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Published: Friday, May 25 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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BYU Papa
Cedar Hills, ut

It is amazing to me that those that oppose the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serve up the same warmed up mush as they did in the 1800's. One of the early leaders of the church commented on this, "If the enemies of the Church will leave us alone we will convert the world, If they will attack us, we will do it in half the time."

No honest person who investigates the teachings of the LDS faith would ever call us Non Christian. Lies about the Faith make honest people question the motives of those who spread lies. Then they become converted.

Pocatello, ID

Chuckled at the story. Thanks

Dave in AZ
Snowflake, AZ

Its amazing that they "voted" to ban the LDS team. Here in my small town, they expanded the "church" league to include the local other churches. So the Baptists got two teams in the league---youth and men's. (The Catholics haven't entered a team yet.) It's been fun, we are all competitive and get to know others in the community better. And they have competed for the title several times, winning once.

It looks like the people out east put on a different "Christian" shoe, so to speak. Too bad, maybe they were afraid of losing to a team made up of Mormons. And I can see why the Mormon youth wanted to play on they own team....sometimes the language in the dugout, on the field,etc, of the other "Christian' team(s) is not that great and something they don't want to listen to. I know I don't appreciate hearing it.

Go gettem, Slippery Rock LDS youth!!


Oh and you think the ban is funny on the softball leagues? Mormon ward ball will only allow a few non-members on any given team and then I do not believe I have every seen a an all non-member team allowd to participate. At least that was back in in my day. -- Don't through stones when the same thing happens in your rec leagues.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

Over time and months have read several of MM comments 100% have been againts the lds church
Why do you read articles on the church just leave it alone

Richmond, KY

Here in the Bluegrass State, our local community allows us to play. It's great fun, and we especially love our team name -- The Stormin' Mormons! I think you could call us an endurance exercise for our wonderful Baptist neighbors. Maybe the members in Pennsylvania could start a People of Faith league, and include any other religious groups that may have been left out; Jews, Muslims, etc. Although it doesn't feel very good to be called a "Non-Christian", there are ways to rise above that. Set a good example, and prove them wrong the old fashioned way -- by example.

Bend, OR

Looking at my empty raised-bed patch of dirt & wondering if it will work for me "sigh" :-)

Glen Alpine, NSW

MIGHTYMIGHT you would be right if the competition had not been for "Christian" churches of which the Church of Jesus-christ of Latter-day Saints (known as Mormon) is a member. If you are excluded on false pretences then that is not fair. If it was a Baptist competition or a Catholic competition etc I could understand them not letting a "Mormon" team in but that was not the case. It was open for all Christian churches and we were excluded because they said we were not Christian. That is clearly ignorant. You only need to look at the name on ALL of our churches which states "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". If that is not Christian then what is it?

Bakersfield, CA

Brother Joe, the issue isn't whether the MMM should be a campaign issue. C'mon, get over your persecution complex. Let me help you here:

1- The question to Mitt Romney should be, "If you become President, would you consider your first official act to be allowing the Fancher-Baker families to restore the Cross to the cairn at Mountain Meadows? The one that Army Cpt. Carrolton placed there in 1859, and was torn down in 1861 and several times subsequent to that?"

2- The second question should be, "Do you approve of how the church handled the aftermath of the massacre for the following 150 years?" That's how long it took them to make an official apology to the families. And Brigham is excluded from the confession and restitution category for his entire remaining years.

Is this on topic, or is it too disruptive to your sand dwelling?

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