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Published: Wednesday, May 16 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

That's probably the same, exact prayer that all the other athletes uttered in their own lifts.

Why didn't heavenly father want them to win? Talk about favoritism.

San Bernardino, CA

She has the humility to ask God for his help and express gratitude for the gifts of strength, health and opportunity. She has the courage to work toward her goals beyond where most of us give up. Some appropriate mixture of all that leaves her above her competition. I don't know the proportional composition of all those elements, but whatever she's got works. She's an impressive young woman.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I loved the last paragraph in the story. She is willing to do her best, and trusts that the Lord will help her. Great story...


Thank you, Sisucus, for that thoughtful, sensible answer. I will admit I have had the same question as Ranch Hand in my life. Ranch Hand, perhaps the other competitors didn't even bother to pray. Prayers are answered in God's own way.

Pocatello, ID

You go, girl!!!!! We'll be watching and hoping and PRAYING for you.

Indio, CA

You go Sarah! We live just a few miles from you and are really excited for you to represent the Coachella Valley & the church! You keep doing what you're doing, stay focused and know that a whole lota folks are supporting you...!

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