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Published: Tuesday, June 12 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Richard Smoker
Provo, UT

I am a big admirer of Glenn Beck. I think he has a lot of well thought out and practical ideas. The Nation would do well to follow them--only then can we restore our values and freedoms and make America great again. I encourage the democrats to listen to him with an open mind. He is a refuge in a time of storms. I don't know why many people try to tear down this patriot. Keep truth-telling Glenn!

Mount Pleasant, UT

I can tell you one thing, Glenn Beck is not a "Prophet of Love. He is a radio and talk show owner and host and it stops there. A Prophet is appointed through God and noone else. He should be ashamed of himself of even approving a title like that. Sometimes I wonder about who he really is. I've always liked him but as I said before...he is not a Prophet in any sense or word.

O-town, UT

I don't know that Glenn Beck is a prophet of love (he called himself a rodeo clown--I agree with that), but I know that Donny Osmond is a soldier of love! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sandy, UT

Liberals will always hate the truth- check what they have done with the in faith in God. They try to rule by the minoroty in the name of democracy. All this is done so they would not have oposition to their lack of morality - Which the Bible condems.

It's hard to talk with them because of their hate towards everything that's is good.

Glenn Beck expose them and therefore they hate him.


"but to be involve in restoring our country back to the way it was,"

The way it was when the top tax rate was 70%? a majority of workers belonged to unions? when people could support their families on one salary? when CEO's didn't make 300 times the salary of their employees? when people invested money in new technology and industries rather than the casino called Wall Street and their credit default swaps? when the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was enforced? When corporate lobbyists didn't write legislation and pump money into campaigns? when legislators worked together and knew compromise was required to move the country forward?

Somehow, I don't think that is what you are talking about.
So what are you talking about?

oakley, idaho

I am speechless. Prophet? Love? I can do without his from of love and prophesy. If he were actually interested in love, his 'summitt' would include more people than sycophants. Dialogue requires more than one voice. Talking to yourself and your clones is not dialogue.
What is spooky to me is that I think he believes his ravings and that there are people who actually do not recognize his insanity.

Clearfield, UT

I wonder if Glenn loves President Obama, Any person with any liberal political views, undocumented immigrants, or anyone who might disagree with him. You can't pick and choose whom to love and whom to hate. Love God and love your neighbor. Yes that means love those who don't share your political views. Does Glemn practice that? It does not appear to me that he does. He preys on peoples fears. What this country needs is more unity and forgiveness. Not name calling and divisiveness. It's amazing what good can be accomplished when people set aside differences and work together. Glne is divisive. The comments on here prove that.

Bakersfield, CA

Neil in Clearfield, I think the comments show that there are exactly what you said- lovers and haters. Those who love this country and will not let it morph into a 3rd world magnet; those who may love this country, but who definitely love other people's money and are economically clueless. Different approaches in an imperfect world.

But the silly rantings and over-statements about Beck's motives are not true. His audience knew his Moore-killing fantasy was hyperbole; I'm sure the rest of the faux shocked ones did, too. You can't get more transparent than sharing your intimate family conversations, your disagreements with your spouse's Christmas list, your college daughter's proclivities, or the challeges of raising your handicapped child.

So snip and chide, the man has fans. He has faults and he waxes paranoid often, but he sure isn't making filthy remarks about Bristol Palin and living in debauchery.

Right on, BigSamoan! You nailed it.

Gregg Weber

"See, THAT right there is why we claim Beck is a merchant of hate. This idea that "the left" those "progressives" want to destroy the nation... that is hateful. I'm a progressive, and I strongly disagree with many conservative ideas... but I don't think they hate america or want to destroy it."

But others have the fear that the left, progressives, are bent on the destruction of the Constitution and other things. I being one of them.
Someone at my Sacrament Meeting said right at the podium that he was a liberal democrat. As he left I explained that I couldn't understand why one would be LDS and liberal. He said it was King Benjamine's address. I read it and saw the individual aspects but not the collective forced to do what is right (so that none shall be lost) socialist, communist aspect.
I still don't understand how one can have 2 masters.

Orem, UT

I don't mind Beck, but I'll never pay him my hard earned money to join anything he posts...he is rich enough, and if he really believed what he says, he'd sign everyone up for free...but I guess he needs to buy more gold.

Harwich, MA

@TOO - He tells it like you want to hear it.
If it's facts and common sense you're looking for the Beckster is not the source.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

He was much too over the top even for Fox News. That fact has to tell you right wingers something about Bro. Beck.

Layton, UT


Ogden, UT

I just love the coments on this list that say something like "I wouldn't know all that I know about politics if it wasn't for Glen Beck." Do you know why he is the sole source of a lot of the things that he says? It is not because he is tapped into a secret font of wisdom or hidden knowledge. It is because he makes the information up. He is living proof that mental competence is not required to become a success. Gotta just love this brave new world.

Evanston, WY

If only those, who are ignorant, knew how much Romney and Beck fork-out to charities. Yes, they donate a lot to their church (tithing, fast offerings for the needy, humanitarian aid, etc.), but in addition, you can be assured that they donate a lot to other humanitarian charities and other non profit organizations, as well. Also, those who know that Romney was a Bishop and a Stake President, surely must know of what those unpaid positions represent for all, both rich and poor and every other economic level in between. The face of those whom Romney ministered to had no dollar value scratched on their foreheads. And this does not include all the personal time they spend helping others, without desire for personal compensation. Consider the personal funds that the Romneys extended to those in need. Many may not like eithers politics, but do know that they both represent what Americans stand for, helping those who are in need. America is the country who as a whole, donates more of their personal income to those in need, both close to home and in other countries...hands-down. They are a part of that great heritage. Patriots!

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

In the world of radio Beck pales in comparison to Howard("The King of All Media") Stern both in the amount of listeners and contract size. Stern's contract eclipses Beck by almost $500 million and Stern is by far a much better entertainer. After all that's all Beck is, an entertainer.

York, SC

In one comment Mr. Beck was said to be divisive. My good husband fought communism in Viet Nam. I saw and felt the influence of this evil first hand while on a school trip to Washington D.C. when rioting, destruction and chaos broke out.
THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE WITH SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM.This is the covert threat to our freedom and American way of life we have been so abundantly blessed with.
Study your constitution to know what it says not what you have been told.
May God bless Mr. Beck.

Gregg Weber

@Christoph (spelling?)
"Go out in the world and work with your hands."

One should do what they do best for the most good and not be forced into the fields of Cambodia.

(If a thought can't be expressed without corrupting it, is it a thought worth thinking? Or is it badthink?)


"Also, those who know that Romney was a Bishop and a Stake President,"

Which is why Romney's distortions/misrepresentations/lies in the campaign are more problematic and offensive to (some) LDS members.

"if only those, who are ignorant, knew how much Romney and Beck fork-out to charities."

So, are you suggesting people can "buy" their way? Lie and slander today, donate tomorrow?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Gregg Weber
Someone at Sacrament Meeting said he was a liberal democrat. I couldn't understand why one would be LDS and liberal. He said it was King Benjamin's address. I read it... but not the collective forced to do what is right (so that none shall be lost) socialist, communist aspect.
I still don't understand how one can have 2 masters.
10:13 p.m.

I'm active LDS and Liberal.
Agreed, King Benjamin + 3rd Nephi + Pioneers, United Order, ect.


U.S. Military,
King of Heaven,
...all Socialist/Communist economic systems.

What's your point?

As for Lucifer's Plan -
I see Conservatives as the one's more apted to strip away Free Agency,
banning each and every little sin or vice,
FORCING everyone to live a sinless life; (so that none shall be lost) ect.
A plan of Free Agency - not Taxes.

Add to it,
the War mongering,
worshipping corporations and GAIN - $$$[Babylon] trampling the Constitutional rights of citizens but giving unlimited power to Banks and WallStreet ala, Master Mahans - Gadiantons. Drunk on the Wine of Babylon [Oil, see Book of Revelations].

We agree, how one can have 2 masters.

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