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Published: Sunday, June 3 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, Utah

When Jesus saw the money changers in the Temple he made a whip, drove the "sinners" out and overturned their tables. Being a perfect man did Jesus hate these sinners or did he just disapprove of their behavior?

I suspect that God finds it "rather tiring and depressing to have to remind His children to repent.
•10:50 a.m. June 4, 2012

The “Money Changers” Jesus drove out were equivocal to today’s WallStreet “Money Changers”.
Jesus hung out with all those YOU call “sinners”.

They loved him because He loved them first.

BTW – The “Temple worthy Members” [Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes] rejected him and his message. For no other reason than He hung out with the “Liberals” of Society, those who were shunned, considered sinners and low-lifes.

He also forgave and accepted the sinners, and condemned the “Members” as hypocrites.

You are right about one thing, -- God is getting tired reminding of his “members” to repeat.

As I posted earlier - We, of all people, should show empathy for those ill treated by Society.

American Fork, UT

Good for them. What an unexpected turn of events.

St. George, UT

Mayhem Mike:

We already have "Pride" celebrations for heterosexual unions: they are called wedding receptions.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ atl134

I do not disagree with you that there are exceptions to the rule and that there are some LDS who may hate LGBT. But, as I have discussed this with many many of my LDS friends around the US and some overseas, there is very, very little hatred. Sure, there are those like your "friend" at Penn State who are open in their bigotry-but he/they are a tiny minority. And I can almost imagine that he had issues of his own-since most stone thrower seems to be those who are the most likely to lash out at others. And, as I read your responses, I wonder about what axes you may have to grind against the church.

And you are totally wrong about the state of Utah who passed some of the most comprehensive recognition of LGBT civil unions and civil rights under former governor Jon Huntsman. And, the LDS church has gone on record of supporting this far-reaching legislation.

Again, while we do not condone the homosexual lifestyle, we do not hate those who choose this lifestyle, but reach out to them in love and compassion as brothers and sisters.

Salt Lake , UT

This group of Mormons marching in the parade made such a strong impact on us. This is because so many gay people in our group of friends, who grew up LDS, don't have support from their families or communities anymore. Watching you and your children touched us. We could see our families in your faces, our old ward members, our neighbors, our missed loved ones.
Even though our families are not there yet, we can see them in you and we have hope that they will be with you one day.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your marching is a start to help bridge us and our Mormon families.
We connected so deeply with you because we connect with them.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ Truthseeker

Suppose it could have been different there in San Luis Obispo where you live, but I just phoned my daughter in Irvine area and asked her to pull out some of the old e-mails and correspondance.

As she read it all to me, I found no evidence of any hatred or demonization of the gay community, only a very firm request to stand up for Prop 8 and the ideal of standing up for the concept of marriage being between "One Man and One Woman". Just encouraged to stand for the principle. If you saw something much different I would be surprised. The Church (and most of its adherents) do not act mean-spiritedly.

Suppose you can call standing for the right bigotry. But, it was certainly not mean-spirited or hateful or demonizing. Whether married or in a civil union, LGBT have the same rights as my wife of 35 years plus and I.

God loves each of us equally and is no respecter of persons.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Alpine Blue
"And, as I read your responses, I wonder about what axes you may have to grind against the church."

Don't really have any, the reason I was frustrated was because I spent years as a liberal in the church being constantly told by members that I needed to repent for my political views including my support for gay marriage and I felt like you were suggesting things don't exist that do. Our disconnect between my "many" and your "some" is most likely differences in definition of what hatred for homosexuals is. For instance, I'd classify sending them to Evergreen International to be hate (likewise I'd classify evangelicals sending their kids considering the LDS to camps to "protect from cults" to be hatred against mormons).

"And you are totally wrong about the state of Utah who passed some of the most comprehensive recognition of LGBT civil unions and civil rights under former governor Jon Huntsman. "

Utah passed a constitutional ban on civil unions simultaneously with its ban on gay marriage. Huntsman is a civil union supporter but he never really did anything for gay rights in this state because it's politically impossible.

Saint George, UT

You people believe this was just a nice family gathering? Check out the Facebook page of the parade. The Deseret News will not print those photos. No news outlet will show those photos. Men dressed in top hats wearing only Speedos. Signs stating that God has gay relations. And these people want to be treated as "normal." This has nothing to do bigotry, and everything to do with decency. Until those who want to viewed as "normal" separate themselves from those who want their lifestyle choice "loud and proud," I and many others stand against this lifestyle (while all the day loving those in need of repentance, myself included).

Orem, UT

I appreciate the fact that members of the LDS Church had the courage to show love and concern for people who really are being treated unfairly in many ways. We are all sinners! No one has the right to judge condemnation on anyone. Kindness, showing empathy, and relieving one another's burdens is the basic tenets of Jesus Christ's gospel. Illustrative of this point is Christ's interaction with the harlot. He obviously unconditionally loved her and made those 'accusers' to feel shame for wanting her to be punished. 'He who is without sin cast the first stone'. This has as much meaning today as it did back then.

But what He said after was just as important. 'Go, and sin no more'. Did He say this to punish her? No! He knew exactly what was best for her! This is what's being lost in the current conversation. Sexual immorality is eroding our country's very foundation. Out of wedlock heterosexual sex and the act of homosexual sex is against God's law. Man cannot change or alter God's laws. Unconditionally love the sinner, but abhor the sin should be the prevailing wisdom.

Mcallen, TX

Love people, but not the behavior. We'll still be responsible for our actions.

Mesa, AZ

@Alpine Blue

"Sure, we (LDS) support marriage only between "man and woman" but still want to insure that all have the same rights of civil unions et al. It's all only semantics at the end of the day. What does it matter-whether legally married or in a loving civil union-if all have the same exact rights."

What about gay LDS members would they have the right to marry in the Church?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Why would anyone feel the need to run around proclaiming that they choose to engage in the behavior of homosexuality?"

You think this is about sex? It's not about sex, it's about love and the fact that for this subset of people their attractions are to those of the same gender. Seems like you're the one who can't separate individuals from "homosexual behavior". I guess you're someone who'd see two guys holding hands and think "they're doing it aren't they?". If you see a couple and your immediate thought is that they're doing it, you probably lost track of what actually is the foundation of relationships.

I hear/read all the time that merely being gay isn't sinful. If that were true then wouldn't homosexual relationships that remain chaste be okay? Fact is an unmarried straight couple can hold hands in church services and there'd be no judgment on them at all. But if two guys were to do that, well that can't be allowed can it? It's not JUST about the sex now, is it?

Kearns, UT

While the support from a few hundred members of the LDS church makes me think there is hope for the hundred, maybe thousands, of young men and women within the church who are struggling with their sexual identity and their faith, many of the comments on here make me sad. I hope many of you do not lose a child to suicide because you just can't bring yourself to show unconditional love for others.

Logan, UT

"Why would anyone feel the need to run around proclaiming that they choose to engage in the behavior of homosexuality?"

I feel sorry for you, because you obviously have never had the blessing of loving someone so much that you wanted to shout it from the rooftops and let the whole world know how much you love them. Straight or Gay, friends or enemies, I hope everyone has the pleasure to experience such love.

THAT is why someone would "feel the need" to feel Pride in their relationships and their sexuality.

Smithfield, UT

You know, too many of you are acting like some of the southern preachers on TV that we have seen in the past weeks -- and their homophobia. Haveing a six-year-old boy sing a song as shown on TV today and the parish cheering. That is sad! We are not condoning the actions of the people we know in the parade. We are saying these people are children of God too, and they don't need to be ostracized. Their life is hard enough (would you change places?), and many of you have no idea what a day is like for them. I.e., if someone finds out, will they lose their job? Will they lose their apartment? Will their family love them or shun them? Will they be beat up? I don't like the "parading" and I think they would promote their "cause" more if they didn't get so outlandish sometimes. Just because you or I have an opinion doesn't make us right or wrong. Just be understanding and do what Christ would do. He wouldn't toss them under the bus......and neither should we.

Henderson, NV

“Americans have no idea how FEW gay people there are” (see Garance Franke-Ruta’s May 31, 2012, article in The Atlantic). When polled in 2002, a quarter of those polled guessed upwards of 25% of their fellow Americans were homosexual. By 2011 that misperception had only grown, with more than a third of those surveyed now guessing that more than 25% of Americans are gay. Young adults were most likely to provide high estimates. Ask yourself whether one-quarter of YOUR friends, family, work associates etc. are gay.

The actual number of homosexuals is under 5%, with some stating the number is closer to 2.8% of the total population. Now THAT percentage lines up much more accurately with MY acquaintances. You?

How is it that in one decade, people can embrace such utterly wrong perceptions? If you said “Media”, you get a star. And who, today, is MOST influenced by media? Teens and young adults.

Bigotry, hate, who thinks what about whom, who’s saying what by their marching -- all of these things pale in comparison to the misperceptions hammered into our kids by media.

Dick of the NW
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Being gay or hetero has it's challenges. Both are charged with following the guidance of the Prophets. Yes, it is God who will judge all so please don't post here what God will and won't do. Just live your life with your free agency and realize that decisions have consequences. It was noted that one post said a gay person chose to be gay while others say we were borned gay. We all have our weaknesses to overcome and work through. So I say to you I hope you are honest with the person in the mirror and making the best decisions you can make and living forward to a better day when we all we have a better understanding of our human condition.

Huntsville, UT

@Alpine Blue;

You are incorrect. Utah does not recognize glbt Civil Unions, nor anything that represents the privileges/protections of "marriage". Check out Amendment 3. Sure, the LDS church endorsed anti-discrimination in work/housing. They still ENDORSED discrimination in our relationships.

You are welcome to have a different opinion and be against "homosexual lifestyle" (homosexuality is an orientation, btw, not a "lifestyle", religion is a "lifestyle"). You have no business telling others who they may or may not marry; even when you disapprove. Your "firm request" to stand up for Prop-8, was a "firm request" to support bigotry and discrimination.

If you believe that marriage is between one-man/one-woman, by all means, practice that belief yourself. You don't get to define any marriages other than your own.


It is NOT sin to live the way you were born. If you, a heterosexual, were to have homosexual relations, it would be "sin". For a homosexual to have heterosexual relations would be "sin". It is NOT sexual immorality to live as we were born.


You're the one who can't stop thinking about the "sex".

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: RanchHand Huntsville, UT
"You have no business telling others who they may or may not marry; even when you disapprove."

Try getting a marriage license to marry your sister in any of our 50 states or territories.

layton, UT

To: zoar63,What about gay LDS members would they have the right to marry in the Church?

Yes, Same -sex couples, should have all the right to be temple worthy as well as the Celestial Kingdom

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