams with losing records, both at home. So much for "elite" competition.

Bottom-line: BYU finished the season as the better team.


I think most Utah fans were fine how the entire season went, after all we did it with a d-2 quaterback and we did beat a decent Georgia Tech team in our bowl game - I'm just glad we waxed the cougers! 54-10 = Now that's what you call a beat down

Park City, UT

earth to jenny

"I think most Utah fans were fine how the entire season went, after all we did it with a d-2 quaterback"

Sounds suspiciously like excuse-making.

btw, I think most BYU fans are with finishing in the Top 25 with a 2nd string QB and beating a much better team than Georgia Tech in their bowl game.

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