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Published: Friday, June 1 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Columbus, OH

Why would Obama's marijuana experimentation make front page news? We already learned about it and went over it in 2007. In other words, it's not news, its olds.

Clearfield, UT

Why is telling the truth about Romney an "anti-Romney" bias. Should the media just gloss over his defects and paint a rosy picture of him? They wouldn't be doing their job if they did that.

Mcallen, TX

Anyone can see this is true. This is where Pagen gets his quotes.

The Washington Post had an eleven page article of Mitt bullying a boy in high school, which the parents said was not true.

Then there were the steel mill lay-offs which occurred two years after Romney left.

Provo, UT

All journalism is business. Whether they lean left or lean right, it comes down to the fact that it's business. Both sides are seemingly becoming more like a gossip page, presenting "SCANDAL" on it's front page, whether it is reporting a non-issue story of a woman riding horses or a very real issue of media coverage bias.

bountiful, ut

The point is that the truth about both candidates should be covered with equal treatment. Whether or not the marijuana use was mentioned in 2007 or not it resurfaced and should have been on the same page as the whoopty doo 'bullying'. The point is also that the liberal media does play unfair and unbalanced favorites with the Democratic party. How this can be with all the destruction of our country is indeed a mystery.


If the national media has covered Obama so well, why are we only learning now about his connection in Chicago (thanks to Breitbart) and other things published in books about Obama? If there wasn't a bias, we would have seen the media microscopically dissect Obama's past as they have Romney's.

Farmington, Utah

Case in point to why the media is a waste to our society. He who is without sin, cast the first stone (i.e. every person has dirt, especially as a kid). Yes, lets base everything Mitt Romney is as a person on something he did some 30 years ago. Does anyone else see something wrong with this? How about we focus on the person he is today and not who he was as a kid.

Mark l

Apparently it is pretty difficult to find anything to discredit Romney. The Democrats are probably spending millions investigating his past looking for anything that could possibly be used against him. I wonder what they are finding out that they don't publish that makes Romney look good?

Cedar Hills, UT

Whatever sells newspapers will be on the front page. It appears Romney being a bully as a minor is more shocking than Obama smoking marijuana in college. And frankly, I agree. It is more shocking.

Santa Monica, CA

I agree with John. It matters more to me that Mitt held a boy down and cut his hair off for being "different" and then refuses to acknowledge it (when his fellow tormentors do) than it does that President Obama (admittedly) smoked marijuana in college. I guess it's because I tried marijuana in high school, but never led a posse to chop a kids hair off for looking different. And I have a hard time understanding the mindset of a person who would do something like the latter and then not have the courage to own up to it. If both stories are true, is there anyone out there who disagrees with this and thinks the bullying thing is okay, but the marijuana thing is just way too much to handle? If so, I would like to respectfully tell you to seek help.

Kearns, UT

Everyone grab your tin foil hat, lock the doors, close the blinds, and turn on Fox News, the only real unbiased news source on Earth. The evil Liberal media is coming, the evil Liberal media is coming!

Just more whinning from the Repubs. I think just about every voter in the country knows who the President is. They've made their evaluations about him, no need to get into the misinformation that has shaped those evaluations. It's Mitt Romney that voters need to know. He's the "new" guy, only natural to see more stories about him.

I don't recall any of these whiners speaking up when ever day brought out a new story on candidate Obama, while we rarely heard anything about McCain, the guy who had been around for decades. Then once the Palin mess showed up, more whinning about the vetting of her, who no one had ever heard of.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

The Deseret News itself swings between pandering to Romney and dissing him as much, sometimes worse, than media throughout the nation. The DesNews appears to be schizophrenic. The strong anti-conservative liberal bias typical of most media comes out in the DesNews. It is much like the liberal thread of show hosts over at KSL. One need not suppose because both organs are owned by the LDS Church that there are not a lot of strongly liberal leaning personnel in both organizations. Quite to the contrary.

With the SLTrib, one expects them to typically be anti-Mormon, and anti-Republican. But even they will surprise with their own pro-LDS and pro-conservative suck up stories to conservative LDS readers.

And, I would not call the average, then, of DesNews stories to be balanced. Cutting the baby in half and slapping it back together again, and repeating this process, does not bode well from the baby.

Of course, some of the bias appears at times mostly in the headlines. So the headline writer/s show their schizophrenic swings, between pandering and slamming.

Salt Lake City, UT

To equate smoking marijuana in college with leading an assault on a gay kid while in high school is beyond belief.

If you have six-figure hobbies, off-shore tax shelters, personal car elevators, make $10,000 bets, and pay an effective tax rate that is far lower than most Americans, while telling us you know how to identify with average middle class Americans, you are exhibiting a level of cluelessness and hypocrisy that is in fact highly newsworthy.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

The media is biased. Which is why CNN is losing viewers in some cases 50% on some shows. Along with newspapers losing readers, that is why Oprah's show is going down the drain etc.

We're not interested in fluff. We want accurate and real information, not what some editor or writer thinks we should know and help us to make up our minds.

We can think without you and we don't need the media. There are plenty of other outlets and ways for us to communicate without the networks.

If I want fluff I would go to the white house web page or listen to the spokesperson for the candidate.

It's interesting that the media has a lower approval rating than of congress or even of President Bush that they berated. Yet they never show that number to the people. Why not? Why not tell the people that they are disgusted with Bush, but, even more disgusted with the program they are getting that information from?

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't care if Anne Romney rides expensive horses, and I don't care if President Obama smoked pot in college. Let's talk about Romney's tax plan which almost every economist says will increase the deficit. Let's talk about Obama's drone war, which many foreign policy experts say is creating more terrorists than it kills.

Our elections are rarely about anything that matters, this is why.

Centerville, UT

The Washington Post TRIED at a 'story' that happened 50 years ago, hoping something would stick to Romney. It turns out the family of the guy he 'bullied' said it never happened.

Then the L.A. Times TRIED at a story about Ann Romney and her expensive horse-riding habit. It went nowhere.

Then the New York Times delved back 150 years ago to the Mountain Meadows Massacre in an effort to 'examine' Romney's religion.

The point is that if these major news outlets are having to dig and scratch for such ridiculous stories, Mitt Romney must be pretty clean. At the same time they try to find anything they can on Romney, there is a whole mountain of material to be examined on Obama. He is the first president who admitted to using Cocaine. It's in his book. He has been involved in questionable real estate dealings with Tony Rezko. We still don't know the extent of his involvement with the hate-monger Jeremiah Wright.

And the old media wonders why it's dying.

pocatello, ID

Salt Lake City, UT
To equate smoking marijuana in college with leading an assault on a gay kid while in high school is beyond belief.

If you have six-figure hobbies, off-shore tax shelters, personal car elevators, make $10,000 bets, and pay an effective tax rate that is far lower than most Americans, while telling us you know how to identify with average middle class Americans, you are exhibiting a level of cluelessness and hypocrisy that is in fact highly newsworthy.


Great talking points Blue. That's a perfect example of how the left and media distort things.


Mitt Romney revealed to the media that Obama is a crony capitalist with his executive friends at Solyndra taking huge bonuses out of the taxpayer working capital as the company went bankrupt.

Wheres the headline story on this at the Deseret News?

Marxist big government theorists such as Obama are loved by crony capitalists since the note on the national debt is owned by the ultimate monopoly of crony capitalists, the banking dynasty of Europe that owns the Federal Reserve.

Springville, UT

I read Politico almost every week, and I have long considered it to tilt Republican. It's not as bad, though, as the Romney campaign newspaper we are reading here.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Why is this news?

Of course their is anti-Romney bias.

1. He is a Mormon.

2. He is a Republican

That is about all you need to know in order to realize their will be huge anti-Romney bias.

Its the same every election.

Between 80 and 80% of the press declare themselves as liberal democrats. Oh yes, and we all know they are objective in everything they report (wink wink).

Hardly news at all but rather old established news/fact.

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