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Published: Wednesday, June 6 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

@Vaughn J

Medicare part D is an unfunded liability! Saying that it cost less than expected is a moot point. Purposely adding 17 billion in debt (even if it is 6 billion less than expected) is a huge problem. This coming from Hatch who trumpets how he is for a balanced budget amendment but then makes no effort to try to actually balance the budget. That's called speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

Hatch also complains about outside of the state money influencing the race. Specifically he has singled out and demonized FreedomWorks, an organization that simply supports candidates who will commit to fiscal responsibility. Nevermind that his large war chest is primarily supplied by Washington special interest.

Attempts to diminish Liljenquist's good work in the state legislature is almost as silly as saying someone is not qualified because they broke rules related to balloons at a convention.

Hatch has shown time and again that he is more interested in purveying favor with Washington special interest than he is in serving Utah citizens. It is time for a change. Liljenquist is a good option.

Attack of the Republiclones
O-town, UT


As long as the Tea Party/GOP continues to dictate women give birth in times of rape, incest, and health of the mother and that each pregnancy needs to be tracked by government, no sensible woman or man will vote for that cartel or what they like to call the Republican Party.

Women don't make the abortion decision as lightly as you think. It's a little more complicated than "do you want fries with that?" Nice attempt to set up a straw man, though. Don't drink the tea--it's poison!

Scotty Boy
Logan, UT

I don't think the Governor can cut the umblical cord to Hatch, he needs to cut is and throw it away. Hatch needs to be called home, now. Mark my words, Hatch will say after the next term he still has things he needs to do and will run again. He said that if you haven't got things done in 18 years, then you need to come home.Well 36 years later he forgot what he said. Itis still an old boy system in the state Republican party and it needs to change. The governor also needs to get rid of John Njord as the director of UDOT. Governor do the right thing, and not the politically right thing. Do what the people have elected you for, protect the interests of the people, not your politicall allies.

Richard Smoker
Provo, UT

We need new leadership. I like Dan Liljenquist. The Tea Party will take over the new leadership of the GOP anyway, so Dan could get a good committee then. The Tea Party knows that Hatch only started to try and talk like he cared, but truth is he has been a big spender.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Attack of the Republiclones O-town, UT
"As long as the Tea Party/GOP continues to dictate women give birth in times of rape, incest, and health of the mother"

Sorry but Utahn's Republicans approve of abortion in case of rape, incest, and the health of the mother. A casual reading of my comment above references abortion where the mother "doesn't like it's gender".

And yes, to some women abort is LESS complicated than "do you want fries with that?".

Salt Lake City, Utah

The fact that Gov. Herbert is endorsing Sen. Hatch should tell you something that isn't being said. Both candidates have pollsters to let them know where they stand. That information may not be shared with the public but Gov. Herbert is on the inside.

Do you think Herbert is going to endorse the projected loser .... or the winner?

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