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Published: Friday, June 8 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It is unfortunate that the implication of "Latter-Day Christian" is that of a Johnny-come-lately religion. I would prefer the moniker "New Testament Christian" to demonstrate that support for the Fourth Century Creeds are "not to be found in the New Testament" according to Harper's Bible Dictionary.

Richland, WA

In Mosiah Chapter 18, the editor, Mormon, after describing the Church of Christ which was restored in ancient America by the prophet Alma, waxed rhapsodic over the name of the place where this key event took place: the forest and the waters of Mormon, which was the fountain of the Church among his people for five hundred years, and was the reason his parents named him after that significant place of refuge and covenant. We don't know if "Mormon" became a nickname for the saints in that era, but it was the editor's name because it was a shorthand for the Church of Christ, just as Melchizedek is shorthand for the Priesthood after the Holy Order of the Son of God.

So when we are explaining what the name Mormon means, we should point to the meaning it had for the man who humbly wore it as his name: It is an ancient name for the Church of Jesus Christ in the Americas.

Full-on double rainbow
Bluffdale, UT

Here is the chronology of the name of the church. Enjoy!

1830: Church of Christ
1834: The Church of the Latter Day Saints
1838: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The 1834 name is particularly interesting.

Ventura, Ca (SoCal), CA

We (my wife especially) have loved the Eyre's for years. They continue to inspire. Great article and explanation!

John Marx
Layton, UT

From the article
"Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve indicated in a recent general conference talk that being called a “Mormon” is not particularly offensive to many members"

Considering the church has been running "I'm a Mormon" ads I would say they've embraced the title for individuals.

Medical Lake, Washington

It's a complicated issue at times. I have no problem being referred to as a "Mormon", though I consider myself a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When people ask me what my religion is and the setting requires a condensed response, I tell them that I am LDS.

Nicknames are not so problematic; depending on the qualities of people the nickname describes. For example, if someone uses the word "Gypsy" that rarely carries with it a positive image, because of the conduct of some of that group. And so, when many hear the word Gypsy they think thief.

It becomes critical that we all live our lives in such a way that when people say Mormon they think Christian --- a rose by any other name.

Herriman, UT

I have been told by reliable sources that we may call ourselves "The Church of Jesus Christ." My understanding is that the church has copy written the name "Mormon" not because that is our preferred title but because it is still so prevalent. We use it as a way to invite people to look more closely at the religion because that is known in the world. As they look more closely we can explain that we are truly The Church of Jesus Christ. I think if we used this title it would clear things up.

LDS while appropriate just ads to the confusion. There was a news story after the disaster in New Orleans where a woman was interviewed. She said that there were two sources you could rely on for help. The LDS church and the Mormons.

If we are confused about what to call ourselves, how can we expect others to know?

Bakersfield, CA

There's been lots of changes in the church name, the First Vision, the temple endowment, the Book of Mormon, the Word of Wisdom, plural marriage, blacks and the priesthood, church doctrines.

Why would a believer want a church whose God can't get it right the first time around? Every General Conference runs the possibility of doctrinal reversals in the smorgasbord of tenets. Boil it down and Mormonism is a 19th century remake/amalgamation of Biblical, New Age, secular humanism, and misunderstandings of basic Biblical doctrines.

* You add the Garden to Calvary, works to grace, food laws to exaltation, tithing to temple recomnends, other books to God's One, polygamy to an unbiblical heaven and its requirements, etc..
* You totally change Jesus Christ's DNA, His Mission and Message, His origin and uniqueness; the ancient temple sacrifices, the Way back to our Father, etc.
* You take away the central meaning of the Cross, salvation by grace, the authority and trust of the Holy Bible, and our Triune God.

Those of us who grew up in the church love our families and heritage, but we had to choose between them and God's truth. Painful but liberating, the Truth!

layton, UT

Mormon tabernacle choir, should be changed to the LDS tabernacle choir.

Church(ekklesia)means “called” out ones. The Apostle Paul identified the church of God in Corinth, those in Galatia he called the churches of Galatia. God recognizes His people by their faith in him, not by a name over the door. The invisible church or the Holy catholic church.

The grand reason of the burst of public sentiment in anathemas upon Christ and his disciples, causing his crucifixion, was evidently based upon polygamy, according to the testimony of the philosophers who rose in that age. A belief in the doctrine of a plurality of wives caused the persecution of Jesus and his followers. We might almost think they were "Mormons." Jedediah M. Grant(JoD 1:346)

Bakersfield, CA

When you add to the Cross of Christ, it doesn't matter what you add or change in your name. You are what you teach, and Mormonism has always been another gospel with another Jesus and another reality.

Please- You need more than name clarification. You need to get yourself out of every cult section and book in (literally) every Christian bookstore on earth! We loved the fact that Bible-believers don't fall for false theology in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. While you have churches there, the local Christian bookstores in Oslo, Bergen, Vienna, Stockhölm, London, Prishtina, Athens, Santorini, Jerusalem, Amman and Tiberias all had great apologetics sections with classic books that still classify Mormonism as an unbiblical religion. You are there with all the others that refuse to accept and follow God's Word as authoritative and accurate.

When I read the Bible without all the Mormon definitions, I was shocked at the simplicity and beauty of God's gospel. Although I had seen several changes in my 35 years in the church, all the accusations that Joseph Smith first leveled at 1830's Christianity were never altered. Only his revelations were reversed.

Bakersfield, CA

If Christ "himself gave to the church" its name, why couldn't He get it right the first time? I grew up with this kind of circular logic and unbiblical rhetoric. It really is time for Mormons to admit that they have disdain for the Bible and love their 19th century remake. It is evident on these sites and thinly-veiled at best. Free Bible give-aways haven't fooled any blood-bought Bible-believers, because we actually read and follow God's Word. Bereans aren't fooled, only the unschooled are mislead.

The sad truth, regardless of the valiant efforts to put lipstick on it for journalists and public consumption, is that you deserve all the bad press and jokes about your moniker. "Mormons" were polygamists and still believe in it. We just cannot believe the efforts to distance yourself from the very practice that got you maligned, persecuted and "extermination" orders actually worked. And please stop aligning yourselves with the extermination of 6 million Jews. There is no parity there.

I survived growing up a proud Mormon with no excuses. Today's "LDS" want acceptance without acquiesence to God's Word.

That will never happen.

San Diego, CA

I'm not here to correct anyone - the author or the "commenters" - but I think suffice to say that in the modern definition of Saints, we probably fit Christians better than Saints. HOWEVER, a very timeless definition of "Saints" we are indeed, true to the word, Saints and I daresay, not Christians (just like how we are NOT Mormons). In fact, Christians, as many of us know, is a nickname given to the Saints in the New Testament times. IT IS A NICKNAME AFTER ALL - as far as deity is concerned. There are Saints, Jews, gentiles and other tribes and religions out there but Christians is truly and simply a nickname and will be.

So calling ourselves Latter-day Christians (I feel, is quite blasphemous) is just the same as calling ourselves Latter-day Mormons. In my opinion, there's no difference. My question is, why do we want to so desperately conform to the world sooo baad? We are Saints, not Christians. Give me a time in the history of mankind where deity referred to his people as Christians.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

The thing I love about being a latter-day Saint is that we are led to seek humility and understanding through revelation, which requires repentance, a broken heart and contrite spirit, and a desire and willingness to do good continually.

It makes perfect sense that this makes no sense at all to those who cannot accept that humility, love and service are prerequisite to being "humble followers of Christ".

I believe true Christians will spend their time and energy seeking to be humble, and who realize that "my ways are not your ways" when trying to "make sense" of doctrinal truths. We cannot possibly understand it all, and there are numerous conflicts in teachings, doctrines and theology throughout the decades and centuries.

It is folly for any of us to think we "get it" all or can somehow make logical sense of it. I believe that learning to hear the word of God, follow it, and seeking revelation with a humble heart is the only hope to coming to an understanding of spiritual things. Trying to make sense of it in wordly terms will always end in a mass of confusion and contention.

Bakersfield, CA

You are "another gospel", according to the Holy Bible's definition. It does not matter what name, nickname, new name, new revelation you put on yourselves. Lovely people can still belong to cults, false religions, unbiblical, non-Christian denominations. Charity and repentance are part of every major religion in the world.

Just reading Seek2Understand's comment says it all: Biblical believers know that it doesn't matter how humble, gracious, religious, pious, charitable, repentant, etc. you are. It's all about "Who do you say I am, Peter?" You can follow Mohammed and live like a Christian. You can dwell deep in Ethiopia and practice ancient Jewish and Christian rites (and they do). It's Who you say Jesus Christ is.

Mormonism is all about the gold angel on top of the temples. He defined your new gospel, your "other" testament of another Jesus.

C'mon to the BBQs, belong to the PTA, become the next POTUS. But just "calling" yourselves a Christian will never make it so. You have to have the original. Complain, or join the fold. We'd love to have you, but not your unbiblical gospel.

We are to protect and preserve God's Word.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@LonelytheCross and @Dupedhaze

Thank you for illustrating Mark Twains famous assessment: If Christ ere on the earth today there is on thing he wouldn't be and that's a Christian.

Temple City, CA

Wow, what goes on in Bakersfield? One might have the impression that all the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who live in the lovely San Joaquin Valley have suddenly left the Church under the assumption that true Christianity exists elsewhere.

DUPDaze, OnlytheCross, and Capella, each writing posts identical in tone and diction, seem to suggest that three different people came to the conclusion that the Church was not for them, left the Church, then felt the need to advise the Church on what it should teach, call itself, and act upon.

I tell you what--if you really believe your leaving the Church has led you to true Christianity, then, great. Proselytize me all your conscience allows. But you are not convincing. In one breath, you tell me that all the good things the Church teaches me really come from Satan, then you tell me how the LDS Church is called by the wrong name and believes non-Biblical things (every doctrine of the Church is supported my reading of the Bible; I don't know why your reading is superior), and you give me nothing to compensate me for your suggested apostacy.


While you're over there in Poland why not take the blinders off and notice that not all members of the Church (at least outside of lock-step USA) are thrilled with Mitt's candidacy or the way he represents the wonderful name of the Church. The members here in Naples have been scared by his aggressive calls for more war, since they are very close to all these hotspots . The European headquarters for NATO are located in their city, making them feel targeted.

Americans like to think that all people around the world shout "Rah, rah USA, USA" over every American bomb dropped, but it isn't so. Having the most prominent Mormon in the world being the one calling for war pretty much everywhere, all the time (name one he doesn't want) makes the church look very, very bad. If Mitt is elected the Church will be engaged in full-bore damage control.

layton, UT

@Ldsdaniel, My question is, why do we want to so desperately conform to the world sooo baad? We are Saints, not Christians.

A saint (hagios Greek,#40) seperate, a most holy thing; ie… Holy Bible ,Holy Spirit. Holy, holy, holy is the LORD.

“Christ” is a title much the same way as “President’ or “King”. This title is taken from the Hebrew word “Mashiach”(Messiah) or “Anointed One, which was translated into the Greek “Christos” later Anglicized to “Christ”. The term Christian means followers of the Messiah or followers of the Christ.
Why do we use the name Jesus instead of “Yeshua”. Jesus is the Hellenized-anglicized form of Yeshua. Yeshua never heard the name Jesus in His life-time,He was always called Yeshua,which is very similar to Joshua.

My question can you a Saint(holy)and not follow Yeshua the Messiah/ Jesus the Christ?

Bakersfield, CA

Jeff, just being honest with what Mormonism actually teaches. Please correct me if I present an incorrect LDS doctrine. I grew up LDS, taught and served in every auxillary, and am a proud 7th generation Mormon. Proud of my pioneer heritage and fabulous family. That I don't agree with their doctrines does not make me superior. That you disagree with the Bible does make you unbiblical. That's just the facts.

What's going on in my town is that it is predominantly Biblical Christian and they won't fall for someone just claiming to be something because they put put a shingle on it.

The boys on our doorsteps can't keep an accurate representation of the gospel they bring. Full disclosure is what we all want. I pass out more Books of Mormon at my Baptist church than my neighbors. I want everyone to know exactly what Mitt and Mormons believe, because my community finds it too confusing to be able to discern the differences. Now why is that?

Here's why Biblical Christians sound "identical": We study from the same book. And we know the ex-Mormons stories because we listen to them. Try it.

Semper Fi
Bakersfield, CA

So Jeff, if I wanna be a Mormon can I just come along 1800 years from today, change all the basics that Joseph Smith founded, redefine everything "Mormon" to my own liking, and start my own Mormon church? Would future Mormons in 3812 AD be okay with that usurpation? Would they welcome me with open arms, all my new revelations and changes with my membership claims?

If you want to know what's going on in Bakersfield, c'mon up and visit any Biblical Christian church. Listen to every pastor when they define what false gospels are, based solely on the Biblical guidelines. Sit in on any of the courses on "cults" at our Biblical churches.

Or, just visit a Christian bookstore and go to their apologetics section. Or Google "Christian cults". Or purchase one of the many scholarly books on the subject. Listen to Christian radio. You're discussed there daily.

When you want the authentic, you don't patronize the counterfeit. Then you'll begin to understand why Biblical believers sound alike, preach the same salvation message, define all the unbiblical gospels the same way:

It's not our particular leader. We use the same "Book".

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