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Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT


Hate to burst your bubble but Ducky and I are two different guys. Though I take it as compliment to be confused with Duck, I'm just the little guy. I have my moments but Duck is here for your tormented pleasure.

I'd suggest you get with Naval Vet, motorbike, hedgehog and pebbles and hone those deductive reasoning skills a little by playing some Clue. Your conspiracy theory is a little off.

Glad you shared it though. If it bugs you enough to post then its validation that 'we're winning'. LOL

Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with a Candlestick

By the way how does if feel to lose to BYU in overall athletic competition? Though many of you would dismiss the Deseret Duel, it obviously is showing an alarming downward trend in overall quality athletics in Uteville.

It sure is easy to throw every Ute athlete under the bus if they do not play football. (and maybe gymnastics?)

Maybe I am wrong... but I seriously doubt. I predicted mediocrity for the Utes last year... I think I'm sticking with it this year.

If Michigan comes they will annihilate the Utes. I'll enjoy the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

sammyg exclaimed "I take great satisfaction in knowing that BYU is doing much better than the prognosticators said they would."

Excellent. I'll mark you down as one of the fans that is excited about independence. There should be more like you!

Those that yearn for conference affiliation make fun of Utah and their first year challenges while secretly realizing that would have been BYU's fate too. Those that wonder how BYU would do in the Big 12 know that they'd fare no better than TCU this year. Those that wonder if BYU was right to reject the Big East will keep an eye on Boise State (if they actually join). True, those schools each broke the BCS barrier twice, but BYU was somewhat close, so its a good comparison.

Independence is definitely the route for BYU. They can craft a season against a handful of BCS schools (but not too many!!), deliver 10-2 or 9-3 seasons, and hopefully end up in the AP top 25 at the end of each year (the poll not associated with the BCS). Glad that you're on board.

Gilbert, AZ


Yes, the Utes have moved on to being a punching bag for a prestigious conference - average finish across the board in all Utah men's sports, 2nd to LAST; 8th in the conference and unranked in football, as usual.

Whatever made U think the Utes would be competitive, let alone championship contenders, in the PAC 12, when the Utes have only won 6 conference championships in the last 60 years?

Your perfect storm seasons of 2004 and 2008 are history, and the Utes are now back to losing to conference bottom-dwellers like NM, CSU, Wyo, and UNLV, only now it'll be Colorado, WSU, Arizona and OSU.



Take away the entire LaVell era, and the Cougars still have more national individual award winners and just as many Top 25 Finishes (both polls), as the Utes have in their entire history.

"I recall the BYU hoops program was in the dumps a few seasons prior to Jimmer"

I'm not sure what you "recall", but BYU's basketball program has had exactly ONE losing season, THIS CENTURY, versus eleven 20-win seasons and nine NCAA tournaments.

Highland, UT


"3: I've looked at byu's schedule this year, and I don't see any Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, Miami, or USC. Stay relevant with your argument. For that matter, Utah can boast the same, having played USC, Alabama, Michigan, Pitt, Oregon, etc. in the past."

None of those schools has ever set foot in res, I'm talking about home games. You knew that, you were just trying to distort it to make a non point. Plenty of bad teams have played those teams just like u have, on the road, at their place. All of the teams I mentioned have played at LES, I know, I went to those games. Gonna go see GT, Texas and ND over the next few years as well since they'll all be at LES. I'm sure there will be others as well as the schedules get finalized.

Gilbert, AZ


Utah's first year struggles were against the weakest division of any major conference.

Utah played 5 of 9 games at home, got a free pass on the two best teams in the conference, didn't beat a single PAC 12 team with a winning record, yet, with USC ineligible and a gift-wrapped division there for the taking, U couldn't beat one of the worst teams in the country, at home, to win the division.

BYU wouldn't have lost to lowly 10-loss Colorado, yet wunderkind Whit has managed to lose to 10-loss teams twice in his brief 7-year stint as Utah's HC.

Don't forget, your QB struggles were self-inflicted; caused by K-Whit coverting all of his QB recruits to other positions and leaving his QB cupboard bare.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Gilbert, AZ

BYU wouldn't have lost to lowly 10-loss Colorado"


Yet you lost by 44 points on your own field to the team that lost to Colorado.

THAT's bad son. Forget Big XII. You people should be hoping for a Sun Belt invite.


Baltimore, MD


"We've heard that the Utes could never get an elite 1for1 to come to the RES"

Nothing had changed - the ONLY reason teams like USC and Michigan would even consider coming to RES is because the PAC 12 / Big Ten are arranging it for U. Michigan is simply picking from a list of teams mandated by the Big Ten.

Elite teams like Miami, Florida State, Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, and USC have been visiting LES for decades and every single game was arranged by BYU independent of any conference help.

Call us when Utah schedules its first elite team to come to RES without any help from your conference.

BYU = independent and relevant
Utah = dependent and irrelevant

Salt Lake City, UT

phoenix claims "BYU wouldn't have lost to lowly 10-loss Colorado"
I understand your answer because your perspective is "after scrimmaging San Jose State, Idaho, and Idaho State, BYU would be well rested for their game with Colorado."

But the scenario was "how would BYU have done in the PAC 12". Utah and BYU were fresh out of the MWC where there is a sharp drop off between the starters and backups. Quarterback was the notable injury for Utah, but there were others -- just as BYU would have suffered injuries too.

You consider the PAC12 a weak major conference, but the players are still bigger, stronger, faster than what the MWC has. You may doubt that because "Um, this one time we beat... " Sure. You beat a team one time, but not after playing 8 teams just like them. It takes a toll. It makes a difference. 4-5 is a good guess for how BYU would have done.




The reason that these other teams are considering coming to Utah is that we are in an elite conference that plays elite teams. The y has had it's day and I will say it again a very impressive one but until you guys get into a conference with big, fast, stronger players you will not understand the difference. It is so much fun to watch, and I could care less what you cougar fans think there is a great big difference in playing Colorado and playing Idaho. BYU would have lost to Colorado, no question. Until you play and see the better players you will never know, never.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Noting is going to change? Really? Again in Season II we now have PAC-12 depth at QB and RB, something we lacked last year (see Ted Miller comment below).

In Season II, Utah's 6 toughest games we should be favorites to win 4: @USU, @ASU, CAL, @UCLA. In the other two games, USC and @WU, we'll be the underdogs but I still think we'll be able to compete in those games.

Is #3 a "middle-of-the-PAC role"? Again like someone already pointed out Ted Miller of ESPN has his own predictions and he has Utah at #3 in the PAC-12:

1. USC

2. Oregon

3. Utah
The Utes welcome back 18 starters, though replacing both offensive tackles will be a huge task this spring. The defense has a chance to be beastly. The key? Utah proved it can win eight games with poor-to-middling quarterback play. But does a healthy Jordan Wynn -- back to late 2009, early 2010 form -- mean 10 wins?


East Salt Lake City, Utah


Call us when Utah schedules its first elite team to come to RES without any help from your conference.


Utah had Texas @RES "scheduled" for 2008 but Urban Meyer canceled the home-and-home series. Correct me if I am wrong but BYU has 2-for-1 with Texas.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"You consider the PAC12 a weak major conference..."


We consider the 2011 PAC 12 South to be the weakest division of any major conference, and BYU would have handled Colorado at home, just as easily as they handled Oregon State on the road.

BYU has been playing these supposedly bigger, faster, more athletic PAC 12 teams for years, and here are some recent examples of how BYU has handled those opponents:

BYU 38 Oregon 8
BYU 44 OSU 20
BYU 38 OSU 28
BYU 23 Wash 17

Utah was simply a 7-turnover plagued anomaly; one of those games where everything went right for Utah.

BYU would have beaten Washington, ASU, and Colorado at home, something U couldn't do, as well as UCLA, Arizona, WSU, and OSU. BYU would have had a decent chance of beating Cal, with losses to Utah and probably USC, to finish, at worst, 6-3 in conference.

Bottom line:

Bronco wins conference games and seldom loses to bad teams.

Kyle is capable of losing to anybody, especially conference opponents.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Riddles in the Dark

We consider the 2011 PAC 12 South to be the weakest division of any major conference, and BYU would have handled Colorado at home, just as easily as they handled Oregon State on the road.


1. 2011 winning percentages show that the "weakest division of any major conference" was the ACC Atlantic. Thanks for playing.

2. You mean like how you handled 2-10 Ole Miss 14-13? The OSU game was 21-24 in the 4th, you did NOT "easily" handle OSU.


OK BYU people. Your team lost to Utah by 44 points! 44 points, 7+ touchdowns! No excuses, no ifs, ands, buts... the scoreboard still says 54-10, that's it - the bottom line. When you lose to a team by 44 points you lose all ability to talk smack with them or their fans.

Go talk about your history, your awards, your relavency to Southwest New Mexico State Tech or whatever school your team beat by 7+ touchdowns sometime last November. If they start talking back at you about how amazing they are compared to you just a few months after you thrashed them, then you will see how rediculous you sound to Utah fans (and probably to a lot of your own fans).

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Ok Ducky. I'll bite this time.

"For that matter, Utah can boast the same, having played USC, Alabama, Michigan, Pitt, Oregon, etc. in the past."

"None of those schools has ever set foot in res, I'm talking about home games."

I know you read every article about Utah, because you comment on them all. So did you did you forget tht Oregon came to RES in 2003? Did you forget that Pitt came to Utah in 2010? Or are you being deceitful? Come on now son.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT


"Gonna go see GT, Texas and ND." Those are some pretty sweet TWO FOR ONES you got there mid major.

Rockwell- "Michigan is simply picking from a list of teams mandated by the Big Ten." That deal doesn't start until 2017. They aren't mandated to play the U before that. Nice try.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


In case you missed the memo, Ole Miss is in the SEC.

Besides that early season meltdown against the #39 Utes (Sagarin Rating), the only games #35 BYU lost were at #17 Texas and at #20 TCU.

#38 Cal, #41 ASU, #44 Wash, #64 Ariz, #66 UCLA, #83 WSU, #87 OSU, and #107 Colo, were all ranked BELOW the #35 Tulsa team BYU beat in the Armed Forces Bowl.

And let’s not forget, Riley Nelson led the Cougars to that dramatic win over the Aggies and became BYU’s starting QB two games after the Utah debacle.

Yes, BYU finishing 6-3 in conference and winning the PAC 12 South with Utah’s schedule is a very reasonable prediction.

Even Utah, with the way Utah was playing in November, would have been a very likely win for BYU, assuming BYU and Utah played during PAC 12 rivalry week.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"weakest division of any major conference was the ACC Atlantic"

Factor out ineligible USC and recalculate:

PAC 12 South
#39 Utah(8-5)
#41 ASU(6-7)
#64 Ariz(4-8)
#66 UCLA(6-8)
#107 Colo(3-10)
Average ranking #63,

Of the 5 eligible PAC 12 South teams, ONLY Utah finished with a winning record

ACC Atlantic
#23 Florida St(9-4)
#32 Clemson(10-4)
#37 NC State(8-5)
#73 Wake Forest(6-7)
#90 Boston Col(4-8)
#104 Maryland(2-10)
Average ranking #60,

Half the teams in the ACC Atlantic were ranked HIGHER than Utah, and four of the six finished with winning records

Oh, and one other small detail

Clemson #22/#22
Florida St #23/#23

in the final AP/Coaches Polls

Thanks for playing.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Snack PAC-

"BYU finishing 6-3 in conference and winning the PAC 12 South with Utah’s schedule is a very reasonable prediction." That is an extremely reasonable prediction. If you're wearing blue goggles. Just remember your cougars played New Mexico State sagarin 133, Idaho sagarin 141, AND Idaho State sagarin 205! Those are like scrimmages. Those are easier than BYEs. Happy day in Provo! SInging primary songs and watching the mighty cougars beat up on the sweet sisters of the poor. Let the chest thumping begin.

112 Pack
Spokane, WA

@ Juggy,

You are spot on Guy:

The article discusses Utah probably scheuling Michigan in the near future. What a great match up. However, it seems that some have gotten off on a tangent, and for whatever the reason, brougt BYU into the discussion. You can spin it any way you want. Bring up obscure stats and facts. But the bottom line is that Utah absolutely waxed BYU, on their home field, the last time they played. 54-10 is the statistic that matters most, everthing else is just drivel, Thank You for playing;........Check Mate!

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