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Published: Wednesday, May 23 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Don't do it BYU. Stay independent. While there may be some good things that would occur independence offers better things.

south jordan, UT

BYU to the Big East? That will definitely prove that Tom Holmoe has no idea where to take BYU! He should definitely be fired if this happens. What a definite embarrassment! Can BYU get someone with some kind of pull in the collegiate Sports world?...That this program is not in one of the BCS conferences and some red coat tail hanging community college is, is totally unacceptable!

Ann Arbor, MI


It seems frantic, desperate emotions are bubbling to the surface...so very delicious.

Sandy, UT

If the Big East is willing to think outside the box and make concessions to BYU, they may be able to land BYU or perhaps even a Notre Dame.

They cannot attract the Big time schools they need and follow the standard model.

BYU will not take a pay cut, so unless a Big East deal is in the 15-20 million range (per team), BYU will continue to hold out for Independence or the Big-12.

If BYU can maintain 3rd Tier rights (which the new ACC contract does not allow), same day re-broadcast rights and some level of control of home games, they'll go tomorrow.

Bring in an Air Force and another Western team (Colorado St., Utep/Fresno St.) and re-brand the league "Big Country" or Continental Conference" and things could work out.

Four 16 team leagues will never happen.
Because the Pac doesn't have 4 more teams to add.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of College Football to have at least 6 Top Level Conferences.

There are at least 100 worthy teams in D-1.
The rest should be relegated back to D-1AA.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Why should any conference want to take a program that has been in obvious decline? BYU needs to be realistic and realize their Athletic Department isn't the great missionary tool for the LDS Church. This is BETTER DONE by sending LDS student athletes to "real" universities with "real" athletic programs. Even as a university BYU is too big and they really should seek to halve their enrollment and not be the catchment of LDS academia, something that doesn't mix with a religious school period. Let these kids go and bolster the ranks at a real future AAU affiliated school like Utah or the second flagship school of the state Utah State. If BYU must continue athletics in whatever form they are best served by staying in the WCC and becoming smaller like those faith based schools, and dropping a football program that only encourages players to seek to play in the play on Sunday NFL, something that should NEVER be in the mission of BYU or any LDS sponsored school for that matter.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Bring in an Air Force and another Western team (Colorado St., Utep/Fresno St.) and re-brand the league "Big Country""


Which one is not like the others

Big Country......lol

Woods Cross, UT

BYU to the Big East? BYU turned them down once. They will not ask again. Air Force already stated that they were not interested. Nothing has happened to change the landscape, it has become more tolerable for BYU to remain independent. This story is another Big East plea for relevancy.

Iowa City, IA

BYU will not go to the big east unless they get EVERYTHING. Independence and the WCC is a great set up.

Omaha, NE

I love how people get overexcited about news that isn't even certain. I could write an article and say, "according to many sources, BYU is joining the Big X" and have no sources to back it up. That's the beauty of the media. You can write what you want and get tons of people to believe you with no facts at all.

Simmer down until there are definites people.

Washington, UT

Nooooooo, big mistake. Stay independent. The Big Least offers nothing to BYU, and the cougars will live to regret joining a league 3000 miles away. Why?

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

The only way to really fix things is to have the NCAA step in. They should create 4 geographic conferences with 16 teams each. There could be a conference championship game and the four champions make it to the playoffs. Then they could implement B, C, D divisions in each conference and implement relegation so that the two worst teams in a division move down and the two best move up. It's a thing of beauty and works great for soccer all over the world but it would require that the "haves" give up some of their power so I know it will never happen.

Everett, WA

Big East would be improvement over current scheduling.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

No actually it would not. Both programs worth a what (Pitt and WV) are now gone. It doesn't help BYU any to go there from a scheduling standpoint.

Re: hedgehog

Is there any joy in your life outside of sports?

Alexandria, VA

Joining the Big East now would be an act of desperation and bad planning. While BYU is great at keeping its fans in the dark and allowing them to make up reasons why good things are not happening re: conference realignment, I trust that TH and company have the foresight to wait this one out. Joining the BE should be our last resort, if ND joins a conference and there is no place for an independent anymore.

Sandy, UT

@#1 SLC Sports Fan

Still delusional?
BYU is in decline?
As you so "Wishfully" exclaim.
Hold on to your dream, in fact, hold your breath until it comes true.

BYU has been a Top 25 team 18 times and 5 of the last 7 years.
BYU has as many Top 25 finishes in the last 7 years as Utah has had in their entire history.
BYU puts 64k fans in their stadium every week.
BYU had 11 games on ESPN last year.
BYU generates millions with their Own Brand, and not by riding Others Coat-Tails.
BYU has more "Exposure" in one year than Utah will have in the next 10.
BYU just had their 7th Alum inducted into the College Hall of Fame. (Utah has none)
BYU has 400k living Alumni with 55k Students on 3 Campuses every year.
(Utah is a nice Commuter College without the College Town atmoshphere)
BYU ranks #71 Academically among all the Nations Universities.
(Utah ranks #124th, 10th in the Pac).

Ask Dave Brown, Executive Vice President of ESPN, if BYU is in decline, and then ask him how many times Utah will be on his Network?

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

BYU blew it with the Big East, the Big 12 has NEVER given BYU the time of day and the "knee-jerk" independence experiment has turned into a complete disaster. I have read thousands of posts by ardent BYU fans from all over the US on many sports boards........the entertainment value isn't there at all. There is no conference championship to play for, Utah will dump them, as we look forward to the USC game as a priority this year, not cupcake BYU and a terrible 3rd tier bowl game in December? Look at BYU's "November" football schedule AGAIN this year for example. It is atrocious, at best........a bye, Idaho at home, SJSU and NMSU on the road for ZIP??????? Honestly, what sports fan would wanna endure that atrocity? BYU will curtail their football program within the next 3-5 years. "Rick's College" south is inevitable.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

To all the Ute fans piping in, you sound like Obama, spouting off all the time with no facts and having a "history" of like, one decade. And while you may be looking forward to that USC game, USC is looking forward to about 10 games before even thinking about Utah. To those Cougar fans, there has been a change in the landscape with the SEC/Big XII bowl tie-in and Pac 12 and B1G bowl arrangements. The reason to consider the Big East (and perhaps the only reason) is if ND is considering whether to join in football. and before any of you say "no way", know that I have zero idea if ND is even considering that. But ND and BYU would make the Big East a heck of a lot better league than it is now.

Lastly, lets not blame Holmoe for the independence decision. I'm pretty sure that came from Samuelsen and/or the folks in SLC. Holmoe was the mouthpiece. Holmoe has what I think is a miserable job - when things are great, the school pres is always at the press conference, when things go bad, Holmoe is on his own.

south jordan, UT

Never fails to amaze me how these Ute fans get on here, a BYU article and announce their teams so-called superiority. Even with their PAC-10 membership in hand, they still seem to want to convince BYU fans that they belong. That's the problem with second rate programs and their fans.

BYU fans know their program is the premiere program in the state and one of the top 5 programs in the west, no doubts! But because of some bigotry and standards that they stand bye, they will have to take a harder road towards a BCS conference. That's fine! At least they don't get handed anything that they didn't earn or deserve, and their fans spend every waking moment of their lives trying to convince everyone that their reality is a....LIE!!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Notre Dame will remain with the Big East for olympic sports ONLY. They will remain independent in football for a looooooong time! They are the most popular sports team in college sports, have the ONLY exclusive network tv contract in the country, a GREAT-killer schedule, can schedule ANY team they choose to, and do. ND is one of a kind!

BYU is in serious trouble. They have made too many enemies, not popular nationwide. ESPN is scheduling them as "filler" only. Their home opener against Wazzu is at 10:30pm EST on a Thursday on ESPN. Half of the country will be asleep before the kickoff occurs. The rest of the airing times, as it stands today, are NOT prime-time featured broadcasts. BYU fans can boast all they want......nobody is listening.......trust me

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Hellooo. U-H is anyone home? The majority of fans that will want to watch the BYU-Washington game live in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. What are you going to do start it at 7:00 PM EDT making it so that most of the fans that want to watch the game are still at work and miss half the game? Please, think things out before you post.

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