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Published: Tuesday, May 29 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

I cringe at the thought that people would judge the Church by Mitt Romney. Just about any faithful member would be a better role model.

West Jordan, UT

I cringe every time Huntsman says anything about the church. I'm so glad he is not our nominee!

Romney is a faithful member, not perfect, but none of us are. I'm glad to have him represent us. He may be torn apart by the media and Obama, but he will do a better job than most could.

Cardston, Alberta

So who would you choose, Furry, Harry Reid?

Allen, TX

I am always surprised to hear that the paranoid isolationist culture is alive and well in Utah. Get over it, people! Join the 21st century! I am a 6th generation Mormon (8th through one line) whose people left Utah around 1850. Everywhere I have lived, in every congregation it was easy to tell the "Utah Mormons" from those who have always lived "in the mission field" - a phrase used by the Utah Mormons, not by us outside of Utah. You would think that sending so many missionaries around the world would give the state a more open, understanding, accepting culture, but no, you are always looking over your shoulders for mobs and tar and feathers.

I believe this article has a decidedly Utah-Mormon slant. Those of us who are without that culture embrace the additional opportunity to share our faith and testimony with our neighbors, which we have done all our lives. The "Mormon Moment" has only slightly amplified the outreach we live every day. Zion is where you make it, folks.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Harry Ried, Orrin Hatch... "what a long strange trip its been."


I cringe at the idea of being the focus of media attention and having my life become a fishbowl. I can't imagine having my past, my present and my future be judged by members and non-members with microscopic intensity.I pray that prominent members of the LDS church will represent us well but I don't envy their positions. It is hard enough to be a good example our beliefs in my small circle of family friends and acquaintances.

Allen, TX

"Cringe"? I rest my case.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

The only way to fight ignorance is knowledge. If more people take the time to learn about the church (and they will), then this media exposure everybodys freaking out about will be for the good. J-TX - wow, I have lived in UT all my life and I haven't heard the term "mission field" used in that context for at least a decade or more. Maybe I just know better people now, who knows?


I find J-TX's comments very strange. Having grown up "outside Utah" everyone I knew in the Church was very proud of their status as living "in the mission field." It is most certainly not a phrase only used by "Utah Mormons" (this being a phrase mostly used by people with a chip on their shoulder). That combines with the fact that many Mormons that live outside Utah have to frequently deal with prejudice and bigotry based on their religious beliefs. It is not uncommon for that prejudice and bigotry to rise to the status of persecution. Thus, in my experience, Mormons living outside Utah tend to actually be more attuned to the issues of persecution. Both the Globe and the BBC have it right: the increased attention on things Mormon will be a two edged sword. Many will become more familiar with Mormons in an accurate way. Conversely, the attention being paid to the faith will tend to stoke the fires of some individuals' bigotry. Given that I find it unlikely to create bigotry where it doesn't already exist, I think it will be a net positive thing. Yet a bigot can really ruin one's day.

Central, Utah

To J-TX, Allen, TX

I'm sorry you feel that way. After being born in the "Mission Field" and spending over half of my life there my experiences and observations are different. I get to travel a lot with my job as well as having lived several places in the mission field as well as several places in Utah.

Yes, there are differences, I have been in ;eadership positions in both situations and things like home-teaching routes may have been 60 miles rather than just around the block.

As the article said, some have concerns about Mitt Romney as President. I have no doubt that he will represent the Church well and I am sure he will watched closely and not everyone will what he does and decisions he makes (as with any President).

One problem of constantly being in the spotlight is any percieved stumble tends to be magnified (just look at the basketball game news analysis.) Some of what is percieved to be and error may also be connected with his Church Membership, even though that had little to do with it.

Unanticipatrd things will happen (as they will to in any Presidency.)OH that Mormon!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

What about the OTHER Mormon - actually from UTAH - who is stilling running for President?

Roseanne Barr gets no mention at all.


Allen, TX

I couldn't agree with you more.

I'm glad only the tiny minority of Latter-Day Saints are from Utah.

Like Donny Osmond used to sing to us --
One Bad Apple don't Spoil the Whole Bunch!

Bakersfield, CA

GeoMan - which bigots do you fear? You shoulda lived in the Deseret in the1850's.

John D. Lee, Bishop Klingensmith and fhe Iron County Militia really and literally ruined the day of America's first 9/11 in 1857. Made Haun's Mill the little squirmish it was by comparison. My pioneer Grandma put it in perfect perspective for us. She told us that if the members had followed Jesus' advice to live quiet lives and bless their communities, they would not have suffered so much persecution and state expulsion. She lived it and heard Mormonism discussed daily. She and my Grandpa moved to Idaho and were much happier there than in their Draper community of the early 1900's.

They taught us to proudly defend our religion and heritage, "but never the human failings of our imperfect people and prophets". No fan of "old Brigham", she still fiercely believed he was God's choice to lead His people and build the Deseret empire. I learned more about integrity, loyalty and truthfulness from my frontier heritage than today's ever-apologetic, naval-gazing, paranoid 21st century PC saints and their PR releases.

Bakersfield, CA

There is no bigotry and hatred from true, born-again Christians. They will share their gospel message with you just as you do with us, on our porches when you come knocking. We'll listen to your message and discuss differences in a civil manner.

But we are mandated to keep God's Word pure, accurate and inviolate. So, as long as you keep your Mormon beliefs in that category, we're fine with dialogue. But if you insist on altering our Word with your revelations, we will not sit quietly by. Stop equating doctrinal disagreement with "bigotry" and hatred. Get a Webster definition and stop creating firestorms where none exist.

Persecution? You mean when Biblical Christians refuse to allow Muslims and Mormons to mix polygamy in with Christ's salvation message? We have the D&C's you left with us; they're in English, we know exactly what was taught amd what was "reversed".

So keep on being good neighbors and great friends. Get over your faux persecution complex. I'm voting for Gov. Romney based on his view of America, not for his private faith in another Jesus and another testament from a Mormon angel.

Sacramento, CA

Let's hope a few members of the media are able to see that Mitt isn't the whole LDS religion. As for me, I'd vote for Harry Reid in a heartbeat if I liked his platform, but he's not running anyway. And Mitt Romney, as for being a good example of a member of the Church--heyyyy, what ever happened to "judge not that ye be not judged"? Just because one does or doesn't like a person's political cut doesn't give anyone the right to decide on what kind of way he keeps his particular faith, if he has one, or the beliefs he has, if he doesn't belong to an organized religion. That includes candidates for office, from dogcatcher to POTUS.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Intensified media focus on Mormonism because of Romney’s candidacy is nothing for Church members to dread. There will be incidents of ridicule, cheap shots, and anti-Mormon ugly stuff up on the Internet. We’ve seen it before. But there are far more fair-minded people out there silently watching and judging.

Don’t worry about the Church or its people being judged by Romney’s words or actions. What he does and says reflects on him alone. Running for President is brutal for anyone who chooses to get into the race. If you throw a punch, you can expect to take a punch and Romney is throwing a lot of punches.

Visalia, CA

Hey "OnlyTheCross", it is bigotry when so called Christians expel an all Mormon team from the "Slippery Rock PA Christian League", make vile remarks about LDS tenets, ridicule us for certain religious philosphies, etc. Not voting for Mr. Romney because he is Mormon is prejudice. Prior to winning so many primaries, North Carolina had 40% who said that would not vote for a Mormon. WHAT!?

True Christian's are those who profess Christ and live Christ. Teaching the gospel is part of it but living it is most of it. I will never ridicule someone for their religious beliefs. I will never say if you want to teach your religion to us we will have a good dialogue" and then say "But if you insist on altering our Word with your revelations, we will not sit quietly". We are not alterning your Word, one its Christ's word, two we our teaching our view not changing yours accept or reject.

Finally, I am not trying to say I am all in on polygamy, but who changed whose word here? Have you ever heard of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, how many wives did they have?

Bakersfield, CA

1- Haggie, you tell us all how many wives Isaac had? Joseph Smith referred to him as a polygamist, too....

2- And your prophets called all Christian doctrines in 1830 "an abomination". All their creeds, their professors, their baptisms, ordinations, seminaries, priesthoods, gospels, etc. You're stuck with the great job of journaling that you do. We have it in print.

3- How many doctrinal reversals have you had in your 182 years? How many have evangelical/Biblical Christians had in 2,000 years?

4- You are a great, industrious people. So were the Ottoman Turks. That has nothing to do with your religious doctrines. You re-implemented polygamy, extra-biblical doctrines, new scriptures, new prophets added to Christ: Just like Islam. We don't "hate" Muslims or Mormons. We just reject your unbiblical gospel, based on what you claim.

C'mon over for the BBQ and be good neighbors. Run for Prez, lead the local PTA. But you are never going to be Biblical until you "get" Biblical. Period.

Now go read 1Corinthians 11 and tell me exactly who "masquerades as an angel of light"?
That's the issue: You are wolves in the religious sheep pen.

Bakersfield, CA

Biblical believers are called to protect and preserve, to share and witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are mandated to expose and expel the counterfeits. There are many Biblical books and verses on this warning; ignore them to your peril.

Stay in your churches and pews and enjoy your prophets all you wish. But when you knock on my door, bringing "another gospel", then you have trespassed my threshold. I will protect my family, my church members and my community from those who claim to "be Biblical". Keep claiming to be Mormon Christians, and we'll have no problems. But passing out free Bibles is just laughable.

And laugh we will. You are no more biblical than Mohammed. But you are definitely great neighbors. Just stop sending out your young men without proper training. These poor boys do not know their Bibles any better than those represented here. And that is not laughable.

That is why we love you enough to witness the Biblical gospel to you, and to invite you to visit our churches, too. Joseph started the firestorm. What did you expect?

As Apostle Paul asked, "Have I become your enemy because I bring the Truth?"

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"I'm glad only the tiny minority of Latter-Day Saints are from Utah."

LDS Liberal,

I hope you realize that there are more LDS members from Utah than from any other country (outside the U.S), let alone any other state. Of course when combined, the Utah Mormons are outnumbered. But that comment is kind of like saying that you are glad that only a tiny percentage of Americans live in California.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"I cringe at the thought that people would judge the Church by Mitt Romney."


I cringe at the thought that other nations would judge America and Americans by Barack Obama.

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