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Published: Tuesday, May 29 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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bob j
Bli Bli, Queensland

Rather than the interest in the book having been stolen, I am more interested in the statement that "No two editions are the same". Therefore which is the exact copy of the original writings and where is it ?

Springville, UT

MaxxFordham, there are still people who bind books! I once found a reference book that had been used and abused by students in a study room to the extent that its cover was long gone, with perhaps a $100 replacement cost, and took it to a young lady who did bookbinding in her home. It cost $30 or $40 to do, and it came out looking great and ready for more use and abuse. I like books and felt like I'd rescued a friend from certain doom.

By now, years later, she might be up to the task of restoring a first edition BOM, but I'm sure Mr. Ashworth would be able to point Ms. Schlie to somebody who is.

Saint George, UT

I really hope it is recovered and I hope that someone who really has a sincere and honest caring for the book and for it's owner will take the time to advise her as to how to protect it and herself. It would be awful if, now that it has become such public knowledge, if someone went back to get it and hurt her too. I hope they find the person and exact the correct punishment on them. This is just sad. And I say to all those that are judging this woman and her intentions or reasons for the pages being framed should just quit assuming and be a bit kinder, unless you talk to her personally what purpose does it serve to judge her.


@ Everyone

Oh, well. At least she still has the framed pages.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

"Schlie has been taking pages out of the book in recent years and framing them for display in various locations."

AGH! The book deserves a better owner! Not the person who stole it of course. lol but still... agh!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

If anyone thinks she was somehow justified, consider-

It were a Gutenberg Bible, no one would be defending her. And if anyone did, they'd realize why everyone else was freaking out.



It's a shame that book was stolen. Would like to see a line by line comparison to today's BOM edition ....

Sandy, UT

I met this woman last year at a Booksellers convention in Sandy, UT and she let me touch the book. I didn't want to wash my hand. She told me I was touching the DNA of Joseph Smith. She was very charismatic and wonderful to let all of us handle the book. I hope she gets the book back so she can continue to be the Johnny Appleseed of the Book of Mormon...taking the book all over and letting people see it and touch it.

Lilburn, GA

No one has focused on the fact that the bookstore owner/victim was showing everyone this book and letting them handle it regardless of whether they were strangers or not. That was well-intentioned but invited disaster sooner or later. I hate to kick her when she is already down, but she needed better security for the book since it was so valuable.

Grapevine, TX

The reason that she was ripping pages out and framing them was because she sold them on Ebay. She has been doing it for years... That being said, stealing is still stealing! Even though I don't agree with what she was doing by selling the pages. It is her's to do with as she pleases.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Hopefully the thief will crack it open since missing 50 pages significantly impacts retail value. As I was reading, I thought "Is that lady nuts?" Displaying it is one thing. Taking it out so people can handle it and such is another.

Portland, Oregon

One might hope that whomever now has the book, that they needed the lessons in it much more so than its owner.

Mesa, AZ

A person who burns an American flag in the public square should be charged with littering, illegal burning, maybe disturbing the peace and whatever other local ordinances apply, the same as if they had burned an old shirt or something. The flag itself is just a piece of cloth dyed red, white and blue, and is not sacred; that which it symbolizes is sacred.

The real value of The Book of Mormon--ANY copy of the Book of Mormon, whether it was printed in 1830 or last month--is the intangible result of studying and applying its contents.

Mrs. Schlie's book is valuable only as a historic artifact. It isn't any more "holy" than any other copy of the Book of Mormon, which leads me to snicker when I read that some people have actually shed tears when she has shown them the book. Please! I also seriously doubt that the Church ever endorsed or condemned her practice of selling pages from the book. It's her property to do with as she pleases.

I could never express it better than Elder Jeffery R. Holland did in his scathing April 2008 General Conference address about continuing revelation.

Mesa, AZ

I am pleased to learn that 90% of the original 5,000 copies of The Book of Mormon were used for their intended purpose: to be read, studied, implemented and eventually worn out beyond preservation.

Indio, CA

Rights or no Rights, the book is invaluable as a piece of history! I agree CJB. She is probably not in her right frame of mind doing what she did to the book. Very sad & upsetting to hear what she did.
I feel if someone were stealing it to "save" it from her damaging it more, that thief would have stolen the framed pages also, so as to have the book restored...

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