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Published: Friday, June 8 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Obama is the problem and Mitt will only continue that problem. Obama and Romney will not be getting one cent from me. A choice between the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. I choose to not choose evil at all and choose Good.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

What makes things worse is that Rand Paul turned his back on the constiution by joining the establishment darkside endorsing Romney. He sold his supporters and this country out.

Centerville, UT

I'm not a fan of Hatch, but the window of opportunity to replace him is gone. He almost didn't need a primary this time and I think people in Utah are getting a little more content with him, especially since it looks like Obama is on his way out of office. There isn't the same intensity as when Bennett got thrown out.

Hatch has promised that this is his last term (although I don't know why this term will be any more important than the next term.) But if Orrin is leaving after this term, fine. Just don't be doing anything stupid like trying bipartisan legislation with Barbara Boxer or John Kerry for the sake of being bi-partisan.


I think Scott Howell is a decent man, but I don't want someone who is there to 'vote differently.' That's why the country elected Obama. So that we had a 'change' from the norm. And we got it. And it is not good.


I disagree that Hatch and Lilenquist would vote the same. Hatch voted for bailouts, tarp, liberal supreme court justices,medicaid, and on and on. That is why as a Republican we need someone that is Conservative. Why vote for a Republican that acts like a Democrat.

Draper, UT

@ MPeace If you had bothered to go to Liljenquist's website, you would have clearly seen an email address (info@danforutah.com), a mailing address (P.O. Box 829 Bountiful, UT 84011), and a phone number ((801) 923-4326), all of which are useful for contacting Dan. Does Orrin Hatch accept carrier pigeons too? Is that the reason for your inaccurate comment?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Kaparowitz is 100% correct. It's time for new blood in Congress. But it won't come with either Hatch or Liljenquist.

Scott Howell, though, is another story. An honest, well respected man with good common sense is what's needed.

Scott Howell is that man.

Draper, UT

Senator Hatch represents one person in Washington, and that is Senator Hatch. His voting record proves he is part of the problem and not a solution. His refusal to publicly debate Dan Liljenquist shows that he doesn't care enough about the people of Utah to show them why he's still good for the state (or more likely, knows he can't). He's got time for photo opportunities with Mitt Romney, but can't be bothered with the people of Utah. In addition, if he does get in again, he will be a "lame duck" Senator. That's the last thing our state needs! Senator Hatch has become a corrupt cog in the Washington machine and needs to be retired. I am dedicated to doing my part towards that end during the primary election in a few weeks. I hope others will make an honest effort to study and research Senator Hatch between now and the primary election later this month, and come to the obvious conclusion, he needs to go.

Draper, UT

@ A1994

It is certainly not too late. The window of opportunity to replace Hatch is during the primary election later this month. A lot of time and money was spent to provide each individual in Utah with that voting window of opportunity. Please don't give up without making good use of the historical chance we've all been given to finally rid ourselves of this corrupt, self-serving senator.

Santa Monica, CA

I am so proud to live in a country where a man such as our wonderful President Obama, can overcome the racist element of America and the stonewalling of the right and set this country on a track that was nearly demolished over the Bush presidency. These two aren't made of that stuff. This country isn't ready to stomach a President who doesn't have the strength of his convictions and can't stand up to a man like Donald Trump. Mitt Romney and Orin Hatch are decent men, but the Republican party doesn't seem to have room for decent, or compassionate people anymore.

South Jordan, UT

Hatch is no conservative. Don't forget, one of his best buddies for decades was Ted Kennedy, with whom he co-authored a number of bills, including No Child Left Behind. It's long past time for him to retire, and to get some fresh blood in there. I read a comment the other day that Liljenquist would be another Mike Lee - one can only hope. Romney is way better than Obama, although not as conservative as I would like. I hope to get as many real conservatives as possible in Congress, partly in order to keep Romney in line.

Salt Lake City, UT

Last Utah General Legislative Session for 2011, I remember seeing bill after bill sponsored by Sen. Dan Liljenquist pass the house. I was amazed at the respect he and the bills had. I was amazed at how both republicans and democrats voted for them.

For example, his 2011 SB 180 Medicaid Reform bill passed both houses with no votes against it from either party and was signed by the Governor.

With at least 7 bills, both the house and senate, both republicans and democrats all voted for the reforms Senator Dan Liljenquist proposed. In all, 9 of his bills were signed by the Governor.

We need that in Washington DC. These are the same areas that are bankrupting our nation. Again, we need Dan Liljenquist in Washington DC. Yes, we have a US Senator with 35 years of seniority, but remember that in 2011, Senator Dan Liljenquist was still in his first 4 year term. He did it without seniority.

newhall, CA

I will vote for Romney. Hatch? No. He's had his day in the sun. Thirtysix years of basking in the limelight. Not only has he repped Utah but please can anyone ask him how he's had time to serve the people and "write" songs and poetry and make money, at it? As if he's poor. Hatch has benefited from insider trading all these years in Congress. He's today's Frank Moss. Romney doesn't need Hatch. If Hatch's ego is such that he can brag about being an 'advisor' to Romney, then why doesn't he abdicate his senatorial throne and support Romney. When Romney wind, maybe Hatch can be appointed to as a member of his cabinet. Hatch looks tired and old and frankly rambles. What we need in Congress are younger reps, term limits and the removal of all those wonderful perks. Anyone ask Hatch if he still has a bloomberg in his office so he can see when to buy and when to sell? Yep, it pays to serve the people.


Not too long ago I too subscribed to "term limits" as a great way to help
fix some of the things wrong with our government. But no longer do I agree with term limits. Why?

"lame duck" is one reason. We are all aware that a "lame duck" representative can be dangerous as they have no reason to not just ignore the Constitution and/or the people and vote however.

"Concerning term limits, which were considered by the Founding Fathers during the
Constitutional Convention of 1787, Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist, No. 72:
"Nothing appears more plausible at first sight, nor more ill-founded upon close

There are "term limits" that do work however, and they create NO lame ducks, but they require an informed electorate who understand the "limited government" principle and who do not make their voting decisions based upon 30 second TV ads promoted by the various candidates. They do their own research and know how the candidates have voted or will vote. In other words, there is simply "No Substitute for an Informed Electorate". There are no shortcuts to good government.

Google "Term Limits Temptations" to see why I changed my thinking.

Boise, Idaho

It is time for Utah to dump hatch. He is totally on the payroll of big tobacco, and the nation Association of Drug Manufacturewrs. Hia son is the chief lobyists for the big drug cartels, and he has sponsored more bills than any aother senator, to ensure that the big drug seller can still empty your pockets with the sale of me-too drugs, that enlarge the drug cartel. Romney need to dump him .Utah need to help lower the cost of drugs, by not voting for Hatch.

Temecula, CA

Idaho Stranger: You bring up some interesting points regarding term limits. Here are two suggestions that might help in developing your idea. After each election don't have a lame duck session.

We could write an amendment that ends the current session of Congress on the day of the election. For example: No Congressional work from Nov 6 to Jan 20 when a President is sworn in. In conjunction with that no recess appointments protect the people even more.

These two suggestions help return the balance of power to the people. It forces all Congressional and Presidential action to occur before elections allowing us to vote on accomplishments. The President's authority to engage the military if neccessary being the only exception. This would all help reign in political power and the lobbyists favorite play time.

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