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Published: Wednesday, May 30 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Am I the only one that feels that this still needs to be resolved? Something is not right here. As I stated before if he acted inappropriately then disciplinary action and or criminal action needs to be applied. HOWEVER on the other hand if the girl is making up stories very quick and stern punishment needs to be applied to her. She needs to be dismissed from school and as far as I am concerned criminal charges need to be applied here as well.

I am not sure who is at fault here but either way swift and harsh action needs to be taken. This must be stopped on both sides. Per this article now that he has resigned it looks like all is well in Zion and we all move on. Sorry but this is not done and needs to be resolved. Discipline the guilty party to the fullest extent based on the inappropriate action whoever is at blame. Do not sweep it under the carpet. It will only come back and haunt you again. Not fair to the innocent person here.

Saint George, UT

To AZ Blue & Red: maybe it was just a kiss. Certainly inappropriate contact, but not worthy of prosecution. It is possible that the girl is telling the truth, but that the inappropriate contact would not qualify as criminal. Why does it have to be all or nothing? And what discipline would you suggest if they just held hands under a table (which would also be considered inappropriate contact)? He has resigned, without any of us knowing all, or any of the facts, except those given to us by the media. And how are you so sure there is an innocent person? If she was a willing participant (she was 18) she is not innocent. Save your righteous indignation for another topic.

Heber City, UT

AZ Blue, please reread the article. The DA, Sim Gill, said there was no criminal conduct. The only other thing could be rescinding his teaching credential if there was conduct which violated state education codes. IF it were a kiss, pure stupidity. She is an adult and this creates the gray area.

Had an administrator a neighboring school district accuses of sexual advances towards two girls he was planning on removing from the cheer leading squad for drinking at a school sponsored activity. He was placed on administrative leave and not until the day before the trial (when they would have to testify under oath) did the two girls finally confess that he had done nothing wrong. They didn't want to be kicked off the cheer leading team, so they went home and concocted the story. Ruined his career in the state. He did get a nice settlement from the district and the parents. District failed to do their due diligence.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Good Luck Coach,

Seems things were already in place for the program to go in another direction anyhow. Glad the case is done with and coach can find a team, recruit his own players and test himself!

South Jordan, UT

Had the media not smeared names all over the community, and allowed a quiet investigation to move forward, if the coach was innocent, the event wouldn't have destroyed his teaching career, and if guilty, it would have destroyed him in the end, anyway. But because of the Media's hunt for a "story", it destroyed him even if innocent.

Why does the media have to destroy lives before guilt or innocence is proven, or even investigated, just to get a "scoop?"

Washington, UT

AZ Blue

Rather naive really for you to assume that it's so simple. It may well be impossible to determine what really happened in this case. Are you advocating that officials flip a coin to decide the matter? The DA has not been able to find evidence to substantiate the allegations against the coach, so at this point basic fairness says Coach Lyman gets benefit of all doubt. The man should be allowed to move on without a cloud over his head.

On the other hand, the decision not to take action against the coach doesn't necessarily mean the young woman involved is lying. Without evidence one way or the other, what exactly are the officials supposed to do?

Highland, UT

The D.A. said the contact between the coach and the girl was "inappropriate". It doesn't really matter at that point if it was "illegal" because the standard for being a teacher and coach is higher than just legality. Lotsa things are inappropriate that are not illegal so while a person may not be prosecuted for them he can, and should, lose his job over them. I don't think it is illegal to show up at your job intoxicated, but it is inappropriate and it will probably get you fired. It also isn't illegal to use profanity at work but it is inappropriate and can get you fired.

Since he has resigned it is over but it certainly makes it appear that the D.A. was correct and what he did was wrong. He probably should have resigned when it all came to light.

Washington, UT


Might want to re-read this article and the prior one having to do with the DA's statement.

The female student said there was "inappropriate" contact, not the DA. Here's what the DA said: "The information presented in the investigation provided evidence of contact between the student and Lyman. However, the evidence did not support the conclusion that a crime was committed by Lyman against the student."

The DA's job, as I told you once before, is simply to ascertain if a crime has been committed, not pass a moral judgment.

CO Ute

@Duckhunter - If the D.A. made the statement that the contact was inappropriate and if that is correct I agree with you. However we frequently hear district attorney's make claims that are not proven in court. Also the DA's comment may simply be based on the girl's story and not on the investigation of the case.
This one has been strange from start to finish and only the parties involved know what, if anything, really happened.

Mission Viejo, CA

Duckhunter, please find the quote where the DA said it was "inappropriate". That quote does not exist. The DA simply said evidence of contact, no where did he say it was inappropriate.

The district had previously stated they wanted clear resolution either way. That is probably impossible for him to do. If they fired him, they would have had to prove misconduct. If they had kept it on, the community would have demanded they found him "innocent". (Tho everyone agrees no crime was committed.)

I imagine this is the best compromise for him and the district. It does not imply he is guilty of anything. He wasn't even charged with a crime.

Bountiful, UT

To me, a young woman makes fake allegations to a man with no record and flips his world upside down should be a crime. Good luck to Coach. I hope he lands on his feet and moves forward.

Highland, UT


You are correct, after reading it again the girl claimed it was inapproriate and the D.A. simply said there was contact although not criminal. But if there was "contact" then what was it? Coach Lyman at 1st claimed there wasn't any contact at all but there are actually 2 girls that claim he had "inappropriate contact" with both of them. I have stated before it the contact was simply a reassuring arm around the shoulder or something on that level then this entire thing is a farce but the fact the D.A. didn't claim it was "innocent", the district has certainly never said it was that simple level of contact, and the girls are definately claiming it was greater than that, tells me there is more to it.

Now considering these girls were both "of age" it would not be criminal for coach Lyman to have "inappropriate contact" with either of them, hence the D.A. declining to press charges. But that doesn't make what he did right or proper. I do not believe that the school or district would allow this to go this far if there was nothing to it.

Spanish Fork, UT

Cottonwood Administration, I think there is a coach available from Utah County who won a bunch of state titles, I think he could bring several to Salt Lake County if one can look past a few things.

Tooele, UT

I can understand why he resigned from the school district and why he wouldn't want to go into teaching. Best of luck to you coach. I hope you can find some peace.

Beverly Hills, CA

Duckunter, you are really bad at witch hunting, better stick to ducks.

Springville, UT

What surprises me is how many people are rushing to the side of the coach here, talking about the fine line between innocence or guilt. This forum is usually pretty tough on teachers. Where are those who regularly smear the teaching profession? Why are there no voices pointing to the low standards of people who teach and the sub-standard educational system in the state? Could this sudden swing in attitude and support have anything to do with Josh Lyman being a football coach---a sport revered in Utah almost as much as it is in Texas? You know, if it was a history or math teacher accused of this behavior, there would not be this level of support on the DN forum.

That's some double standard.

For the record, I am in favor of innocent until proven guilty, but it seems obvious the resignation was timed to eliminate the investigation, regardless of the legalities of the situation.

One other small thing: The girl being 18 has nothing to do with anything. A teacher is in a position of authority, and high school students cannot legally consent to a sexual relationship while students.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

So, where does he go to get his reputation back, and who will pay all the money that his lawyer is charging to defend him?

It is far too easy to make accusations, and far too few consequences for false accusations.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

I don't know why anyone would want to go into education in Utah. The community wants to much, for so little compensation. Heaven help you, if you're a young, male teacher. In my experience, inappropriate contact is a two-way street and tough to prove who initiated the encounter. There are a lot of predatory young girls who like a challenge. I wish this young man well and hope that he can put his unfortunate experience in education behind him.

Kearns, UT

@Springville Poet

..."One other small thing: The girl being 18 has nothing to do with anything. A teacher is in a position of authority, and high school students cannot legally consent to a sexual relationship while students."

Being 18 has everything to do with it. Legally the girl can consent to have sexual relationships with whomever she wants, as long as the other person is over 18 also. This is why there was no legal case against Josh.

I am also not sure if the district really had any case for dismissal either. When I was in high school I had two different teachers who were over 30 and married girls that were still in high school. One married his own daughters best friend. We all talked about it and thought it was wierd, but there was never any questioning by the district, or anyone else. And yes, it was here is good ol Salt Lake.

If they are both legal consenting adults, there is really nothing the district can do either unless the activity was on school property.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Midwest Mom

Couldn't agree more. Don't know why anyone would want to go into teaching in Utah.

Not to rehash the Wong case from Timpview....but not only did he get rail roaded, it was done to him by jealous adults on the school board that resigned right after. Adults are a problem too, not just18 years old girls. The Utah Education System needs a major overhaul from the top down. Many great teachers in a bad system.

Both cases are a shame.

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