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Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter lamented that he "sees no utah "fans" want to mention Athlon's 4-5 conference and 7-5 overall prediction for the ute's."

Its just a prediction -- bulletin board material that the Utes can use for motivation. But even if that prediction came true, I take great satisfaction in knowing that the Utes are doing better in the PAC 12 than BYU would have done. Clearly, the PAC 12 chose the right team.

Corona, CA


Every Utah article torments you to the point that you have to comment on it.... even if the best argument you can muster is Athlon prediction smack. Give it up and face the fact that Utah will be adding a Big 10 element to their PAC 12 schedule.... it's no more complicated than that.

Highland, UT


What comment do you want? That even if this home and home with michiigan happens that it somehow means something? What does it mean? The fact is utah still doesn't have to play the two best teams in the pac12 this year and the prognosticators are still only thinking they'll win 4 pac games. What happens when they actually have to play the good teams?

Scheduling a team like michigan is nice, BYU should know since we've seen Texas, Penn St, Notre Dame, Miami, USC, Florida St, and many others come through LES, but I hardly see why it is some kind of in your face to BYU or its fans considering BYU has had plenty of those types of teams come to town for a long time. Congrats I guess, you guys might have gotten one? I wouldn't celebrate to much until the ink is dry since these things have a way of not happening sometimes but if it comes about it will be a nice game for the fans right up until utah more than likely loses and they all go home disappointed.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

The Y really is getting some nice opponents lined. Some nice 2 for 1s. Huh... Mid Major much?



Now to respond to your last comment.

1: Since when was Stanford predicted to be one of the two best teams in the 2012 season? You're one year off. Luck has graduated, moved on. National sports writers, including Ted Miller of ESPN, has the top 3 teams in the PAC 12 in this order: USC, Oregon, and Utah.

2: You say "What happens when they have to play good teams? So, you don't consider USC, a preseason top 3 team, to be "good". What about with Washington? But, by your own admission, other teams such as byu are not considered a "good team"? Humorous.

3: I've looked at byu's schedule this year, and I don't see any Texas, Penn State, Notre Dame, Miami, or USC. Stay relevant with your argument. For that matter, Utah can boast the same, having played USC, Alabama, Michigan, Pitt, Oregon, etc. in the past.

4: You're always ending with a "prediction" for a Utah loss. How did that work out for you with the Utah-Alabama game? Or the Utah-Georgia Tech bowl game last year?

Or last year's Utah-byu game?

Your turn.



Your starting to sound like one of these other cougar fans. The fact that 10-15 years ago the y could get those bigs teams to come in. It's all over for you now, there is no reason for a top 25 program come in to Provo and possibly loose to the y. This is where your independence kills you, pay days are not that big a deal to those big programs. You guys are pay to play from now on, Idaho will always take that $250 grand where a school like Michigan doesn't really need it. The main reason why the U will start getting days like this with Michigan is that we are in the PAC-12 and in an ellite conference, with ellite schools that matter. You had your ride and it was brilliant but as of now it's over.

Kearns, UT

Since 2002, Michigan has played an OOC game in exactly TWO opposing stadiums; Oregon and Notre Dame.

Add Utah to that list.

Utah goes legit home/home with Michigan, BYU gets Georgia Tech. Just the direction these programs are headed.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Be patient Utah is the only PAC-12 team playing with mid-major talent.

It takes time to build PAC-12 depth. For example, we just had our best recruiting class, top 30. Last year we had a D2 QB go 6-3 now that QB is 4th string. Chill-out and enjoy Utah play some real football on the PAC-12 Network.


South Jordan, UT

Let's relive the past for a moment can we? Utah holds the overall wins vs.losses. From 1979 to 2000 or so, BYU simply had the better program. BYU was able to bring in big teams to Provo on a consistent basis because they were good and had a big stadium. Everything good about BYU happened in the past. 1984, string of great qb's, Heisman, Outland. It all happened in that period of of 22 years. Outside of the time, BYU has been pathetic to OK. Their program currently is simply OK. Those big teams are not coming to Provo as often and usually it is a 2 for 1 as Utah and 80% of the programs had to do. Utah no longer has to put up with a 2 for 1. It's has to do with being in the big conference.

One program continues to rise and the other is currently stagnant. It will continue until BYU is in a big conference. Until then, take your medicine.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Utah is the only PAC-12 team playing with mid-major talent."

And not much is going to change.

The Utes have had two full recruiting classes since they were invited to join the PAC 12 two years ago, but after all of the chest-beating about being one of the big boys, reality is starting to settle in on the hill; the Utes are still going to lose most of the recruiting battles to their PAC 12 opponents.

Predictions for 2012
Ore 8-1, 11-2
Stan 6-3, 8-4
Wash 6-3, 8-4
Cal 5-4, 7-5
WSU 3-6, 6-6
OSU 2-7, 3-9

USC 9-0, 13-0
Utah 4-5, 7-5
UCLA 4-5, 6-6
Ariz 4-5, 6-6
ASU 3-6, 5-7
Col 0-9, 3-9

Utah blew its only decent chance to win the PAC 12 South last season, and now, as most non-crimson-glasses-wearing fans predicted, Utah is settling into its middle-of-the-PAC role.

Just imagine, though, the season-long buildup to that exciting "rivalry" game in November -- Utah 6-5 at Colorado 3-8.

Park City, UT

When that shiny PAC 12 newness loses its shine, will Utah fans remain excited about a perennial conference bottom dweller?

How long can the Utes finish 7-6, 4-5 in conference, before RES starts to look like the HC, a vast sea of empty red chairs.

It happened in basketball; it can easily happen in football.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

B C, kitten fans like you can always dream. Too bad for you and your dreams of your band of questers turns in to a nightmare where your team isn't wanted by any of the big boy conferences (Big Least doesn't count). Keep striving though against the dregs of the WAC while the BCS schools (i.e. Utah) lay a beating on your over matched mid major team (i.e. 54-10 until Whit called them off could have been 70 plus to 10). The truth is a wonderful thing.

Park City, UT


What you conveniently left out of your little diatribe is that BYU accomplished FAR MORE in 12 short years, from 1979 to 1991, than Utah has accomplished in its entire football history.

U still haven't had a single national individual award winner.

BYU even managed to produce a national individual award winner during a rather "quiet" decade for BYU; something Utah was unable to do in its best decade ever.

BYU's 2000's "decline" still produced more Top 25 Finishes than Utah.

And, during the Bronco/Kyle era,

Bronco has FIVE Top 25 Finishes
Kyle only THREE

Bronco has THREE Top 15 Finishes
Kyle only ONE

Bronco has TWO conference championships
Kyle only ONE

Bronco is 66-24 with ZERO losses to 10-loss teams
Kyle is 65-25 with TWO losses to 10-loss teams

The declining-BYU, rising-Utah myth, is just that, a myth with no factual basis, simply the wishful thinking of the kids on the hill.

Springville, UT

"I take great satisfaction in knowing that the Utes are doing better in the PAC 12 than BYU would have done."

U guys are pretty desperate these days for any kind of 'satisfaction'. Amazing that you feel so good about 4-5 and losing to Colorado. Nothing wrong with optimism but let's face the truth, you have one stellar program, gymnastics. Football, an occassional break out year and it won't be this year, or the next.

I take great satisfaction in knowing that BYU is doing much better than the prognosticators said they would. Having a Top 25 football program, an NCAA Tourney appearance, a Rugby NC, Volleyball, Soccer, Track and so forth... ain't too shabby for a real sports program.

Enjoy mediocrity as a whole.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Being invited to be a punching bag for the big boys of the PAC 12 to pad their conference records doesn't prove anything.

Regardless of your status as an Independent or your membership in a "power" conference, the mark of excellence is, and always will be, final national rankings.

How many Top 25 rankings do you think your mighty weak Utes are going to pile up with 4-5 losing conference records?

The truth is Utah was simply lucky to enjoy one of those everything-went-right-for-Utah and everything-went-wrong-for-BYU games.

BYU finishing the season 8-1, with its only loss on the road to TCU, and ranked in the Top 25


Utah finishing the season 6-4, with losses to Washington(7-6), Arizona State(6-7), California(7-6), and Colorado(3-10), and UNRANKED

is proof that BYU was much better than 10-54

and Utah was even close to as good as 54-10.

BYU fans would have welcomed a November rematch, especially after seeing the pathetic team the Utes put on the field against their new "rival".

CO Ute

@ Duckhunter

Couple of comments and this isn't about red vs. blue.
First if you look at the Athlon projects at 4-5 in conference but 7-5 overall that means they are projected to win all three out of conference games.
Second, your later posts uses the word prognosticators. The 's' on the end indicates plural and yet there is no other prediction for a 4-5 finish. This is one source and even you question their accuracy.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

CO Ute

"if you look at the Athlon projects at 4-5 in conference but 7-5 overall that means they are projected to win all three out of conference games"

Your arguement reveals more about you than you realize.

Bottom line, it once again proves that, despite their claims of BYU irrelevancy, Utah fans are far more focused on beating BYU, than they are with having a winning conference record.


@duckhunter (AKA sammy, bluto, and now B C and Uteanymous)

First off, why bother with all the different pseudonyms? It is very apparent that you are all one and the same. The bottom line is, you are on an article about the Utes. Your attempt at trash talk is lame and ineffective. The Utes have moved on to a prestigious conference, something your team can only dream about doing. And the only thing that has any relevance to you is head-to-head competition.

It stands thus: Utah 3 out of the last 4 over BYU.
Utah 7 out of the last 10 over BYU.
Utah 55-34-4 all-time over BYU.
And most recently, Utah 54 BYU 10.

Take a look at your own short end of the rivalry before trying to dish out smack.

Hank Pym

@ Black Shirts 12:59 p.m. June 13, 2012

Did you not pay attention to the lead photo accompanying the article?

Wally West

@ B C 5:45 p.m. June 14, 2012

"It happened in basketball; it can easily happen in football. It happened in basketball; it can easily happen in football."

I recall the BYU hoops program was in the dumps a few seasons prior to Jimmer.

Takeaway, the Lavell era and then look at the head-to-head in pigskin before trying to be clever... and not succeeding IMO.

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