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Published: Friday, June 8 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

Great to have the two in Utah to raise money and awareness for both of these dignified and public service oriented people. Hopefully, it will help Senator Hatch in his bid for the primary victory in less than 3 weeks. We need both of these men to help toward help alleviate some of our woes in the State and Nationally. Men of conviction and integrity is what we need and that isn't happening in Washington, D.C. There were some changes two years ago but that is not all we need, we need a Senator from Utah in Washington, D.C. that will move forward and not just sit on the sideline saying his values are more important than doing something. Values and high values are worth pursuing and preserving but don't work if you just sit on the sideline and approach the battle in the Halls of the Capitol. We have plenty of principled people in Utah that could be holding their values and doing something but Senator Hatch is the one for now and has served us well for 36 years. His age is a factor but if he is willing to fight the battle, Good.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I thought Hatch said he was "too busy" to debate??

He can get "unbusy" for photo ops but doesn't have time to talk to the voters?

Gregg Weber

When I was young the question came up of voting for JFK just because he was Catholic as I was. Voting for religion or even integrity is important, but also is how one stands concerning the Constitution (original intent small government). People with integrity can be misled into tyranical paths. I wouldn't vote for Harry Reid.

Provo, Utah

Good Communications is the main thing. Orrin Hatch is easy to get communications with by Email. I just checked the Liljenquist election site. I see no easy way to communicate with him by Email. What we really need in a Senator is means to communicate with him when we have a problem. We do not need to have him use his ideas of what our problems are, like Liljenquist displays. Our problems may become very different from the problems he perceives very fast. We need to have communications means. Hatch has these established. -And not by letter by mail to our Senators. Letters by mail to our Senators and Congressmen go through a checking for dangerous materials that may be enclosed in them in Pennsylvania which takes 3 to 4 months before they are received by our elected officials. If we have a serious problem, we cannot wait that long, therefore Email contact is very important. Senator Hatch has this means of communication. Liljenquist does not. I have to vote for the best person and that is Hatch.

Sandy, UT

We should start a game; "Where in the world is Orrin Hatch"?

We know where he isn't, he isn't in DC as we've been told, busy fixing everything;
He's not in Utah to personally show us he is still the best qualified.

I'll bet he has time to fly to Utah for a photo op and attend high dollar fund raisers and then will have to rush back to DC since he's the only one capable of fixing the mess he participated in creating.

Provo, Utah

I would hope that Mitt Romney has a communications means to respond to people that email him questions and suggestions as to how to better help this country, and a means to get even a reasonable message back to them about the subject, if he becomes president. Obama has not this communication means. In 2 years I have received no responsiveness about anything. Before computers messages back by regular mail were possible from the president's secretary. Now there is nothing. It is a complete vacuum.

Brigham City, UT

Romney and Liljenquist both have business experience; Hatch and Obama do not. A vote for Hatch is a vote for deficits (which began in year 2000).

Salem, UT

I had decided to change my party vote this time and vote for Romney, but after I found out that he is a Hatch supporter I am more undecided than ever. My problem with Hatch is that he is part of the problem in Washington, and being one of the good old boys don't cut it with me. His experience and positioning hasn't helped up to now so why keep voteing him in? It's time for him to retire and stay home and write his music!!!!

Ex Pat
Salt Lake City, Ut


Salem, UT"

We are voting for a President. If you can't decide between Hatch and obama - I guess that is your problem. Unfortunately, obama is our problem. I hope you have a really swell job, just like all the people who are not on gov payroll, because I understand the private sector is doing great.

Layton, UT

I am an indepent, I am taken back when I see 2500.00 per plate fundraisers while there are people literally starving because they cannot find work.
Barack Obama has been a disaster and is the worst President in the history of the United States. This is the most important election in history. We must rid ourselves of this President and his minions.
Having said that, I do find it disconcerting that Mr Hatch and Mr Romney would attend something like this.

Bakersfield, CA

American presidency: Who gets the most greenbacks becomes one.

God is so proud of all the money spent on campaigns and fliers, while the 'widows and orphans' still suffer and the homeless still crowd our streets. How about a few televised debates and put your campaign platforms on the Internet or American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. Or just text your kids and constituents.

And a helpful suggestion for Peace in Provo: Find the new paragraph key and you might get a response. No one reads run-on diatribes. Short and pithy.

Smithfield, UT

I think it worth noting that a President Romney could work just as well with a Senator Liljenquist, as he could with Orrin Hatch. Utahns, don't let appearances be deceiving. One favor owed by a fellow politician can be re-paid at any time down the road. And I agree with the comment, "If Hatch is so busy representing Utah in the Senate, how does he break away for a photo op with Mitt in Utah???" There something fishy about the whole affair. I think it's about (to) Hatch!

While Hatch's is in Utah, I would hope he could also find time to debate his opponent, as well as attend $2,500.00 a plate dinners. Inquiring minds want to know, . . . what's up, Orrin???

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The message from Romney is that he is courting the RINOs and the Tea Party all in the same week. Wednesday Mitt was promoting himself as a conservative after the victory in Wisconsin. Today he's kissing up to the old guard Hatch.
March on to Tampa Bay.
But after the convention watch him REALLY work the political spectrum.
Candidates have no shame.

Brigham City, UT

Mr. Hatch became a millionaire in office; he loves a government paycheck and living in Washington D.C.; congress should work part-time and live in a barracks, start out with same pay as enlisted military. Mr. Liljenquist earned his money the old fashioned way.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

As usual, the Hatch team is quick to jump in with their choreographed adulation of the career politician.

Romney's visit to endorse Hatch makes me less inclined to vote for Romney than it does to make me want to vote for Hatch.

No amount of endorsements from the political establishment will convince me that Hatch is the solution to, not the cause of, our problems in Washington.

Salt Lake City, UT

President Obama is hardly the worst president in American history. He has a long, long, long way to go before he reaches the level of Richard Nixon. I do agree that it is time for a change, and that Mitt Romney will do a better job with the economy.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Hatch has campaign cash from Phillip Morris (you know, the cigarette people) and Mitt has gambling moguls stumping and providing buckets full of cash. Wow! What a statement about the "religious right"!

Smithfield, UT

Mitt Romney paid a courtesy call to Utah yesterday. Of course, protocol requires a presumptive national candidate to be received by a current Utah national representative. Don't imply that Romney came principally because of Hatch's invitation to help him with his campaign. A President Romney can/will work equally well with a Senator Liljenquist, as with Orrin Hatch. Politicians often do "favors" for political acquaintances. It's NO BIG DEAL!

While Orrin's in Utah, why doesn't he serve his constituents with a debate or debates with his primary opponent? It is an election year, afterall and I think he's running. Is his schedule so "pressing", he has to return immediately to Washington, DC.? Yes, I thought so. "The little dog laughed to see such sport, and . . . the dish ran away with the spoon."

Eureka, UT

When I compare Liljenquist and Hatch and think about the hundred of votes that they would each make in the senate if they were elected. I wonder how differently they'd actually vote and my conclusion is they'd virtually vote the same on every issue. So does it really matter who R's vote for in the primary? I don't think so if they are concerned about the results. All the arguments they are having about this election are actually kind of comical to watch. If they really wanted change from Hatch they'd vote for Scott Howell, at least there would be a difference in how he voted in the Senate and maybe something would get done in Washington.

A.F., UT

It's time to dump Hatch and put some new blood in Congress. We need to overturn some tables and send a message to Congress that we are tired of the status quo. We need new faces, fresh ideas and Hatch isn't the answer. Rise up people and vote this guy out! Hatch's reelection is in no way inevitable. Look at Indiana where Lugar went from virtual reelection prospects to being given the boot. Wake up people and send a message that we will hold politicians responsible for the mess they create. Hatch has become part of the problem.

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