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Published: Monday, May 14 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Chase Hansen might be a better version of Riley Nelson, but a MUCH better version of Riley Nelson is a Stanford transfer named Taysom Hill.

He's the QB of the future I'm excited about.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT


No...it would have been nice to have another talented local kid on the roster at the U but this signing doesn't sting at all.

Duckhunter: You just revealed you're willing to sellout any credibility as a knowledgeable football fan to support your team. If Shumway truly was a better athlete than Hansen I'm sure it would have been Shumway taking home the Mr. Football award and not his teammate. They are both solid and talented football players who knows what either of them would have accomplished without the other my guess is not nearly as much as they did.


Try reading the article before commenting. Shumway said it best himself when he said he felt like Utah didn't want him as badly.

Shumway is a great athlete and I'm sure he'll have a great career at the Y. I wish him the best of luck.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

CougFanin TX:

Actually Hansen was recruited to and planning on playing LB when he signed with Utah. The change came when the Utah coaches talked him into staying and competing for the starting QB job instead of leaving for his mission after graduation. If I was a betting man I would bet Hansen red-shirts this season and leaves on his mission after fall semester. No matter how the cookie crumbles for him I don't see him transferring to the Y.

I do agree with you that both are exceptional athletes and could very well end up playing a number of different positions to help their teams.

Highland, UT


I just happen to know them and know how they both grade out in those athletic abilities. That is not a denigration of Chase either, he is a fantastic athlete. But Talon has D1 offers in multiple sports and that attests to his overall athleticism. Chase was not going to be a D1 athlete in any other sport. He is a football player, and a great one.


I know Jay very well, he and I coached Talon and my son in both football and basketball. I have always liked Jay. Of course what happened in their family is personal and not anyone's business on here but I personally love Jay, and Talon, and all of their family. Jay actually helped out at BYU a few years ago with the long snapper's when BYU was struggling a bit at that position. He was good enough to my son to actually take him to BYU practice with him and Talon and it was a lot of fun for them. Talon is going to be a fantastic player for BYU, he is probably the most athletic kid I have ever known.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT


After reading some of your later posts I will apologize for my harsh eval. of your first post. Since we are discussing football on this thread when you said Shumway was the better athlete I figured you meant football player as well. Your later posts clarified what you really meant. And since I try to be reasonable and objective I have no problem in admitting my first comment towards you was off base, that and the fact that I'm suffering horribly from football withdrawls which in this case caused me a little foot in mouth syndrome.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT


To answer your question about who is better if both are 8-4 is simple. The better 8-4 record is whoever wins the Holy War! Head to Head match-ups are the only way to ever settle truthfully the question of "who's better".

Highland, UT

@me, myself and i

You actually proved you know nothing about either situation.

Hansen went to utah specifically because they promised him he could try to play qb. He did not go there "knowing" he'd play defense. The utah coaches did know it and I have stated on here many times I believe they were dishonest in their recruiting of him. BYU told him they were not recruiting him as a qb and he would be playing defense. They were straight up honest with him. At BYU's summer camp a couple of years ago Tanner Mangum absolutely wiped the floor with Hansen as a qb, it wasn't even close.

As far as Shumway and Hansen for the mr football award, Talon was injured for much of last year and missed several games, Chase was also a senior. Chase was well deserving of that award but that has nothing to do with which one is the more athletic kid. You see I know them, you do not. Like I told Utah'95 I never said Talon was the better football player, just the better athlete. Of course Talon still has his sr year to go.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to Talon on a great accomplishment.

Unlike others, I don't feel like posters on a DNews article are qualified to analyze who is more athletic than whom nor do I profess to "know him".

I'll leave that up to the huge ego.

Salt Lake City, UT

Seems like every BYU recruit is a legacy -- related to someone who played there or is coaching there (today's example: Talon Shumway's dad played for BYU).

When are the Cougs going to start rolling in "new" recruits. You know, the ones from around the nation that want to play for BYU because they're on ESPN and have all that exposure.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Tanner Mangum throwing to Josh Weeks, Dylan Collie and Talon Shumway is going to capture the headlines in four or five years."

... the Daily Herald headlines.

I'm sorry, it was just too easy and I'm only having fun with you.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


I find it hilarious every time a cougar fan wants to hang their hat on the ol' Utah lied to Hansen by recruiting him as a quarterback when they'll end up playing him at LB.

A ton of recent Utah recruits have come out and stated the complete opposite to what you're saying. They've told the media that the up front honest recruiting was refreshing and that they were told up front they'd need to earn their way into whatever position they were recruited to play but will always have options to get on the field somewhere else if they can win a battle there instead. Utah's proven to be among the best in the country at doing exactly that. Trust me, Chase Hansen knows this and it has everything to do with why he chose Utah.

Utah was straight up honest ... Chase, come compete for a spot to play quarterback ... if you're right for the role it will be yours one day. If it's not, we'll help you excel at a different position.

There's the true story.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I find it awfully convenient how Duckhunter always seems to have the inside story on everything. He knows Shumway. He knows Hansen. He knows the specifics of all conversations taken place between the recruits and each coaching staff. He personally knows Bronco and Kyle. He even knows Dale Murphy. He knows who really shot JFK, and was personally consulted on the Manhattan Project. I don't buy any of it.

Highland, UT

@naval vet

I know Shumway and Hansen, really well. I don't know either Kyle or Bronco although I know Kyle's younger brothers. I played against Bronco in high school but have never held a conversation with him. I have met and talked with Dale Murphy. You see the Shumway's, Hansen's and Murphy's all live here in the Highland/Alpine area and have kids that play sports that are the same ages as a couple of my kids. It is pretty easy to know people you associate with all year in multiple sports. It is also easy to know people you went to high school with like myself and the younger Whittingham's.

What I find funny is your "frantic and emotional" replies to my posts and the fact that you know nothing and no one. That is funny to me.


Tempe, AZ

If Duckhunter didn't exaggerate on who he knows and what he knows with such regularity it would be easier to believe his assertions. However, in this case I do believe he knows Hansen and Shumway. What I don't believe is his ability to evaluate talent in an unbiased fashion. I've watched enough Chase Hansen games to know that the kid can play. He's at a different level than other HS kids and it's not close.

Does it really matter what position he plays? He'll impact the game whether he plays at QB, LB, S, or special teams!

Washington, UT


Bottom line the issue is superior football talent. Both Rivals and ESPN rate Hansen well ahead of Shumway. Those ratings are based on extensive film breakdown by former NFL and D1 coaches. Your knowing a parent or watching a kid play little league football means absolutely nothing. BTW, if this kid is such a terrific athlete, as you claim, why doesn't he show up with a top time as a sprinter or long jumper? 40" vertical? Kobe Bryant has a 38" vertical. Maybe that puts it in perspective for you.


congrats to BYU. I haven't heard any hype about this kid but if Utah offered him he must be a quality player.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@duckhunter the all knowing one.

So Utah lied to Chase about QB? Is that why he was QB all spring??? Your all consuming hatred of all things Utah is comical.

Back to this article... congrats to Talon I hope you enjoy your career at the Y. Unlike others here have said, I am sure the U would have been happy to have you as well.

Highland, UT


Chase Hansen is finished with high school. He played all of his years. Talon Shumway still has one remaining. Talon's recruiting grades are not yet complete. What I can tell you is Talon's overall athletic ability is superior. Why is that such a big deal for you utah fans to fathom? Like I said in previous posts I have never said Talon is a superior football player to Chase, Chase is a fantastic football player, but Talon is faster, he is quicker, he can jump much higher, that is simply fact. YOu guys take a comment like that as a personal insult to yourselves and utah but why don't you stop an think about it for a moment? There are better athletes in this world than Chase Hansen. There are better athletes in this state than Chase Hansen. That is not a denigration of Chase, it is simply a fact. Chase will be a good player for the ute's but he will not be their qb. Talon will be a good player for BYU and it could be at any of several positions because he is that versatile. Yes he has a 40" vertical.

Highland, UT


When did I ever say Chase can't play? My opinion of Chase is that he will be a terrific college football player, I've posted that so many times it shouldn't even be an issue with utah "fans". All I've ever said is I do not believe he will be a qb, he'll play defense eventually. So in that respect we completely agree, it doesn't matter what position he plays, it only matters that he does play.


How come Chase didn't show up with top times as a sprinter or long jumper? Because he didn't participate in those sports. Talon is also a D1 quality basketball player and has spent his time working on his football and basketball skills. In case you haven't noticed he has D1 offers in BOTH sports. That doesn't leave a lot of time for other stuff. Why don't you call him up and tell him he should add track to his already busy schedule because without it you don't think he is fast or can jump.


Walnut Creek, Calif

This kid is a freaky athlete and is an awesome pick up. Great demeanor and competitive nature too. Congrats Talon and BYU.

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