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Published: Tuesday, June 12 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

I am not sure if the DesNews just trolls websites for "Mormons" and then says they are talking about Mormonism, but I am not sure Julianne Hough is the best example of the values and standards of the church. She acknowledges not "being active" in the church which for anyone who follows pop-culture and Julianne in particular is a stretch. Her numerous flings with Hollywood celebrities and in particular Ryan Seacrest, plus her new movie Rock of Ages is not exactly the example I want set for my 6 year old daughter. She is a great example, beautiful women, but not really living "The Strength of Youth" standards.

non believer

Unfortunately you cannot have your cake and eat it too! So it is just as acceptable to point out the faults and inconsistantcies of the religion. It's all fair game when you are running for office. This entire conversation is due to Mitt wanting to be President. If you do not like the criticism, then one should not run for public office. They made Obama's religion fair game in 2008 so now it's Mitt and the Mormon's time to take the heat!

Plano, TX

I'm not sure what "heat" you are referring to. I've always anxiously awaited questions about my faith so I can explain MYSELF what I believe. I'm loving the "heat" as you call it. Even Julianne Hough's obvious departure from some of the standards of behavior I think are important have brought good opportunities to explain my beliefs to those who question. So to your "you gotta take the heat" statement, I say, "bring it."

Logan, UT

Julianne says she is not as active as others but she is pointing out the things she learned from being a member growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't agree with her life style either but then I like that she is not bad mouthing the church either.

Durham, NC

I am not sure being perfect is a requirement for being a member of the church, nor a requirement to be able to speak as to what the faith means to you. I think it is great to see that less than perfect people can be a members, talk positively of the faith, despite the fact they they may have personal issues that keep them from being what many judge to being an ideal member. I mean, I can remember just a few pro-players in sports, the NFL in particular, who knew that they career would require them to work on a very public stage, on Sundays.

So I am glad to see the great diversity in members, and how they choose to practice their faith. Imperfections and all.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I'm not really sure that we know exactly what Julianne's "lifestyle" is. She says she's not as active as some members. That doesn't mean she is not living the standards. We don't really know for sure. She's gotten involved with some guys who are not members. I think that's all we really know. I hope she gets back in full activity.

Florissant, MO

For all of you that are passing judgement on Julianne, you are far worse Mormon's than she is. How is that beam filling in your eye about now?

Salt Lake City, UT

It's nobody's business to judge somebody's status in the Church. Completely private matter between them and God. Having said that I think it is wonderful that all these people gratefully acknowledge the blessings the Church has provided in their respective life in unique ways. It is not anybody elses' to judge. I know that is hard for many of you to do.

South Jordan, UT

@non believer:

"They made Obama's religion fair game in 2008." Are you kidding? There would have been an absolute ton of flack about both his Muslim roots and his association with Rev Wright, but the media and his challengers largely decided to keep hands off the religion issue with him.

There has already been much more attention to Romney's Mormon faith in this election cycle than to Obama's various religious affiliations in the 2008 cycle.

Just saying -- "fair" to the one doesn't come close to being "fair" to the other.

Ephrata, WA

Well said MoJules & Pragmatic! How refreshing and, yes, uplifting to see acceptance and tolerance of diversity and individual choices! Could there actually be hope for a soul so rebellious and proud as mine?

And to UtahBlueDevil, thanks for your insight that perfection isn't a requirement for membership. It actually IS in my ward, along with absolute conformity and xenophobia, but it's nice to know that there still are places where Mormon Culture isn't in direct conflict with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Salt Lake City, UT

He who is without sin, let him cast the first.. Ouch!!

Harwich, MA

So once again as a group you're here as judge, jury and executioner. Ms. Hough is pretty, interesting and seems to be from her public personal a really nice person. That's more than I can say for most of you that sit at your keyboard making accusations you know nothing about. Shame on you.


The fact that we all know exactly what you mean by "his Muslim roots" and "Rev Wright" pretty well puts the lie to your position.
The fact is that those issues were well explored but that a significant fraction of the US population doesn't accept the truth (i.e. Yes, President Obama grew up in a predominantly Islamic nation. No, he is not a Muslim. Yes, he is a Christian. Yes, he was born in Hawaii, one of the fifty United States of America). The same is proving to be true for Mr. Romney, some people that have already made up their minds don't want to be bothered by the facts (i.e. Yes, Mormons are believers in, and followers of, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the World. No, Mormons are not perfect. Yes, Mormons do strive to be what most consider to be "good people." Yes, he is an U.S. citizen.).
Apparently the jury is still out regarding whether Mr. Romney is a unicorn or not. I'm finding it hard to keep an open mind about that one (:>)

Salt Lake City, UT

Ignored it!? There was even a week in April 2008 when Wright was mentioned more often than Hillary Clinton... you know... the candidate that won Pennsylvania that month and still had a near 50-50 shot of getting the nomination at the time.

Saint George, UT

Thats about what I expected from Julianne Hough. Its the same line Katherine Heigle gave so at least they acknowledge the good values they learned as teens. Reid's comments suprised me. I am glad he is actively proclaiming his Mormon faith.

layton, UT

Re: GeoMan, Rev Wright’s religion is a form of Liberation theology where transcendence is neglected as well as, with Romney’s Mormonism.

The only transcendent, almighty, and holy God, who cannot be approached or seen in essence or Being, becomes immanent primarily in the God-man Jesus the Christ, who is the incarnate(John 1:14) Second Person of the Trinity. Christian(Catholic )theology, Christ and the Holy Spirit immanently reveal themselves; God the Father only reveals himself immanently vicariously through the Son and Spirit, and the Divine Nature, the Godhead is wholly transcendent and unable to be comprehended.
Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature] of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death even death on a cross! (Phil 2:6-8 NIV). God becomes man not man becomes God.
JS taught at one time taught(Kenosis)and the(Hypostatic union) Christ's humanity and divinity in one hypostasis.

Loveland, CO

no doubt Julianne is not living gospel standards, but props to her for saying something positive. She lives in a toxic Hollywood environment where saying anything positive about the church can literally get you blacklisted, and yet she sticks up for us. How many of you would do the same? don't count her out - everyone walks their own journey.

Bountiful, UT

I have no interest in Mormon celebrities, but the DesNews just eats this stuff up. I remember when Gladys Knight was the flavor of the month. Now it's a football coach and an actress/dancer. Next week, we can find a chef or paper boy in Illinois. Please stop with these articles.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


I am quite sure that being perfect is not a requirement for being a member of the church. Were that so, it would be a pretty empty place on Sundays. I know I wouldn't make the cut.

We should all try to do and be our best. But we need to be able to accept that no one will get it right all of the time. We feel a little more discomfort with those of our faith who are in the spotlight yet who veer from accepted practices. Understood. But we should welcome a nice tribute to the values the faith teaches.

Nice comments BTW.

small town, Nebraska

If being perfect was a prerequisite to be a member of the church, there would be no one in church. I'm not perfect but I try to learnfrom my mistakes and sometimes I really blow it. But I continue to ask for the lord for help and guidance. I would have loved to go to the one by andy Reid. I think Hollywood and its standards are horrid but my hats off to anyone who are lds and try the best they can. I'd rather have my privacy and not be in the limelight. I live in a small town and at times at work I feel like I'm under the microscope for the few of my coworkers that know I'm lds. We can't talk about religion at work because of the population I work with. She was talking about religion on our lunchtime away from the clients she asked what I was and I told her. We don't agree on religion but We respect each other and get along just fine. Sorry about my babbling.

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