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Published: Friday, May 18 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

Byu might pull a few non mormon kids who can't find a BCS offer or can't get playing time at a BCS school.But at the end of the day bYu will always be a back-up to the real show.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

The cougars jump to irrelevant Indy-WACness had NOT expanded their recruitment to non-LDS players. Lavell Edwards had more non-LDS players than Bronco. So did Gary Crowton. So if there were more non-Mormons playing during their WAC and pre-Mendenhall MWC years, then this is just another puff piece designed to placate cougar fans into continuing to believe the bill of goods they've been sold by their Athletic Department. Just looking at Scout and Rivals, the cougars had higher rated recruiting classes in the MWC than they have since their departure.

Washington, UT

This article is a joke. The only example of this incredible national "exposure" is one non-LDS kid who is a 5'9" 165 lb RB with no ranking and no offers (unless you count Bryant U, whatever that is). Wow! Duckhunter will now be telling us that BYU is competing head to head with Notre Dame.

Bloomington, IN

RE: Naval Vet

"Just looking at Scout and Rivals, the cougars had higher rated recruiting classes in the MWC than they have since their departure."

Having left for independence just last year, how can you even make that claim? I was curious so I looked up recruiting numbers for the last ten years (all that is tracked on scout/rivals). There appears to be no trend, recruiting now is about the same as it has been since the Crowton era. Actually, Scout does have rankings for 2013--the only recruiting class that would have been impacted by independence. That BYU class is ranked #37, good for the 2nd highest BYU ranking of the last decade(which incidentally is 20 positions higher than the Utes ranking for their first recruiting class as members of the PAC-12).

south jordan, UT

As things are ever changing in Collegiate Football, BYU with it's wait and see stance will reap the rewards coming it's way. Being the premiere program in the state, it's only natural that BYU wins the Hearts and Minds of Football fans around the world. Soon, many of the ELITE programs will go Independent, and create for themselves the best strength of schedule possible.

Soon, lesser programs that ride the coat tails of the Elite programs will soon fade away.These programs and their fans, as I refer to them as 'Smeagols'...will be put to rest from their all things 'OBSESSION' of BYU.


Because UTE fans know everything......Unbelievable. Stop posting on BYU articles and start worrying about Colorado.

Highland, UT


I'm obviously in your head and causing you to have a meltdown. Please take a valium.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Does anyone even care about Naval and Hedgehog's opinion?

Geeze, the fact they posted first indicates BYU's relevance.

Naval's "frantic and emotional" investment in BYU proves it.

Thanks kids for proving again, and again, who is the major program in the state...

Seems like Independence is even bigger that PAC-table scraps at this point...

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Veritas Aequitas

"Does anyone even care about Naval and Hedgehog's opinion?"

I do! They're both usually spot on with their opinions or facts.

Proud Ute

@ truth and justice

They must be doing something right, "they're in your head".

Springville, UT

I love the comments from 'the hill' about BYU recruiting, especially after the news that Shumway is coming here. BYU gets plenty of recruits, in and out of the church.

I wonder how the 'little' schools fighting for recognition at 6th place measure up in recruiting?

I suppose if 'Johnny' wants a trophy there's always the option of going to a school where 4-5 conference records are the benchmark for quality athletics.

Thank goodness that 'grading on a curve' applies to 'big boy' conference rankings!

Buena Vista, USA, VA

I have not read any comments yet bit I guarantee you that half of them are ute fans saying that the pac 11 us the better than independence.

Korea, AE

ute fans. Please explain the following....

What exactly have you done lately? For all your chest pounding and finger pointing, what do you have to show for it?

Were you in the top 25 last season? Are you in the top 25 this pre-season?

Do you sell more tickets than BYU? Have you ever?

Did you get more national press than BYU last season? More games on T.V., regardless of what you "feel" about BYUTV? Could more people see your games than BYU?

You won two bowl games years ago(so what if the "WERE" BCS games, now that it is defunct, it matters as much as you claim BYU's Cotton Bowl game did) WOW, no one has ever won two bowl games!

Your only legitimate play is 54-10. And its a good one.

But any thing else (BCS conference, Conference of champions, we've owned you for X of last Y games) means nothing.

The u is not nationally relevant. No one outside of Utah cares (except u fans themselves, which is small in number). None of the press cares. Nobody in the big conferences cares. And BYU fans don't care.

Go away.

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