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Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

If the wolverines are coming to Salt Lake in 2015 that gives Utah enough time to expand RES by rebuilding the south end zone and adding 11,000 seats as is the plan anyway. So let's get it done and those seats will be gone in a heart beat.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

The first of many marquee nonconference games on Utah's schedule.


112 Pack
Spokane, WA

Nice, there's not many cup cakes in the Big 10; or PAC 12 for that matter. Nice job Utah!

Ann Arbor, MI

hmmm, living in Ann Arbor and listing to local sports radio....it's a done deal. Although it's funny how Michigan is talking about it more than Utah.

The "rumor" has been floating around A2 for over a year. The offical anouncement is sometime this week or next.

The UofM is very selective when it extends home and homes - infact only 2 PAC12 teams in the past 15 years have recieved a home and home with UofM.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

@ Tomahawk Red,

"The first of many marquee nonconference games on Utah's schedule."

Haha...what you said means two things:

1. Since it is the "first" I guess that means no one outside of consequence, outside a required conference opponent, has ever played at RES. I would agree with you.
2. Since the "first" won't happen for three more years, I guess that you can count on one possible visitor every four seasons or so? I would agree with that as well.

This doesn't mean that there are programs just waiting to come and play is minuature 44k seat stadium...it just means that is was convenient for Michigan's scheduling needs.

Ann Arbor, MI

..."it just means that is was convenient for Michigan's scheduling needs" - Just wondering

Couple thoughts:

1) Did Holmoe try to get a 1for1 with Michigan and got shot down? I would guess yes.
2) Would Holmoe do just about anything to get Michigan on it's schedule even in September - the answer is yes.

So Why did UofM pass on bYu and instead select (as poster say) a much smaller fanbase/stadium/program in Utah? Remember this has nothing to do with the PAC12/BIG10 agreement.

Questions...so many questions.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Just Stumbling...

Yeah pretty much.

We don't need that many nonconference marquee games on the schedule since our conference gives us plenty of marquee conference opponents.

Nice try though.

PS- When was the last time the Kitties have had a marquee home nonconference foe? 1990? Sounda about right.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

Nothing brings me more joy. I hope the Utes keep getting teams like UM, because Utah is no UM. You need to beat Colorado before you hope to beat UM. I love it when Utah is 4-7, 5-6. However, the PAC10.2 does have dogs, Arizona, Wash St, OST, Colorado and UCLA most of the time. USC does have it easy. Ute fans actually think they are somebody. Not yet, win a Rose bowl first. Dont say BCS, your schedule was too easy to be respected outside SLC.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What I love is that Utah thinks they can even beet MU. When we beat a very under rated MU it was for the indisputed National Title.
They also couldn't even beet Colorado even thought it was a total fluke they beat us by 44.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Black Shirts- It's fun to dream ain't it? As if Utah was going "4-7, 5-6" with regularity. Haha. When was the last time Utah went 5-7? I guess you can't blame a guy for dreaming. Sounds kind of like sour grapes.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

BS's mood will be black after the y gets thrashed by Wazzou to open the season. Keep dreaming there BS, but I'm afraid your coach is going to get schooled by another alum.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Just Wondering...
"it just means that is was convenient for Michigan's scheduling needs"


Unlike Notre Dame, Notre Dame of the West (aka BYU) has 6 open slots in 2013, 7 in 2014, and 8 in 2015, wouldn't BYU be "more convenient" for MI scheduling needs?

If we do land the MI game lets hope we play MI @RES in 2013 since our Pac-12 road games in 2013 are: @Arizona, @Oregon, @Stanford, @USC.

NOT even a SEC team plays that kind of road schedule.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Black Shirts

"Nothing brings me more joy. I hope the Utes keep getting teams like UM, because Utah is no UM".

and BYU is no Notre Dame!

"You need to beat Colorado before you hope to beat UM".

You need to beat Utah before you hope to join a big boy conference and play the likes of Michigan home and home, like Utah has done. Oh by the way, Utah beat Michigan in the Big House in 2008 on our way to a perfect season.

"Ute fans actually think they are somebody. Not yet, win a Rose bowl first. Dont say BCS, your schedule was too easy to be respected outside SLC".

So we need to win 3 BCS bowls now to become somebody? Utah is tied with Oregon for second in the Pac-12 with BCS bowl victories. USC is in first! If our schedule was so weak in 04' and 08' to be respected, what does that say about 1984 BYU's schedule? Utah is somebody because they were invited to join a big boy conference, in other words they were wanted! BYU feels entitled to everything in college football, but really are nothing more than mid-major nobodys.

Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Chris Hill needs to give Holmoe a few tips on how to get 1for1's from elite programs. I guess an HD truck, billions of fans and a national brand known if ever corner of the galaxy just doesn't stack up to.......

PAC12 member
Two time BCS winner

Highland, UT

Amid all of the self congradulaitons for this maybe series with mich, no elmer utah hasn't "play the likes of Michigan home and home, like Utah has done", I'd like to know when those games occured, I see no utah "fans" want to mention Athlon's 4-5 conference and 7-5 overall prediction for the ute's.

Now I don't put any more stock in Athlon's predictions than I do anyone elses but it is interesting how little respect utah is getting from them. Especially when you consider utah still doesn't have to play Oregon or Stanford yet still can't seem to convince anyone they are any more than a sub .500 pac team.

112 Pack
Spokane, WA

Open with a win at the Big House, and close the season with a SUGAR BOWL vicory against one loss Alabama. Along the way knock off final BCS top 25 teams TCU, BYU and Oregon State. BYU doesn't have a season even remotely close to that. Not to mention Utah's 2004-5 season. It was like a Fiesta!

Time to play the lottery...........hmmm.............I like number 5-4-1-0

Gilbert, AZ


I don't recall mentioning bYu in my post? I'm still waiting to have someone point out the long list of illustrious NON conference teams that have agreed to come and play in RES? If Michigan comes through, then great, they will be the first, but I doubt they will be the "first of many."


Ah, what would an article on Utah be without the comments of "duckhunter"? Rather than be obsessed with when Utah will play Oregon and Stanford (Don't panic. It will happen starting 2013), I think you should be more concerned about byu's trying to fill up a meaningful schedule, especially in November.

Any comment, "duckhunter"?

Ann Arbor, MI

"Any comment, "duckhunter"?"

Trolls like ducky and the others are really struggggling right about now. We've heard that the Utes could never get an elite 1for1 to come to the RES....and boom goes the dynamite.

What drives the trolls crazy is the knowledge that without doubt Holmoe tried to get this game at LES. Michigan had the option of chosing bYu but instead selected the Utes....kinda like the PAC12.

When oh when will the cougars catch a break.

Salt Lake City, UT

There should be something coming, Michigan or not, seeing as the Big10-Pac12 intend to make an annual matchup between the two conferences for each of the 12 teams in both of them.

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