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Published: Thursday, June 7 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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"Mock debate" was right. Liljenquist mocked himself. The idea was foolish. No way he could win with this one. And... the only people in the audience would be his supporters. Which was merciful for him.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

In January he can set up a mock office in a mock DC as a mock senator. What a mockery.

Conservative Voice

I went in undecided and came out a Dan supporter. It's a shame Orrin Hatch won't even come out of hiding to talk with Utahns about his next 6 years. Dan will be a great leader for this state!

Smithfield, UT

I applaud Dan Liljenquist's efforts to get the Utah senior Senator to face his constituency prior to the Utah primary election in a meaningful debate. Hatch's refusal to engage in debates with his opponent smacks of arrogance and entitlement. Why should Utahns give a 7th unprecedented term of office to a man who is in official seclusion and avoidance???

If Hatch denies his electorate in June 2012 the opportunity of hearing from him, what will his attitude be in January 2013? In this case, "You can judge a book by its cover!"

I think Hatch's choice to be "conveniently unavailable" to debates is unfortunate. In a job opening there is usually an interview. How come in 2012, for the job of Utah Senator, there are two Republican applicants and ONLY one wants to interview???


This is the mockery: That a US Senator elected BY the people won't answer TO the people in FRONT of the people. I am appalled by the arrogance.

Great Great Job! Dan!

This was clever, well-executed, well-attended and allowed many folks to see the Change that we need in Washington.

Provo, Utah

It is easy to get a message from Hatch. Give him an E-mail and you will get a response.
If Dan is elected, he most likely will raise the Debt ceiling also, as Obama won't have improved anything except putting the country more in debt, if re-elected, and a new debt ceiling will be needed or the Federal Government will stop functioning once more.
If anyone has a question -just Email Hatch. -Don't try Obama though - as you will never get any response at all. Does Dan have things set up to respond to all of your questions immediately after he is elected? Mike Lee did not for a long while. Likely the same for Dan. Hatch does.

Provo, Utah

Hatch is easily available if you have a question -through Email.

Salt Lake City, UT

This was a great "debate." Dan Liljenquist was once again on top of his game tonight, and his heartfelt passion, his deep understanding of the problems, and his real-life ability to help straighten out Washington were very evident at this event.

I'm firmly convinced that if Sen. Hatch's lineup of "endorsers" had been present at this event, the vast majority (if not all) of them would have said, "Whoa, maybe I was too hasty. I think THIS guy (Liljenquist) is the right one. And he'll be able to hit the ground running."

La Verkin, UT

Excellent idea, well thought out, and it was very informative and sent a message. It's time to retire Senator Hatch and let someone who has a history of cutting entitlements into office.

Dan is running on cutting entitlements, and his first step is removing the most entitled individual in the Senate.

Farmington, UT

Here's the secret that those who have not yet heard Dan speak do not know: the man is impressive. We attended his Tuesday Farmington event. Even though it was cold and rainy the place was full of voters who wanted to meet Dan, hear his ideas and learn about his accomplishments. We came away more convinced than ever that we NEED Dan Liljenquist in the Senate! Where else will you find someone who forged an alliance with all the stakeholders to accomplish both State pension reform and Medicaid reform, thus rescuing the state budget from a catastrophe. Utah became the FIRST STATE IN THE NATION to tackle these ticklish issues and get it done! Senator Liljenquist was then asked to assist 40 other states to do the same. No one in the country comes close to Dan's level of experience and street smarts in entitlement reform. Let's put him to work at the federal level to accomplish what he's done for the states!

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Liljenquist lost all credibility with Utah voters when he attacked our teachers and wiped out their retirement system.

Of all the places he could have found more money for the state, the backs of the teachers wasn't the right one.


Joey D

It would had been nice to have an Honest, Intelligent debate Mr. Hatch! But you go ahead and hide behind the skirts of your incumbency. Utah deserves Better!!! By the way what are you so afraid of?

Clearfield, UT

Liljenquist made a mockery of himself, and showed that he is just one more crass politician. Sad.

Alpine, UT

It's high time for change everywhere in Washington, including Hatch's seat in the Senate. Dan would help restore some kind of sanity back to this nation. Hatch's seniority is meaningless doing the wrong thing for America. Dan has my vote and support.

Provo, UT

What the article fails to mention is that Scott Howell showed up to offer to debate Dan if he wanted a real debate. As you can guess, he didn't accept the offer.

Salt Lake City, UT

Last Utah General Legislative Session for 2011, I remember seeing bill after bill sponsored by Sen. Dan Liljenquist pass the house. I was amazed at the respect he and the bills had. I was amazed at how both republicans and democrats voted for them.

For example, his 2011 SB 180 Medicaid Reform bill passed both houses with no votes against it from either party and was signed by the Governor.

With at least 7 bills, both the house and senate, both republicans and democrats all voted for the reforms Senator Dan Liljenquist proposed. In all, 9 of his bills were signed by the Governor.

We need that in Washington DC. These are the same areas that are bankrupting our nation. Again, we need Dan Liljenquist in Washington DC. Yes, we have a US Senator with 35 years of seniority, but remember that in 2011, Senator Dan Liljenquist was still in his first 4 year term. He did it without seniority.

Kamas, UT

Hatch has been persuasive to the older citizens in Utah. He has convinced them Mitt Romney needs him, and can't live without him as the presumptive chair of Senate Finance.

The argument is deeply flawed. I sincerely hope the Senate will return to Republican control but it is by no means a surety.

Even if Hatch is not re-elected Mike Crapo (R-ID, also a Mormon) would be an acceptable replacement for Hatch with whom Romney would a fabulous working relationship. All of THAT assumes Romney is elected president, also not a lock, though I hope it becomes reality.

Politicians must manufacture a meme that makes sense.

This year, however, Orrin Hatch's reasoning is deeply flawed because all of it diminishes the fact of his advancing age (78, 84 at the end of this next term if re-elected). Couple that with his arrogance in assuming Utah, the nation and the world will not survive without his leadership and you have a deeply flawed argument.

The seat is not Hatch's.

I am stridently opposed to the entitlement mentality wherever I find it.

I find it particularly appalling in Hatch.

Dan Liljenquist is his worthy successor.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Emails replies from Hatch? No. I've tried that and what you get in return is a pre-recorded, canned message tidbit prepared by one of his many staffers. Most don't even come close to answering the question or addressing the issue you've raised.

The best replacement for Hatch is not Liljenquist. It's Scott Howell.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm voting for Dan Liljenquist!

But, I agree with Hatch 100%.

At least the 1976 Orrin Hatch, who demanded eight (EIGHT!) televised debates with the incumbent. And, As Hatch said then "What do you call a Senator who has been in Wahsington for 18 years? You call him home!" Since 18 years is only half as long as Hatch has been living in Washington (not Utah), he is doubly right on the need to call home career Washingotn politicians.

Hatch wants to continue his lifetime career of power and prestige and oratory.

Liljenquist wants to fix our country's problems.

I will be proud to vote for Liljenquist in the primary, and the general election.

Kaysville, UT

I agree with the comment that the seat is not Hatch's. I disagree that Liljenquist is the person to replace Hatch. Liljenquist is a Mike copy and that is bad for Utah and it's bad for the nation. Liljenquist is not the race for the senate for the country, he's in it for himself and the right wing tea partiers. He and they do not represent Utah. The Governor may have signed off on Liljenquist's bills but only becuse Utah politics have been high jacked. Vote hatch this term and lets find someone who is worth of Utah's support to replace him the next go around. Let's also find a replacement for Lee while we are at it. We need representatives who will actually work together and not shut down conversation.

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