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Published: Friday, May 25 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT


"Surprised to see so many Cougar fans agree that Jabari Parker is better than Jimmer Freddette."

Typical Ute making stuff up.

Two comments referencing NC = 'so many' (Ute math)

One comment with "IF" and the other with "jk" (just kidding)

... and absolutely nothing in the comments making a comparison to Jimmer, until you mentioned it and a reply later. (Ute comprehension)

As duckhunter so clearly labeled "Ute "fan" double speak"

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

This aricle was about Jabari liking Dave Rose. And he likes Mike K and Stanford coach, that's all.

Again, please come to BYU! And I have heard that Dave Rose said that he will get BYU to the Final 4 when he was hird at that time!

Highland, UT


I never said I never comment on recruits, I said I seldom do although once again I didn't make a comment about a recruit here now did I? I simply pointed out another peice of utah "fan" dimness, kinda like I'm doing right now with your last post.


Cedar Hills, UT

Duck.. You really got me there! Laughing out loud. You didn't answer my 2nd question though.


Well, he didn't do it with the greatest player in byU history. Coach Rose has taken the cougs as far as they can go. The sweet 16 is the ceiling for byU basketball anyway. Final 4 promise or not, he has done an excellent job.

Springville, UT


What is it with reading comprehension on 'the hill' these days?

Five sentences in this very simple to read article pertaining to Jabari.

Please go beyond the title, calm the natural instinct to give a 'frantic and emotional' response, etc.

If there's anything blatantly obvious it is that BYU is one of three schools in consideration by Jabari. That is more than a 'prayer' compared to the miserable odds of him mentioning the Utes in a sentence.

Obviously U folks are the ones over-reacting to all of this.

If he comes, it will be great, if he doesn't big deal, BYU will still thrash the living daylights out of the Utes with its lineup of great kids, win a lot of games and maybe make another NCAA bid.

And the Utes will have those red chairs posing as fans.

Thanks for your growing interest in BYU sports. It is the relevant sports program in the state.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a BYU fan, I will readily admit that Jabari will likely be better than Jimmer. Probably pretty close in college, but much better in the NBA. As far as where he goes, of course I would like him to go to BYU, but I will cheer for him wherever he goes. As far as a mission goes, that is his personal choice. It sounds like he is an awesome kid and could be an awesome missionary if he goes, but it is between him and the Lord and no one else.

Wellsville, UT

They need to change the name of this comments section to: BYU & Little Brother U Roundup. Of course with their basketball team I can see why they would want to follow BYU Sports.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've been a Cougar fan longer than most people who post here have been alive, and I must say, I've been embarrassed for many a Cougar fan for 40+ years. This thread is no exception. Inane comments by many, rude comments by others...

I wish the best for Jabari. I hope he follows the example of David Robinson and serves then plays, in Jabari's case, a mission. I also think his family seems more grounded than most, his brother has served a mission, and so I think he is well positioned to make the right decision in the eyes of himself, his family, and his God.


Y dad

I'm willing to admit that I think Jabari will end up better than Jimmer.

Yea, really makes the NBA player look good when he is compared to a high school kid.


Jimmer owned the Utes, Jimmer was the NPOY, Jimmer made it to the NBA. You should have seen Andre Miller against the Y he more than owned them. Your tales just keep comming what a riot.

And to all you cougar fans Coach Rose has done a great job, but one high school kid is not going to take you to top 5 program and will not even get you into a Great 8 spot. You need more than 1 NBA player just look a Jimmers senior year. One maybe two and done, live with it that's all you have to look forward too.

Heber City, UT

Tomahawk Red, you are reading into the comments something that is simply not there. Please don not fabricate something, which does not exist.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


And what do you have to look forward to?

Jimmer and Co were one Brandon Davies away from forcing you to reset your snob boundaries. "You'll never get closer than the final four." Whatever...

Oh, and I'd ask for a refund on the Evelyn Wood Reading for Comprehension course. Nobody said the junior is better than the NBA player. Although he might be. Will he be better in college than Jimmer was? Probably. Will he be better in the NBA than Jimmer presently is? Probably.

Will Jimmer get better than he currently is? Probably. Is Jimmer worried at all what snotty things some annonymous poster throws up on a story about another talented basketball player? Definitely not!

Springville, UT

Y Grad

Excellent post!

South Jordan, UT

This comment section is really classless. Duck and Sam's whole life revolves around making rude comments. Naval vet and Utah county Ute do the same thing. Make points and facts. Don't just slam each other. It's old already.

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