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Published: Thursday, June 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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slc, ut

Carl Wimmer: Forgotten but no gone!


It's so sad to see such a stand up politician get leveled because of his need to see himself on TV. It's quite embarrasing I'm sure to pump yourself up in the local press about how great you are and how Utah will be missing out on you, and how wise the Nevada politicians are and they see what a great asset you will be for them, and then to have it all crumble around you. Must feel kind of ridiculous now eh Carl?

Clearfield, UT

Maybe Wimmer should just realize the truth -- he was found unqualified for the job. Congratulations to the Nevada GOP for having a clue.


They're obviously not totally nonfunctional.

West Jordan, UT

The first question from the media in this case should always be "Did you ever sign a contract to work for the Nevada state GOP?"

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Here's the current headline in Las Vegas' newspaper: "Nevada GOP blames 'nonfunctional' Carl Wimmer for his not getting job"

And the fact that they refused to hire him tells me that the Nevada GOP is at least somewhat functional...

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

There's something wrong with a Republican Party that puts up the only candidate that Harry Reid could beat in 2010. I think Romney can forget about Nevada this November.

South Jordan, UT

I'm experiencing quite the bit of schadenfreude.

Farmington, UT

This is just amazing. First the Nevada Repub's pick Sharon Angle and thery're surprised when Harry Reid defeats her after her minister bashes the mormons, who comprise a large share of the electorate in that State, plus Harry is LDS to boot, then KSL and the Des News has a big huge news story and radio air-time over the fact that Mr. Wimmer was "hired" and then "no, he wasn't."

So here's my question: Why is a former legislator that lost the party primary, one who felt it necessary to pack heat openly at the legislature, and has been turned out by Utah delegates really news because he had a difficult situation landing a job in Nevada? How many thousands of people in this economy have had trouble getting a new job, yet there's no radio time for them to explain their woes?

Gosh, media, this is the biggest news since a KSL anchor retired, isn't it? (It must be a sloooooow news month is all I can figure.)

Heber City, UT

Carl may blame the nonfunctional Nevada GOP, but I blame his nonfunctional mustache.

Everett, 00

Blabbing to the media,
Tweeting everything in negotiation,
Facebooking everything in negotiation,

Looks like Carl Wimmer "Jumped the Gun", and announced it for all to see -- and now he is blaming everyone but himself for the collapse in talks.

From someone who's only succesful bit of State Legislation was the passing the Browning 1911 Handgun as the official State HandGun,

and flashing a holstered hand-gun on the floor of the State Legislation at the State Capitol.

Eureka, UT

When I hear "We've got to take back our country" or "We've got to take back our party," I wonder if the whole GOP is nonfunctional and Nevada is just part of it. It's easy to sense there is a war going on within the GOP but since they like to be behind closed doors, it's nice to see a glimpse of what's really going on.

Murray, UT

He was watching that episode from the office, where Pam creates a job position for herself,and just goes around telling everyone she is the new office manager.
He figured, hey it worked for her, I will go to Nevada and tell them I am the new GOP manager.

South Jordan, UT

I dont need to say a word,, Wimmer has taken the cake.

Provo, UT

It is an irresponsible person who announces that he has a job prior to receiving a signed offer of employment.

If Wimmer received such an offer, he should announce it to the Press.

If he did not, then he is entirely and completely to blame for this fiasco, and is so clumsy and unprofessional as to be worthy of the entire populations of the states of Utah and Nevada sending him back to the fast food jobs for which he is better qualified.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

A pity for all in Utah that Carl is staying.

Salt Lake City, UT

Carl Wimmer - a legend in his own mind.

Playa Del Rey, CA

As Yogi Berra once said..."This is dejawho, all over again"...I remember vividly the 1988 State convention where the Pat Robertson disciples completely routed and took over the Nevada GOP...The "Strip" immediately stop writing checks, any Republican worth their salt, stop cutting checks. Within 8 months, the Nevada state GOP was broke and every Robertson accolyte was run out of office...

From what I hear, the Paulbearers have started out with a broke party and it's all downhill from here.

Wimmer, while embarrassed should count his blessings...Think snakepit...

Clearfield, UT

An informative news article, apparently written by a reporter who knows how to investigate and write a good article. At least the paper has kept one reporter who knows what she's doing.

one old man
Ogden, UT

This is hilarious. Trouble is, what the Utah GOP is doing to the people of Utah is certainly not a laughing matter.

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