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Published: Saturday, June 2 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Why did Clinton defend Romney? Because they're cut out of the same mold.


Months ago, when the Republican primary season was still in full swing, Clinton mentioned more than once that he liked both Romney and Huntsman, essentially (but not directly) painting them as his favorite candidates of the whole Republican field. Of course, he'll still prefer Obama as party politics reign supreme, but it's still interesting to hear some sort of "praise" from a past president.

Salt Lake City, UT


Absolutley. Clinton was an excellent President and Romney will be an excellent president because they have realistic expectations for business.

Neither man is an idealist, which is good. The little man with his grade school undertsnading of history and politics though thinks that idealism is some sort of virtue though. Idealism is why Congress hasn't passed a real budget in so many years.

People need to learn how to compromise. We need more Bob Bennetts and less Mike Lees.

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

As much as I dislike Clinton and think he is overrated as a president, I have to admit he is a smart guy. Why did he defend Romney's business record? Because he realizes that Romney has a stellar business record. There is not much to criticize about Romney's time at Bain. Of course because of party politics Bill will still say he supports Obama, but frankly I think deep down he sees the writing on the wall. Romney would make a much better President then Obama has.

Romney 2012!

Layton, UT

President Climto is a very smart man. He speaks his mind. Anyone who crritisizes Mitt's business record looks like a fool. President Clinton doe not want to look like a fool.

Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO

@ Mukkake - I agree a great deal with your thoughts. I personally never cared for Clinton, yet he was a good president in that he was pragmatic, similar to Romney in that way. Some idealism is good as there are some things that should not be compromised. As a country we should not abandon our friends and strong allies. We should treat others with respect.

Yet there is much, perhaps most, of running a country that is simple compromise. Democrats are not always wrong, just as Republicans are not always right. There is good in both parties and the best is usually somewhere in the middle. I too believe we need more Bob Bennetts and Jon Huntsmans. Working together is how we achieve more.

Both parties spend too much time and effort staying in power rather than running the country.


Bill Clinton has never been opposed to highly partisan spin to achieve his goals. He's also extremely smart and calculating in everything he says. I don't think these comments about Romney were accidentally "off message" at all. I don't know what he's up to, but if his heart was behind Obama, he would never have made those comments, no matter how true they may be.

Salt Lake City, UT

The question is more accurately "Did Clinton defend Mitt Romney's record at Bain, or did Politico carefully select quotes from a larger speech to give the impression that Clinton defended Romney?" When you watch the video, you don't get that impression at all.

A key point glossed over by Repbulicans. In speaking about Bain, President Clinton notes that when you go in and try to save companies, you don't always succeed, but it is good to try".

That sounds remarkably like Solyndra, which of course Republicans would say is a bad thing.


@Moderate - nobody's glossing anything. Most of us are just smart enough to recognize the difference between private parties voluntarily gambling with their own money (often a good thing that spurs economic growth), and the government gambling with tax dollars, which needs to be a safer bet than Solyndra.

navarre, fl

Jimmy, I reached a similar conclusion. Does any one know the criteria for a "free lunch"? It looks like at lest 70% of the students qualify, and they are "white", based on the demographics provided. It also looks like the Granite School District needs some new management and some active parents demanding more from their children's educators.

Eugene, OR


And too-big-to-fail corporate bailouts with no strings attached aren't "gambling with tax dollars"? Bush had no problems with them.

Under President Obama, government spending has grown at the slowest rate in sixty years. "Obamacare" was originally a Republican idea (Ask Mitt Romney.) The Dow is 4,000 points higher today than when he took office. I know a lot of people here think that anybody to the left of Glenn Beck is a raving socialist, but Obama has actually been VERY centrist and moderate (To a fault at some times, in my opinion...)

Centerville, UT

Clinton may be morally bankrupt, but he isn't dumb. Anybody who compares Romney and Obama knows who is the better candidate to lead the country right now. It's the economy, stupid!

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Earnest, though I don't agree with the sentiment, I liked the mixed metaphor.

Las Vegas, NV

Clinton is no dummy and he knows that a community organizer and law professor with no experience as a leader can't measure up to a former governor and extremely successful businessman who actually has experience as a leader.

Jeanie b.
Orem, UT

I think everything Clinton does is to benifit Clinton. I agree with Letsdebate.


@KJB1 - Everything Obama says about our economy and his spending is widely criticized by pretty much everyone except the Obama spin machine. VERY centrist with controlled spending? Wow - apparently there are still a few who drink the Kool-Aid every day.

Kaysville, UT

Clinton may be morally bankrupted but he does know about money as that talks to him. As President, he and the Congress didn't always see eye to eye, as Gingrich made him have to be fiscally conservative during the last 4 years. President Bush had Congress at his disadvantage since Pelosi and Reid joined hands in 2006. That is a plus and minus for our type of government but it allows for a protection when we have at least two parties vying for the various offices. This is really true for the House of Representatives where every two years they are up for reelection. That gives people in the local U.S. Congressional District a chance to give their say and concerns for what their constituents are saying and at the ballot box. Whether Senator Hatch likes it or not it aligns his thinking to his constituents, at least until the election is over. Then it is commitment, which he has shown for us over the past 36 years. President Clinton is a politician and only dies over his moral issues. His wife has put up with a lot for his actions over the years. She is political too.

Mcallen, TX

At a time when many Americans can barely afford Burger King and a movie, Obama boasts of spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign. Questioned at a recent appearance about the spiraling fuel costs, Obama said, "Get used to it"

Hank Pym

Could it be; Bill is setting up things for Hillary in 2016???

Ben Jones
Bowie, MD

The idea that Romney's election would make it easier for Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 doesn't make any sense. If Obama is reelected, he wouldn't be able to run in 2016 because of the 2 term limit, which would leave the field wide open for the Democratic nomination. If Romney is elected, he would have all the advantages of incumbancy in 2016.

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