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Published: Friday, May 18 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Cute family. Just not sure how you can be for Mia and Hatch. If you stuck to principles it would be Mia and Dan or Hatch and Matheson. I don't know if Josh knows that Hatch despises people like Mia who likes the tea party.

Salt Lake City, UT

That's nice. Too bad MITT ROMNEY can't show voters the lighter side of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Carpool Mom: These attacks on Hatch are REALLY unfair. He has a 100% rating with the American Conservative Union. Unfortunately, the propoganda against him has been really successful. People can have principles and still disagree on candidates. I have nothing against Liljenquist, but to say that anyone who supports Hatch doesn't have principles is REALLY unfair. P.S. Hatch doesn't hate Tea Party principles. He mostly agrees with them.


Cats you misunderstood. I meant Mia and Dan have the same tea party record and Hatch despises the tea party. His own words. Actually no propoganda was used. I just viewed his record. He unfortunately won't even debate his record. He has principles like voting for tarp,bailouts, liberal supreme court judges,the patriot act ect. Things he thought were good for the country and things I feel have hurt our country. I just find it ironic that the Romneys can support Hatch and Mia when they are so different in their views for how this country should be run. I believe Matheson and Hatch are more alike, It doesn't mean that I think both Matheson and Hatch are terrible men far from it. That is what's wrong with comments they can be misunderstood. Hope I explained myself better.

Salt Lake City, UT

Show the lighter side of his father? So he talked about his father's policy convictions?

Go Utes, CA

How precious for him to talk about doing real estate development work because he must do it to "pay the bills." His $20,000,000 trust fund isn't covering the bills?

Clearfield, UT

Show the "lighter side" of his father? So he recognies his father is just a light weight, with no real values or convictions? Well, in that regard, he's right.

Steamboat Springs, CO

It will take more than his son to believe that Stevie Stiff is a "regular" guy.

Syracuse, UT

The best thing he could do is just keep reminding people about BO's record. THAT is what we all have to look at. Three + years of total failure.Just keep reminding everyone of that and Mitt will be just fine!


From what I've seen and heard, everyone who actually knows Mitt Romney feels that he is a deeply caring, service-oriented man of high character and strong leadership skills, who also has a good sense of humor. Everyone who thinks he's a greedy corporate raider who doesn't care about the common man, and who has no principles, either doesn't appear to personally know him, or has a vested interest in perpetuating that characterization.

I've never heard anyone say "Yeah, I know Mitt and I've worked with him, and he's a cold empty suit." But, we should really all just learn about the real Romney from Furry1993, peabody, and the entire MSNBC staff. Their motives are so pure we can be sure they would never mischaracterize Romney.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

It can be easy to see Romney as a robot or calculator running for president. People often view success this way. Some people think that the educated and effective 'doers' of the world enjoy less and are less feeling. I've heard people say that analyzing films makes them less enjoyable. But I can't accept that Steven Spielberg somehow enjoys his own films less than everyone else. Romney coming off as calculating certainly might not appeal to the popular image today- and his family simply wants to address that. There is nothing wrong with that, both for their own personal reasons or even political ones.

But there is something very wrong with the cynical comments on here where people imply that his political opinions and beliefs seem to remove any possibility of his having a 'lighter' side.

On another recent article, I very willingly pointed out when a fellow conservative recently made a personal attack against President Obama.

I would have no problem with Michelle showing a less political side of Obama. I expect the same decency from others. These men are still human beings. It's too bad others on here refuse to treat them like it!

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